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Neighbor Tims BBQ

No longer in business
Opened: 2009-10 Closed: 2012-07

888 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-7474

Reviews by the General Public

*, 7/19/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton

Best name ever!, 11/30/2011
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Best name ever! The 1970s, Dogtown and the really foxy, Z-Boys! Good times!

Disappointing!, 11/30/2011
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
I had the chili dog which was really boring! I was hoping for a Pink's inspired chili dog, with thick chili. The dog was ok (although I prefer the snap of a natural casing) the bun was interesting, it had a grilled bagel meets hot dog bun thing going on, unexpected and really good. The chili was what ruined it for me! It was bland and watery with chunks of ground beef and beans? Someone slapped that "chili" together in a hurry! No Pink's chili here! And for God's sake, grate your own cheese, that per fab stuff is tasteless. I guess I'll be making chili dogs at home.

Vegeratian option!, 4/12/2011
Reviewer: BA from Santa Barbara, CA
I have passed by this place many times but never stopped in because I assumed there would not be any vegeratian options. My husband went there the other day and bought me the most tasty veggie dog ever! Best vegetarian dog I've ever had!! I can't comment on the service because I wasn't there, but the food was amazing!

Love the patio. Food is the best!, 4/12/2011
Reviewer: Joshua from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm stoked for this place. The food is phenomenal! The breakfast burrito with sour cream is the best in IV. The burgers and dogs are so delicious too. Nothing beats drinking a cold beer and chowing down on a burger on that patio. Best view in IV!

Great Dogs and Burgers, 2/3/2011
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been a regular and love all the dogs especially the Louisiana Hotlink Sausage but I recently tried the burgers and they are some of the best in SB. Try the crinkle fries - they are good. The cute young owner has a winner.

I'm a fan , 12/2/2010
Reviewer: John from Goodland
It is rare that I go to a restaurant for lunch, eat my fill, and then go back six hours later for dinner. However, that is exactly what I did Tuesday. Dogtown has a lunch special on Tuesdays (2 corndogs and unlimited soda) for $4.00. The corndogs were handmade with a homemade cornbread batter and cooked to perfection. There was a collection of sauces to dip the dogs and fries into which made this meal complete. For dinner, I elected to go with the Mango Habanero (Smoked Chicken with fresh mango, cilantro, and Habanero peppers) Sausage which had me sweating for the next twently minutes to go along with the smile on my face. Two meals in one day at one location? If we are talking Dogtown, sure.

Love the Burgers, 10/3/2010
Reviewer: Roy from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not a big hot dog person, but I've come here for the burgers ever since they've been introduced. Probably my favorite burgers in IV! And they're only $3.75, though yesterday when I walked in, the menu had new prices - $4.50, while I was still charged $3.75 for each of my burgers. Service is good, always been friendly to me. One time the owner gave me a free drink because he had to walk out for half a minute, a nice and unexpected gesture. Only complaint is that a couple of times (out of many) the burgers were overdone and dry and crispyish. Still, I definitely recommend it.

Good dogs, 7/12/2010
Reviewer: Aaron Gosnell from Santa Barbara, CA
I thought the food was good!!!I know the server who helped me.Though his name escapes me.The Gaucho dog was great.I really liked

Update to earlier review..., 6/13/2010
Reviewer: Krista English from Santa Barbara, CA
I wrote a review after the first time I went saying it was the best hot dog of my life. I've since been twice and without the owner serving you, it is an inconsistent experience. Still good, but not always going to be the "best." That's to be expected with a new establishment I employees, especially college students, to care as much as you do about your quality of service and food is the challenge.

Best dogs in town., 3/9/2010
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the best hot dogs around. The buns are hands down the best hot dog buns ever!!! This place deserves to make it out of all of the spots that come and go in IV. If you like hot dogs you have to try these guys.

Best Hot Dog of My Life!, 2/13/2010
Reviewer: Krista English from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to love chili dogs as a kid, but over my adult life I've been disappointed so much trying to find the illusive great chili dog of my memory. My hankering wouldn't let hope die though & I am glad I gave Dogtown a chance! I took my husband and 2 little boys here for a quick dinner of dogs, chicken fingers (for the anti-dog kid)& amazing waffle fries. The Gaucho Dog is awesome and I learned that the chili is from a gourmet company called Whitey's. What makes the dogs SO SPECIAL are the toasted buns which elevate them to gourmet status. An LA food critic recently visited and claimed that Dogtown's Gaucho Dog is better than the famous Pinks of L.A. & I'd agree! Grant is a friendly owner ready to guide you to what you're looking for in a sausage or dog. Cheaper than McDonald's for a quick lunch or dinner, quality ingredients, TASTY and hearty topping portions make this a great option for families! You can even customize your dawg. I wondered if such a place could last, and let my tastebuds tell you, that yes, yes, this should be a winner that lasts!

Good Food, Service Could Be Better., 2/8/2010
Reviewer: Abraham from Santa Barbara, CA
I Liked The Variety In The Choices, But I Feel The Execution Requires A Little Work. A Little Sloppy, Toppings Not Evenly Distributed Along The Dog. I Like Consistency In Each Bite That I Take & I Did Not Find That Here. Place Definitely Has Potential, Will Try Again. Also Felt The People On The Other Side Of The Counter Were Quite Impersonal & Cold. No Smile, No Nice Greeting Appreciate Your Customers Their Everything To Your Business. Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This.

BEST FOOD IN IV, 2/3/2010
Reviewer: Connor from Santa Barbara, CA
Without a doubt the best food in IV. First of all, it is locally owned by a UCSB grad, much better than putting money into the pockets of other people trying to make money off of poor college kids. The vibe is great, good music, TV, everyone that works there is SUPER nice. The food is always great and although I haven't had all the sausage specialties, the ones I have had are great. My favorite is the California Dreamin', truly heaven in a bun. I've also made my own weird combinations and the folks that work there love it. A GREAT addition to IV food.

LOVE IT!, 12/20/2009
Reviewer: Dee from Santa Barbara, CA
How yummy is this place? I go all the time...service is great, food is to die for, and they have the best variety for everyone's taste. A must visit!!!

Quality, 10/17/2009
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good addition to the food selection in IV. Have already been twice and both times had a very good experience. Had a classic dog and a heart attack dog. Both were big enough to fill me up and washed it all down with a cold beer. Great place!

Ok Food, Nice Service, 10/16/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Definitely better than the terrible sushi place that used to be there and a nice change to a hotdog only place in the greater Goleta area. Though the sausages were not much different then you get in a store and not sure if they are the Chef Bruce Aidells variety or if they make them scratch(pretty sure they are the store bought variety). The sausage was not cooked enough either when I ate it which they have not quite figured out I guess. Onion rings good. So if you don't want to cook a hot dog or sausage yourself check it out, they have condiments out and everything and try to make it a baseball stadium vibe and have TV and loud music. Servers were nice and a nice hangout for the IV crowd(on the best people watching corner of IV) and plenty of seating outside across from freebirds.

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