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813 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-9463

Reviews by the General Public

Best burger in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Michael-The Food Dude from Santa Barbara, CA
I've dined here many times and the Cask Burger is the best - simple, flavorful, fresh. The flatbreads are also terrific. It can get busy, but that's because it's so good.

Terrific food, drinks and service
Reviewer: Diane Gulley from Santa Barbara, CA
Five of us ate here last night (9-3-11) and sat outdoors. Jenny, our lovely server, pushed together two tables for us, later in the evening, she had the outdoor heater turned on for us. Our appetizers: zucchini croquettes & Spring Rolls, the staff cut them into smaller pieces for us so we could share. Our group ordered 4 blood orange margueritas - great! Dinners: Hubby had Greek lamb flatbread - very good. I had beet salad with carrots which had lovely presentation and I had the crabcakes - excellent. Brownie dessert - excellent. I plan to return! The manager even checked on us twice to make sure all was going well! Thanks Jennie, you made it fun.

my opion
Reviewer: Jennifer Zellot from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place but I have to say I don't like the service! Some of the waiters just ignore you and they don't take request fast AT ALL! The food is ok some of the dishes are really good but some are not good. They have the best truffle fries and a great mac and cheese! I would give it 3 stars!

Personal fav
Reviewer: Randy from Santa Barbara, CA
Since I mainly dine alone, I prefer more casual-style dining but I also enjoy a fine food experience. The Wine Cask Bar Cafe fulfills both of these needs. I find the service is always excellent and so is the food. My particular favorites are the popcorn shrimp with three sauces and the prosciutto and arugula flatbread. As to a "surly" bartender, I have never had that experience here nor have I seen anyone else being treated in anyway other than professional.

Wonderful Dinner
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake
From the food to the excellent wait staff ... it was the best dining experience. Todd was our waiter ... professional & friendly ... the bus boy never let our water or coffee cups get low. Our plates were taken off the table as soon as we were finished. My steak was perfection. My friend said his pork chop was very good. My new favorite desert is their butterscotch pudding ... that was a treat. I can't wait to go back!

surly bartendenter, bad hummus
Reviewer: Terry from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped in after shopping downtown, hoping for a light supper. and that the place had improved. Not wanting to spend my hard earned money before knowing whether or not it had, I ordered a mediterranean plate from a surly bartender which, when it arrived, other than the chic china plate, could have come from the food court at Costco. Sorry, I'm overstating it, the people at Costo are nicer. And if they had hummus, it would taste better Note to Intermezzo manager: you'd be better off buying your hummous from the guy at the SB Farmer's market than having your chef make it - THAT'S "homemade" hummous. Good luck you guys - you're gonna need it!

Disappointed this time
Reviewer: Vicky from Santa Barbara, CA
We stopped in for a glass of wine just before 5pm last Friday and were served promptly and enjoyed a wonderful flatbread. With only one other table, our server was on it. Unfortunately, it went downhill thereafter. We couldn't get the attention of any of the servers or the two managers(?) for more than 20 minutes following the arrival of one of the owners+guest and several customers. It was as if we ceased to exist. When we finally caught our server's eye, we shared our disappointment and asked for the check. He proceeded to comp the check which was very gracious but too late to leave a good impression. We would have preferred continued attentive service first and foremost.

I agree...Thank you, Mitchell
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
Dined here twice in the last 2 weeks...a business lunch with pre-determined menu was so good that I had to try dinner. Entertained out of town guests for dinner. The Greek Salad flat bread was amazingly flavorful. I am craving it as I write this! The side of beets is cleverly prepared in a small crock, as is the mac & cheese. After dinner we tried the butterscotch pudding and the peanut butter cup. Both outstanding. The restaurant was packed, and it is easy to figure out why. Like other reviewers have noted, the service is above and beyond...loaded with knowledge about all of the food offering, and the best wine knowledge in Southern California. Decor is warm & inviting, prices are very reasonable. This is the top Santa Barbara spot on our list from now on. By the way, our business associates from Chicago recently dined in the main restaurant and raved about the entire experience. Keep up the good work, Mitchell & Doug and your entire team.

Good Addition to the Wine Scene
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta, CA
We've been wanting to try the new Wine Cask Wine bar since it opened and this past Sunday we finally had the chance. Overall the experience was quite good. The place is clean and fresh looking but still casual and offers table seating, couch style seating and outdoor cafe style. Obviously they've got a great (by the bottle) wine list but we found their by-the-glass list decent as well. Both of our by-the-glass selections seemed fresh and quite good. Price was average for this town $9-12 per glass. I do a agree with previous comments regarding the glass size/type. In this region, most folks are used to proper wine glasses and at a place known for wine (attached to a wine store) its tough to overlook. I ordered the Prosciutto & Humboldt Fog flat-bread which was excellent and I'd definitely order that again. My wife had the cobb salad and thought it was decent but she'd have liked more of the "house made" bacon. We also had the chocolate caramel tart for dessert. The tart was exceptional, wonderfully done and a fantastic mix of flavors. It was a bit pricey at $9 but easily served the two of us so not bad from that view. Service was quite good even though it was a bit busier than they'd staffed for. We could see the crew were working quite hard but they always showed up just when you wanted them to but not too often. There was even a mix-up in one part of our order (cappuccino was not decaf as requested) but it was quickly replaced and COMPED at the insistence of the house! That's good service in my book. We had a great time and will definitely go back. T

Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara, CA
Not sure I get the connection between Nuri's wine knowledge and too much truffle oil on the flatbreads? I think the oil issue is easy to fix and am confident management will deal with it accordingly. I personally love the food and wine at the bar cafe but see the point of the wine glasses. Mitchell is fantastic and I am happy to see his presence at all three of his restaurants pretty equally.

Needs more of Bouchons fine touch
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice atmosphere with french style chalk boards all around the bar. Authentic upscale neato big city feel. Nice service. To the food. Potential, but some real problems. Exceptionally good flat bread crust(essentially pizza crust). One of the best or the best in town. But amazingly this Chantrelle pizza was covered with "Truffle Oil"!! ALL one could at all smell or taste was the overpowering rather stale truffle oil. There was very little chantrelle on the way anyone could taste their delicate flavor. What is the point? Is anyone in management going to see this message? If you work there please show the boss, correct this stuff and move forward. How about an answer here for all your fans of the different restaurants? If Nuri from Bouchon were still working for them and were here...he never would have allowed this with the fine wines he knew so well. Expensive wines blasted by the smell of strong truffle oil? Why serve wine alongside TRUFFLE OIL. We know the owner is a TRUE professional...someone besides him probably made this decision...perhaps contact this person before more poor decisions are made. Nothing wrong with learning, and making positive correction..right?. Only going public here so others can chime in if they agree, and send a friendly message. Sjerven...please set your capable hands to this. We worry about you getting overextended with so many new obligations. Please sneak friends into your places when you are not there to check on the "cooks" you are allocating responsibility to. Also the pours we witnessed all looked on the slim side, yet prices were substantial...what gives. Better to charge a dollar more for the Chantrelle Flatbread and really put some chantrelles on to taste. Better to charge a dollar more per glass of wine and give a decent pour. To be frank, though my wife's wine was fine was served in a narrow small TABLE GLASS and not a wine glass. Do we HAVE to ask for a wine glass for our wine? How can one smell or taste wine well out of a 3 inch opening? The upscale telegraph beer was so stale/flat tasting--I regretted sending it back because I have had it at other places before and know it is a nice beer. The replacement beer was the Firestone Double too tasted old and "off"....maybe it was just the truffle oil doing it's charm by then? Nice atmosphere and waitress though.Thanks for that..gee....we do miss Nuri...can you get him back at Bouchon?

thank you mitchell
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
Since the cafe opened I've eaten there four times, twice at lunch and twice in the evening. All I can say is "thank you Mitchell." Everything is top notch, the food is wonderful and extremely reasonably priced. The nicoise salad and the pork and cheese sandwich are highly recommended. Ditto on the mussels. Kudos for the comfy, clubby feel. Perhaps best of all, the service is excellent. In SB you get so used to mediocre service, it's surprsing to encounter true pros. One evening we ordered a chantrelle flatbread (to die for), and asked the bartender how they were able to get chantrelles so early in the season. Five minutes later a member of the staff arrived with a handwritten note giving the name and phone number of the farmer who sourced the mushrooms. That's service. Only one small complaint ... it's really cold and drafty in there in the evenings, the ventilation blows right down your neck at certain tables. But for adults who want an classy bistro-style experience for lunch or an evening rendezvous, this place is easily the best in town. Bravo.

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