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Ultimate Bagels
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-11 Closed: 2012-04

1226 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2511

Reviews by the General Public

Hooked On Ultimate Bagels, 3/4/2012
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
What did you like best about this place? Since UB opened, the bagels have remained consistently good. I attribute this to the owner's excellent training, with a continuous follow through on his business plan. Additionally, I enjoy supporting a "local" business. Least? The staff seems challenged at times to charge the same amount for the same thing. How was the food? Excellent. I'd be lying if I didn't say how much I look forward to my wife's weekly run for our respective favorites. The service? Friendly and timely. Atmosphere? Fun. Changing art/photographs. Dog friendly. Good access to local papers. Do you dine here often or was this the first time? Weekly take home since UB opened.

Utlimate Bagel lives up to it's name, 10/11/2011
Reviewer: Alma Rose from Santa Barbara, CA
I often dine at Ultimate Bagel and it has always been a great experience. The staff is friendly, they offer water to your dog and the State St. lox bagel is to die for.

Favorite Bagels in Santa Barbara!, 3/11/2011
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I go here often...the staff are friendly, the bagels are delicious, and the coffee is great. Before coming here, my wife complained that there are no good bagel shops in Santa Barbara. Thank you, Ultimate Bagel, for filling the void.

what?, 1/9/2011
Reviewer: justine from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't understand these reviews. I love this place. My boyfriend and I come here often because its so close to our house. Everyone is always super friendly. The owner is usually in working and always greets us like friends. I think the bagels are incredible and its a fun, easy place to grab a quick bite. Its not suppose to be a sit down elegant dinning experience... its a bagel shop!! Other reviews seem a little harsh. I know this is Santa Barbara but relax... Ultimate Bagel A++

Poor Service, 12/29/2010
Reviewer: Jennifer S from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was good, Service was terrible. The kids working behind the counter seem to be hungover, barely payed attention. It took 20 minutes to get a toasted bagel with cream cheese. Coffee had ran out and it took about another 10 minutes to get coffee. Walking in to that establishment was the wrong way to start my day. The staff is terrible.

Much too expensive, 12/4/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't believe it cost me nearly $7 for a bagel with cream cheese and meat filling. The bagel was too small and too dense. I'm from the east coast and even Vons makes a better bagel than this place. I'm much better off getting NY style bagels from Vons' bakery along with whipped cream cheese and a package of lox. I'd paid much less and get much more.

Took forever and very expensive, 10/23/2010
Reviewer: Josh Peters from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't believe how long it took for two bagels. At least a half hour and it cost $17.00 for 2 bacon and egg bagels. That's crazy. They were also complety out of coffee and couldn't refund me because the employee was new. I've had good experiences here but today was horrible.

Great place but employees should wear gloves !, 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the bagels here and the owner/blond guy who runs this place is super cool. The employees should wear gloves when they are handling the bagels/food. Last time I was in they pulled someone from the kitchen to take care of my order, it looked like he was washing dishes then went right to handling my bagel wih bare hands. Another time, I saw the person who was working the register and handling money turn around and start working on someones food. I love this place but think it would be a good idea to have the employees who are handling the food to wear gloves, at least on the hand that touches the food.

Sad day for my sesame bagel..., 4/29/2010
Reviewer: TM from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pretty disappointed when I got my bagel sandwich and the bagel was burned to a blackened char. Had my bagel been a normal degree of toasted, I think it would have been pretty tasty. And what's worse than eating a severely burned bagel? Someone serving it to you! You have a whole store full of bagels, you would think serving a customer a black bagel would be considered worse than taking another 3 minutes to toast one more? I thought bagel shops had special bagel toasters that made them come out perfectly crisp and light brown...this was truly a sad day for my sesame.

Downtown Bagels, 3/17/2010
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped in this place because I was walking in the area. The counter staff were friendly and efficient and the place is clean as a whistle. The bagels were good and I liked how they asked how much cream cheese I wanted. Too many places don't give enough or you get too much etc. Will definately be going back.

Ultimate bagels really is the ultimate, 3/12/2010
Reviewer: Julian Wolf from Santa Barbara, CA
I live near valerio and state and the closest bagel shop is over a mile away...Jacks bagels...I love bagels and lox but jacks is always overpriced. I was excited and priviledged to have the chance to stop in ultimate bagels this morning for the first time after months of procrastination and was greeted very kindly by the owner and served on in a professional yet laid back way. The owner and the staff try to truly connect and ask you how your days been going. How the food is and if you need anything else there ready to jump to your aid. The bagels are baked fresh everyday and are amazing. The lox was a beautiful red color fresh and not fishy tasting like most lox served around town. I paid 7$ for my bagel and lox compared to the $11 dollars i pay at jacks. I truly feel that ultimate bagels smashes the competition in price, flavor and originality with a wide selection of toppings, spreads, and bagels all you need is a little immagination and a hungry belly.

The ultimate bagel, 2/23/2010
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Best bagel I have ever had. Period. Service is good, price is right. Can't go wrong with Ultimate Bagel. Ask them to melt the cheese on your bagel sandwich.

Great lunch spot!, 2/23/2010
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
Have always had great food at Ultimate Bagels. The bagels are awesome and love all the choices you have to make your own ultimate bagel sandwich. The jalapeno cheddar bagel is my favorite. Alex (the owner) is super friendly and brings back a pride of ownership feeling that many business have lost. Always asks how your days is going and super enthusiastic. Definitely worth checking out!

Ouch - I wish this place was good!, 2/18/2010
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I read the Independent review that said the owner of this place was a Noah's fan, so I was hoping that it would at least emulate Noah's bagels in terms of quality. Plus, I want small, independent places to thrive on State Street and admire the fact that this place was opened by a kid straight out of college. Sadly the bagel I ordered was RAW with uncooked dough in the middle, and didn't have the nice boiled exterior that good bagels should have. It went in the trash and I toyed with the idea of calling the place to make sure no-one else had the same experience. Some tweaks to service and food preparation might help, but I fear this place won't be around long enough to make changes needed to survive.

bagels and more, 2/13/2010
Reviewer: Chris C from Santa Barbara, CA
Ultimate has a good range of tasty bagels and toppings. But wait, there's more...they also do breakfast bagels, bagel sandwiches with meats and/or veggies, and even fresh salads for the gluten-free crowd, plus coffees and beverages. Service is swift and friendly with a genuine interest in feedback. A fine local small business added to the Granada-Arlington area.

A glimmer of hope for SB Bagel Lovers, 1/18/2010
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara, CA
On their own, a West Coast bagel can only be so good. It takes excellent toppings to make them great. Judging a book by its cover, Ultimate Bagels has some of the most pathetic looking bagels I've ever seen. They look puny and dry and the holes are too large. The only ones that really look good are the everythings. I picked up a few the other day and was actually impressed. They have toppings on both sides and aren't too bready. However, I did get one aberration in the bag which was twice as plump as the rest and way too bready so keep your eye out for that. The best part was the sundried tomato cream cheese. It wasn't well-integrated like some can be where the cream cheese takes on that orangey color. However, there were a ridiculous amount of tomatoes mixed in lending to a chewy, tangy flavor.

excellent, 1/15/2010
Reviewer: Jane from Santa Barbara, CA
I am so happy that santa barbara finally has a solid, reasonably priced breakfast bagel shop. the bagels are made daily, and you can put anything on it you want which for me (a very picky eater) is great because I don't have to pay for anything I don't want. I'm surprised to read the review below about the spread not being made in-house because when I was in last week I requested a spread (chive/onion) which they were out of, but gladly whipped up a new batch for me which took about 5 minutes. Its true, I don't think they are making the plain cream cheese in back (a cow is required for that), but since they made another batch for me I'm quite sure they make their spreads in the shop. So check it out! the staff is wonderful and very sweet and eager to please.

Toppings are not freshly made, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Someone was all over Yelp claiming the topping were made there. I saw them using Kraft spread. The bagels were very fresh though. I think if they did make their own topping it would be a huge improvement. Not sure if a bagel shop can actually make it. Good luck guys!

Tasty bagels and great service, 1/13/2010
Reviewer: Carmen from Goleta, CA
This place is easy to miss, so keep your eyes out. It's a great place for a quick snack/casual lunch. They have tons of options for what you can put on your bagel. Everything is fresh, the service is great, and the place is very clean.

What a find!!!, 1/12/2010
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
After driving all through the "downtown" area, I was unable to locate a place serving a hot breakfast at 5:30 in the morning (I'm not a fast food kinda guy!). Discovered this gem and gave it a try. liked it so much I returned the next day at the same time. Exceptionally clean, great seating and very attentive staff and did I mention exceptionally clean?. Had the fresh made bagel with eggs and was very impressed with the quality of the meal. Owner was very helpful in explaining his extensive menu. Highly recommended and convenient for early A.M. types especially those finishing an early morning workout at the downtown fitness centers.

Yummy!!!, 1/8/2010
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
The bagels are soo good and soft and you make it the way you want it to be. They are tastey bagels too. It tastes like what they are like blueberry tastes like blueberry...mmmmm The service there is always friendly and the owner is always open to suggestions!!! I get one every morning!

Nice new bagel shop!, 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara, CA
Very kind and friendly service, comfy couches and table space, and the best whole wheat bagels I've ever had. Their w.w. bagels are nice and hearty with a toasty, nutty flavor. They have lots of interesting variety, from acai bagels to pizza bagels as well as traditional flavors.

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