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Jitters Coffee
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-09 Closed: 2012-07

728 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 617-3313

  • Category: Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat 7am-Midnight, Sun 8am-11pm
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Reviews by the General Public

Cafe Latte, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: M. Flores from Goleta, CA
One of the best Caffe Lattes in town! I usually just grab a latte to go. Beautiful presentation with a cream foam design in my cup. Service has always been polite. I have never ordered food just know they serve a good Latte.

Weak Latte, not a lot of choices, 4/9/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice place and people but the Chai was very weak and they were out of a few things they should have had plus their menu is small compared to other places. They also are fairly close to homeless people on the street though they do have a chained off area for sitting outside. Not a place I'll be going back to though.

Love Jitters! The heart of Santa Barbara :-), 1/14/2012
Reviewer: Nell from Santa Barbara, CA
Jitters is an excellent place to stop in for coffee or a fresh baked goodie. Plus they often have top notch live music there. Very fun place.

where its at, 4/18/2011
Reviewer: B Vandervort from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a local from santa babara. Through school and work, I have spent numerous hours at coffee shops. Jitters is by FAR my fav. The atmoshpere is true to that of local sb. A little funky but fresh, inter-comunal, and lively. Thier v. chai latte is amazing, or for a hot day try blended double toffee nut latte. The only complaint I ever had against jitters is that I always had such a pleasant experience that i never got enough work done

Reviewer: ELIZABETH from Santa Barbara, CA

AMAZING , 4/12/2010
Reviewer: Violet from Santa Barbara, CA
Jitters offers a fantastic environment with excellent coffee and fantastic service. Ken's baking is phenomenally first rate. The rotating art exhibitions are always a treat, as is the eclectic blend of music playing. Jitters attracts a great crowd of people who only add to its ambiance. If you're looking for a great place with brilliant company, Jitters is the place to be.

Friendly place with great coffee!, 3/21/2010
Reviewer: Ellie Stroebeck from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Jitters a few times (I usually get the Snickers mocha, if you love your coffee sweet, it's excellent!). Every time I go, the people there are friendly and helpful but not in the fake way you find too often now. They always seem genuine and individualistic and that's part of the reason I keep going back. I also like that they have a fairly diverse menu instead of the standard mocha, caramel, ice tea, etc. There's always something interesting to try and it's always been well prepared

Christy from Nebraska, 2/25/2010
Reviewer: Christy Piti from Omaha, NE
Jitters was a great overall experience. Primarily, the coffee is superb. My latte was delicious AND "properly poured"--no button pushing latte maker here. The service was fast, friendly and genuine. The staff made me feel quite welcome even though I was from out of town. The atmosphere was laid back but exciting with happy faces popping in and out and always friendly chatter from staff. Love the quote of the day and the trivia question...loved everything!

good to be home, 2/21/2010
Reviewer: Marj from Salt Lake City, UT
Service was quick. Quality food & drinks. Impressed that they cleaned up the place without corrupting the vibe. Of course, I was thrilled to see one of the best coffee slingers behind the espresso machine, but that's beside the point. Keep up the good work!

Great improvement, 1/25/2010
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
I was at Jitters (was Java Jones) last week and was pleasantly surprised with the improvement at this coffee shop. The staff seemed so much more service oriented, the latte was the best in town, reasonably priced food and they support local produce. Worth a try. Gary The Brit

reply to reviewer two below, 1/19/2010
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey Lady, this is the second place you have panned Jitters due to no syrup. Get over it. I was there when it happened and half of what you are saying isn't true. The owner offered you a refund without you even asking, even though you had eaten most of the waffle. You were rude. He didn't tell you to put honey on it, he suggested honey as an alternative. And he was right wasn't he, you have tried to make a federal case out of it? GET A LIFE! By the way, how come you say the food was good but then only give it one star?

Overall - Great!, 12/14/2009
Reviewer: Donnie Hedden from Santa Barbara, CA
Jitters has a great feel, a very unique feel for Santa Barbara. The vibe that Jitters gives off can often times be foreign to the keen, quiet folks of SB. Often, patrons complain of the smoke that drifts in from the Patio, which is perfectly valid, yet is an essential attribute of Jitters. The evolution of Santa Barbara runs fast at a utopia of immaculate city centers and law abiding, rather pompous citizens. Jitters introduces a humbling, smoke diluted atmosphere that does it's part in sustaining humility and endorsing proper human interaction in this city. I believe a new appreciation is in order for Jitters. Thanks for the coffee. Cheers!

Horrible staff, 12/14/2009
Reviewer: Kristen Gibson from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for lunch with my mother in law.She was given the waffle she ordered with no syrup, and when she asked for some, they told her they were out.The man with the accent that works there (maybe a manager or owner?)told her to put honey on it and told her it wasn't a big deal and laughed. She said that she didn't want to eat the waffle with no syrup and would like her money back. He refunded the money after telling her "It's not that big of a deal don't make a federal case about it"and proceeded to laugh in her face. All in all, the WORST service I have ever received. My food was pretty good, and the two ladies that were working we're really nice. Maybe someone should tell the man there what customer service is I definitely will not be returning and will be recommending that my friends and coworkers eat elsewhere.

Look it up?, 10/26/2009
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
If you'll notice, not every business downtown has one of those 'no smoking within 20 feet of windows etc) signs posted. These are NOT mandatory, and Santa Barbara still allows business owners to make the call whether or not to discourage patronage from smokers, a freedom that benefits businesses like coffee shops, bars, certain restaurants, and anywhere owned by an individual that doesn't mind and encourages tolerance of others' choices.

Too smoky!, 10/25/2009
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
I could not agree more with the reviewer below about the ridiculous amount of smoke that makes its way into the coffee shop from the patio. I like the drink selection and the vibe of this place, but the smoke from the patio is too much! I have had to move to another table or just leave Jitters altogether because I can't breathe! Why make smokers sit outside if you're going to open all the doors anyway? They might as well be smoking inside. Such a turnoff!

Like the Place but they need to do something about the SMOKE, 10/24/2009
Reviewer: Disappointed from Santa Barbara, CA
I saw that the review I previously posted was under the Java Jones page and it didn't make it over to the new operation. Since nothing has changed I wanted to post my complaint again in the vain hope that something changes. Below is my prior review. If you don't like cigarette smoke this is probably not the place for you. Smokers tend to use the patio in the coffee shop right near the entrance. When someone is smoking, which if you go there often you'll frequently see, the lower floor fills up with smoke. For some like myself this can be quite annoying. The fact that they usually have the two large patio doors open with smokers right outside, often exacerbated the amount of smoke that freely flows into the shop. The bottom line is that allowing smokers so near the entrance is a violation of Santa Barbara Code. Below is the line of Santa Barbara code relating to restaurants who are permitted to have a designated smoking area. I'm not sure if Jitters has this permit, but regardless if they do or don't they are no doubt in violation of Sec. 37-5 (a) (1) (1) which states, "In the case of restaurants, smoking sections must be designated, the entire smoking section must be in the same area, and be located the furthest distance from the restaurant entrance, so as to minimize the chance of smoke entering the restaurant." Don't get me wrong i like the coffee, tea, and service but this is a nuisance to their patrons.

Great place to hang out and study or meet friends., 10/17/2009
Reviewer: scott nason from Santa Barbara, CA
Plus Nicohol is kinda hot.

same place, 10/17/2009
Reviewer: DontWorryBoutIt from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Java Jones on state for awhile now and haven;t notice the change of name/owner. to me that is a good thing. One thing that has change is the name and the daily trivia question. I still like it there and until they do dramatic changes i will still go there...

Sooooo much better!!!, 10/15/2009
Reviewer: Anthony Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I am so happy that this place changed hands, it is so much better, cleaner and the service has jumped. It is not exactly a first class restaurant, but the food is good and the coffee is gooder. They are trying realy hard to be a local freindly business. I loved it before even though the old owner had a bad rep, but now it is even better.

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