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Nugget - Goleta
5685 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-5200

Reviews by the General Public

A regular stop for us.
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
This spot is good,not great. We've been here and have had excellent service and food,,,..other times,not so much. Inconsistencies are the biggest problem. People not paying attention to the whole room...Team work plz. Antonio and Chris are great.

Don't be swayed by negative reviews
Reviewer: Nina from Santa Barbara, CA
We love the Nugget and frequent it regularly. With varying food restrictions AND picky palates, all of us find dishes we enjoy. Portions are generous and vegetables are really fresh. I particularly enjoy the wild-caught salmon. Several years ago, we had a poor server ONCE. Aside from that, in our multiple other visits, servers are friendly and answer all our food questions, even if they have to ask the chef and come back with answers. Occasional mistakes happen, and they're always fixed immediately.

Off night
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Slow Sat. night. I ordered the patty melt, menu reads Swiss cheese, NOT! Their version of Swiss cheese is white American cheeze and plenty of it! My son ordered the $13 Cod fish and chips.... Van de Kamps frozen! What?! Our waiter disappeared as a big group came in, so we never had an opportunity to complain/ take our food back. I had to get the check from the hostess, whom was making excuses for our waiter's disappearing act. I don't care if a big group comes in, you don't bail on your tables! I think I'll stick to cocktails at the bar.

Great Place!
Reviewer: Cristóbal from Reynosa, México
I am from out of town but have had the opportunity to eat at the Nugget a couple of times. The food and the service have always been fantastic. Great burgers. I will be back when I am in town again.

Good people good service
Reviewer: ALBERT NEVAREZ from Goleta, CA
ive been going to the nugget for a long time, the food is good the service is good, everybody makes mistakes so what this place is good I would go back Agian and Agian, good drinks good food, good service. If no body likes it to bad go some where else I like it. I LOVE THE NUGGET, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. A. NEVAREZ

No “change” in sight
Reviewer: RexOfSB from Santa Barbara, CA
The only thing worse than consistently not being given the correct change is being lied to about it. By now I’ve realized that the Nugget thinks it’s entitled to keep any coins that are due to a customer in change, which is pretty reprehensible. A couple of months ago I asked the daytime manager why they did this. He expressed great surprise and said that to his knowledge, that NEVER happened, but that he’d speak sternly to the staff about it. A couple of weeks later, still no change (literally). Then again yesterday, the bill was $9.67, which I paid with a $20 bill—and got exactly $10 back. There is no way the management can’t be aware of this practice. I’m sure the theory is that customers aren’t going to get too excited over 40 or 50 cents, but multiplied by all customers who pay cash, this 40 or 50 cents can mount up quickly. I don’t know what upsets me more, the theft—for that’s surely what it is—or being told that management has no knowledge of it. The Nugget may have the best hamburgers in the area, but I’m never going back.

Creative change-making
Reviewer: Rex from Santa Barbara, CA
In the "now I've seen it all" category: I had a delicious hamburger at the Nugget today. The total bill was something like $9.64. I gave the waitress a $20 bill--for which I received exactly $10 in change. When I asked where the other 36 cents were, I was told the bill had been "rounded off." Now I certainly don't mind if the rounding off is 2 or 3 cents, but I kind of resent them arbitrarly keeping my money, even if it WAS only 36 cents.

Really good comfort food, friendly staff
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I have become regulars at the Nuggett. The service is great, and the waitstaff friendly. The food is great for what is is, American fare, nothing fancy, but really good. Their cocktails are excellent, and I think their Lemon Drop is the best in town!

Reviewer: Audrey from Santa Barbara, CA
We went this past week and after being immediately seated we waited a while to get our drink orders taken. Those drinks never came. The waitress was busy with one other table, talking up a storm with them. We finally decided to leave, walked down to Petrinis and had an awesome meal. As we left, the waitresses just looked at us, never even apologized for leaving us sitting there while she shmoozed.

Reviewer: Melinda from Goleta, CA
Excuse you people!?! Our Goodland Goleta Nugget is the shiznit! Born and raised here, it was an Arby's when I was a child. Forget about the history, I can go on and on. The Nugget not only has delicious food, CLEAN plates, a superior staff and I would kiss the cook. The manager Jamal is epic. The staff like family, no matter who you are. All around perfect place for family or date night. If you want something, just ask. If you don't ask, you won't get. Rocket science!?! To the person that had an issue with side dishes for his kid, it's called "salad", and yes that is an option, just ask?? Otherwise as a local I advise you to feed your kid at the farmers market:) Good, Great, Excellent, Superb, One of a Kind job Goodland Nugett!!! We love you all;)

Food has gone down hill and price have gone up
Reviewer: S from Goleta from Goleta, CA
We go to the nugget frequently and the food has gotten worse and worse. I ordered the fish and chips which I have had a number of times before and it tasted and looked like dry frozen fish sticks. My friend got a burger and it seemed pre made and frozen also. We told the waiter how we felt and he didn't seem to care. We won't be going back anytime soon. Also the menu changed and they raised their prices.

One of our all time favorites
Reviewer: DENNY HAIGHT from Bedford Hills, NY
We were recently in Goleta for two weeks because of a family death. We had dinner at The Nugget every night and lunch about ten times. There were anywhere from four to nine of us at each meal. Between us we ate just about everything on the menu and never had ome bad meal. In fact, on our last night there we asked the chef to come out from the kitchen so we could thank him for the excellent meals. The service was also exellent, both the bar and wait staffs. Our only regret is that we live in the Metro NYC area and will not be able to visit this outstanding restaurant on a regular basis.

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