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Creekside Grill
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-07 Closed: 2010-03

4444 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-2209

Reviews by the General Public

Was cool, but now dogs!?, 11/19/2015
Reviewer: gordon from Santa Barbara, CA
Not dining or buying drinks with pet owners who need to bring their animals. The bar had a kennel atmosphere. Food good. Service good. Too bad. Get rid of dogs and I may return. Until then my money goes elsewhere.

This is NOT a restaurant., 3/26/2010
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
WARNING. THIS IS NOT REPEAT NOT A RESTAURANT. Our five-member family group has dinner and DVD nights most weeks. Three of us had eaten here a few months ago when they first started serving dinner. Last night when we returned with the other two members of our group we found the area depicted in the photos above to be locked shut. Next door in the bar, we were cheerfully invited to "find a table" and that she'd bring us menus. However, there were no tables. There was a covered outdoor patio area with lounge chairs occupied by some folks drinking and replenishing the impressive cloud of cigarette smoke. The bartender pretty much said they'd given up being a restaurant. We went elsewhere.

Okay food, with unnecessarily rude service, 10/3/2009
Reviewer: Taylor Gillig from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to the Creek Side looking for a quick bite to eat. I as greeted and served quickly and politely. The food was not very exciting, but was fine for the price. However, about ten minutes after arriving I was being rushed out. The friendly service changed from being happy to have me, to being unconvinced by my presence. After a few short remarks from the server I asked him why he is being rude. He replied how he could be ruder, but he was holding back. After that statement I told the server that with this kind of service would not come back. He then replied he did not need my business. From what I could tell Creek Side has no interest in making their customers happy. They should focus more on building relations than blowing people off.

Awesome Sunday Breakfast..., 10/2/2009
Reviewer: Mesa Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
I was surprised to learn that these guys serve breakfast on Sundays. I went last Sunday and sat on the back patio and watched NFL football. The breakfast was really good. I ordered a scramble with chorizo, cheese and fresh vegetables and enjoyed it with an ice cold bloody mary. They have some unique items on the menu, like the bacon Johnny Cakes. I had to order them on the side. I found out that they are prepared with a homemade pancake batter that has cornmeal added. The best part was the bacon that is crumbled into the mix when they cook it on the griddle. Dipped in syrup, it... was... amazing! See you next Sunday!

Definitely Worth A Taste, 8/22/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here twice, a week apart, and both times highly enjoyed my meal. I had the beef dip sandwich which had great quality and very satisfying quantity of meat on the sandwich. I have not had a beef dip this good in the last five restaurants I have ordered it. It was served with a tasty au jus, accented with cheese and a horseradish mayo. It came with a side of homemade mash potatoes, Fantastic! I be back to try more of the menu.

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