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Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro - Downtown
1324 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 892-2800

Reviews by the General Public

What on earth? Side of bacon
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I stop by here frequently as it's close to my office. It's expensive but some of their items are very tasty. Today I made the mistake of ordering a side of bacon (for $2.50) - and received exactly ONE strip of bacon in return. That's not a side - that's a piece, and should be noted as such in the menu! Anyhow, the food here is great if you stick to pastries, and hit-or-miss otherwise, as today proved; I also got a fruit cup and it consisted of 1/4 of a bruised pear, two chunks of watermelon, and a chunk of cantaloupe. Better than the defrosted fruit at Denny's, but only slightly. Swing and a miss, Renaud's - I can get better food within this two-block radius, for the same price, and with faster, friendlier service.

Quality ingredients, amazing breakfast!
Reviewer: Arlene from Santa Barbara, CA
First time for sunday breakfast and was not dissapointed! Had the breakfast sandwich: sauteed mushrooms, fresh tomato, bacon, melted swiss and the bread- perfectly toasted, perfectly delish!

old cake
Reviewer: marge from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to renaud's before and was always pleased with the cakes and tarts I had ordered. The most recent cake I bought was awful. The mousse had chunks in it and the cake part was so stale and dry. I was really shocked and dissapointed. The quality is not the same.

what is wrong with their coffee? it use to taste like coffee
Reviewer: Lucila from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to go there once or twice a week because I thought their coffee was superb. after the first year of operations the coffe started to decline in flavor and taste. last time i had to ask the staff to add 3 shots because it tasted like Starbu.....watery coffee. hopefully they will go back to the machine they used before or the same coffee brand or chang i don't know but I am a coffee expert and me and my friends think something is going on there and the coffee is not as good as it use to be. will go back for a coissant (delicipus) but will get my coffee somewhere else or at home!

Very bad waiter service
Reviewer: Viviane from Santa Barbara, CA
Today march 25 at 11:30 a.m I went to have breakfast with my husband at the Patisserie & Bistro and the waiter treated us with very bad and stupid way. There was only one table available, and my husband took it while I was waiting in the line to order the food. But the waiter told my husband to leave the table because it belongs for the couple who was in front of me, and they have priority. The waiter was not polite with us, she was vey rude. Then we left from the restaurant very upset and disappointed because this is not an educated way to treat the clients. We don't mind to leave from the table, but the only problem is because she was very stupid and told us with loud voice in front of other clients. We often go tho this place because we like the food, but now we don't go anymore.

Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there for breakfast and everything was fine except that the place has a weird smell. I don't know if it is the bread or maybe something else but it smelled weird. But my sandwich and fruit were pretty good.

My waistline is in BIG trouble!
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
I moved my office near Renaud's a couple of months ago. Since then, I have become somewhat of a regular. Everything is delicious! The almond croissants are simply perfection. I'm eating a Renaud's chocolate chip cookie with a cup of coffee right this instant and am in heaven. So very, very good. My only complaint is that they're getting so crowded it's often challenging to find a table.

Not to be a stickler but.....
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I expect a certain amount of snobbery when I go to a French bakery. So when I ordered a couple of macarons to go and the girl at the counter said "what flavor of macaroon" I was a bit taken aback. A macaron is very different from a macaroon. One is a french cookie, while the other is a coconut treat. This macaron was dry and a little old. Too bad, because the almond croissant was amazing! All in all, a good bakery that needs to remind its staff what they are selling.

Good Food,..expensive
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for lunch...packed!!! no seats so we had it to go. I had the steak sandwich...bread melted in my mouth...steak perfectly seasoned. MMM Great food and salad but on the pricey side...I will go back though. Service was great.

off to a good start
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
We popped in for a late Sunday brunch. When we arrived, all the tables were empty, which just seemed wrong. Within 5 minutes of sitting down, every table was full! It's a small space, with perhaps six tables that could be a comfortable 2-top, or fit 3 people/table if you get very friendly with each other. The shining star about this location is that you don't have to head far uptown to pick up THE BEST croissants in Santa Barbara - it's a pleasant walk for downtown residents to stop in and grab a box of pastries to go. If you want to dine in, come early, or be prepared to wait. The pastry selection isn't as diverse as the uptown location, but it does have the popular items, plus a good selection of jellied candies. So glad that Renaud's has opened up downtown.

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