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Whole Foods Market
3761 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 837-6959

Reviews by the General Public

Whole Foods Not What it Used to Be, 5/20/2018
Reviewer: Fritz from Santa Barbara, CA
Whole Foods was once really special. But after years of being copied they are nothing special now. Trader Joes's does a much better job with friendly staff, store appearance, and genuine generosity. Sprouts is better with vitamins/cosmetics. Ralph's is still the most theatrical and spectacular of all the grocery stores. Ralphs is like grand opera, Trader Joe's is like Shakespeare in the Park, Sprouts is like Prairie Home Companion, and Whole Foods is like a boring Ted Talk.

No Samples Ever
Reviewer: Fritz from Santa Barbara, CA
Every Whole Foods in the nation offers samples--except this one. About once a month, there is a tiny bowl of 1/8" cubes of cheese. And smiles and Thank You's are not on the menu here, check-out clerks rush you and say almost nothing. If they didn't have a certain brand of chips I like, I would not go there at all.

Praise for Becky
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
This review is for the pizza, which seems to be the latest topic. There is an employee named Becky there who is the sweetest, most helpful, most cheerful person I have ever encountered there or anywhere else. She is a dynamite employee who makes a mean pizza as well. Give the woman a raise...she makes me want to go there all the time!!!!

Yummy pizza
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
(Reason for no service rating is my hubby picked up the pizza and didn't mention the service) Love that the large pizza is HUGE (great value). The flavor was great, yummy crust. Only gripe is that they were really skimpy with the toppings. The pizza is really big and we got maybe 6 or 7 pieces of each topping on the whole thing. We'll definitely be going back for another, though. :)

What happened to the pizza?
Reviewer: Ramona from Santa Barbara, CA
Their pizza was to die for. We never went anywhere else anymore, with great sauce, cheese and toppings. Soft thin crust..yum!!! Now they burn the heck out of the pizza every time. It's dry and hard. New management in that section maybe?

Yummy hot foods!
Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my go to place for a hot, quick, to-go meal! Love the soup selection and the hot foods. So happy Whole Foods is here - so delicious and the staff are very nice.

where's the wasabi?
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't mind that the sushi at Whole Foods cost more than at some restaurants, but why do they provide such minuscule amounts of wasabi - less than a teaspoon? To get the amount needed for the meal, you actually have to buy extra. You can't just ask for more, because the sushi staff is there only part time...and no one else is able to help because it's evidently subcontracted; not part of Whole Foods. Guess it's time to go back to Gelsons and Lazy Acres!

Great sandwiches
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I used my axxcess cards and ordered their sandwiches - both were vegetarian and they tasted great. In fact I didn't eat them until later and the bread still held up with no problems. The staff person making the sandwiches was very nice and offered suggestions for alternative fillings, etc. I will return for sure.

Compared to what?
Reviewer: Ashleigh Carracino from Santa Barbara, CA
It's a great grocery store in its own right. It's better than the average grocery store for its selection of fancy/diety/rare/gourmet stuff. It's got a nice atmosphere. It IS expensive, but yeah, go somewhere else; save some money. I frickin' love this place. It's so clean and efficient seeming, too. I personally go to grocery stores to buy food and waltz around looking at cool stuff, so I'm more than satisfied by Whole Foods. I don't really go to grocery stores for customer service. The staff here is never UNfriendly... and really that's all I ask. 2 thumbs up.

Reviewer: dave from Santa Barbara, CA
The hot food bar looked really good but when I went to eat it, the Honey Roasted Chicken was raw inside and had to be thrown away. The Red Roasted Potatoes were undercooked and hard and the rice was tasteless. Not what I expected. Maybe a staffer can check(taste & texture) the food before it goes out.

Overrated and Where's the Customer Service At??
Reviewer: Cam from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the "What's the Fuss About???" review. Sure it's a nice store, but there is nothing special here that I can't find somewhere else. I find their customer service to be lacking quite a bit compared to friendly service I always get at my local Vons store. I have been here on several occassion and have never been greeted once (besides at checkout) or asked if I needed any help finding something - even when I was standing standing at the seafood counter (on Easter Day) and a girl came out to stock some fish and left without even asking if I needed any help. I'll stick to my friendly Vons and Trader Joes stores.

Small Whole Foods
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
This Whole Foods would seem amazing if I hadn't been to any of their other locations. This one is really small! Also I was a little disappointed with the cheese selection, I love French cheese and live close by but I guess I will have to continue to go downtown to C'est Cheese where they have a bigger selection. The meat section here is really nice, so if you are looking for a good steak this is the place to go.

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