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Three Pickles - Goleta
420 S. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-4585

Reviews by the General Public

no pickles!
Reviewer: Joseph Dodero from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered second sandwich. First to small. No pickles? Near closing. Goleta.18 bucks! Going back to south coast deli!

I like it their way...
Reviewer: T.M. from Oxnard, CA
I have gone here a few times. I love the Italian Cold Cuts sandwich done 'their way' with all the onions, pickles,tomatoes, and herbs diced and piled on top. A couple of times I have tried their hot sandwiches and those are just average. I had a salad once too and while it was good, it was not as good as a Southcoast salad. Service has always been great. Nice friendly people. Orders don't take too long even though they warn you it could take 10 min for a hot sandwich. All in all, I will be back, but I am sticking to getting it 'thier way'

Great sandwiches, if you can get them
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
It's so hit or miss here... I love the sandwiches, and the salads too. They really know how to make great food. But the service can be so bad! First of all, don't take phone orders if you aren't going to have a system for handling them. When I called today, they picked up the phone, said "Three Pickles, hold please", and set the phone down next to the register. Ten minutes later someone hung the phone up. No one ever got on to take my order. This happens to me about once a month, and it's a sign that I should give up my addiction to the Italian Cold Cuts sandwich and find another restaurant to order from, because clearly you have plenty of customers. Walking in and ordering is sometimes a better option, but I don't always have that amount of time available. It's really too bad, though, because the food IS good....when I can get it.

Bad service, price too high
Reviewer: greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Work near the airport, go there every once in a while because it's close every time even if I phone order the service is terrible. I ask for a receipt she didn't know how? I want to see how much there overcharged me. Couldn't do it. Sandwiches are just ok, if you like waiting 20 minutes. So over all bad and worst. Good luck.

i'm over it
Reviewer: disappointed customer from Santa Barbara, CA
I work near the airport and have been getting sandwiches on my lunch break at the triple pickle for the last year or so. i'm pretty fed up with their inconsistency. i almost always go for the turkey-avo club with crispy cap on a roll. the sandwich seems to range in price anywhere from $6-10 depending on who takes your order. today my sandwich came on sourdough with no avo, no tomato, no turkey and no cheese. it's just crispy capicola, mayo, lettuce and onions. i would continue to eat here if they could get my order right but they've botched it now 3 times in a row.

What's up?
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
So this is my 3rd time at 3 Pickles. I was so impressed with my first visit (see review below) I've been back. The 2nd visit I ordered the same sandwich as the first visit - or so I thought. The meat was the same, but it was on sourdough with lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The first time it was on a roll with chopped tomatoes and onions and pickles and oregano (no lettuce). This 2nd sandwich I'd call more "deli" and less Italian style, which is what the first sandwich was. It was good, but markedly different from the first. This 3rd time I ordered a "sub our way" with turkey, and said "everything but no mayo". Well, I got it exactly as expected - but "no mustard" not no mayo. I hope they read my reviews. Going back and not getting what I expect or what I order makes me hesitant to return.

Yummy "Italian style" sub
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
First time customer today. I got a Canon Capicolla Club. White roll, nicely just warmed with a little toast, not too bready or crunchy. Turkey and ham and swiss with “crispy capicolla” that I’m not sure I’ve ever had before but gave a different texture that I enjoyed. Diced onions, tomatoes, and pickles was tasty. Mayo and mustard and a sprinkle of oregano. Definitely “Italian style” sub, I’d call it. Half was perfect for lunch today, $8 for the sammich, a little more expensive than Sam's To Go (on Fairview, I'm a regular there) but more meat. Yes they have one of those big plastic tubs with whole pickles at the counter. Service was prompt and friendly, place was clean, outside patio tables looked nice. I look forward to trying more of their sandwiches and maybe I'll brave one of those huge pickles.

Best Salads around
Reviewer: Barbara Huyck from Lompoc, Ca
just as good as downtown with more room to sit. Yum-o Best sammies and salads 3 Pickles ROCKS!!!

I Guess I Missed Something
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here for the first time last week. I don't understand the ravings. The food is ordinary, the wait staff apathetic, and the service poor at best. We had two sandwiches with drinks and the total was over $22. My sandwich was incorrectly prepared. i expected it on a roll, but it came on toasted bread. I just don't see the appeal of the place. Maybe I'll try ordering something else and see how they do a second time.

Best Salad in Town!
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
I work right around the corner from Three Pickles and I am allergic to gluten so I am not able to eat the sandwhiches :( But I am NOW HOOOKED ON THE CLUB SALAD. One of the best salads Ivd ever had! Make sure to get it with the petrinis dressing tho is the ranch is not a homemade one there and the petrinis is AWESOME!! So happy they are now walking distance on my lunch! Also it is really nice to see the owners behind the counter! Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: Jaxon from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches taste soooo good. I eat there once a week and if I had the funds I'd eat there 3 or 4 times a week! The service is amazing there. It can't get any better!

Wow!!! What Service
Reviewer: Jonathan Turner from Santa Barbara, CA
I got plenty of good service from their tasty meat. What a selection of meat from the guys behind the counter. I got stuffed with their meat and will definitely be going back for more of their 10 inch delights.

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