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Saigon - Five Points
3987 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 964-0909

Reviews by the General Public

Awful Customer Service, 8/7/2018
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
The owner screams at you and refuses to fix orders when they are done incorrectly. She refuses to work with the customer to resolve issues and tells you "it's not her fault". I was a loyal customer for a year, I will not return after how I was treated.

My go-to Vietnamese restaurant , 5/27/2018
Reviewer: Jennie from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Saigon. The food is fresh and consistently good. They have a great vegetarian menu including pho which is amazing. Everyone who works there is super friendly and helpful. I probably order out from here too often but it's that's good!

we LOVE the curry noodle soup!!!
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara
Our favorite dish is the Curry Noodle Soup. You can get it with chicken, tofu, shrimp, salmon, and ?. It is awesome that they are open in the afternoon when most restaurants close to prepare for dinner. Our family loves this restaurant!

Long Wait for Americanized Vietnamese Food
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
What a disappointment. After waiting 25 minutes, the waiter comes out to confirm our order, which they got wrong, then they brought out the wrong dishes anyway. How difficult is it to mess up fresh tofu, broccoli and bok choy? Apparently very. Almost without flavor, the dish tasted of cheap oil and sugar. Terrible.

What happened to this amazing dining experience?
Reviewer: Geren from Santa Barbara, CA
After a dear friend returned from a month-long trip to Vietnam, she was excited to discover a new restaurant opening in town that was offering what had quickly become her favorite cuisine. She invited me for a taste, and all it took was one bite of their chicken-broth, egg-noodle Pho, or rice curry to keep me coming back for more. It was a weekly habit of mine to frequent the then growing chain of Saigon restaurants. Since becoming a parent three years ago, my dining out and takeout choices and budget have been severely limited. I was lucky when I could sneak home a bowl of Saigon broth, an order of chicken with broccoli, or a bahn mi sandwich for myself. Itís been a few months since I last tasted this memorable Vietnamese cuisine. Imagine our disappointment when my wife and I, finally taking my 3 year-old out to dine at this Five Points location, should encounter both disappointing service and food that was both bland an undercooked. Where did our delicious broth go? This was simply chicken and beef soup stock. The chicken was not fully cooked, the broccoli and bok choy were nearly raw, and the egg rolls were gummy. There were only a few tables filled, but we received no attention for nearly 10 minutes, and never got drinks until the food arrived. The staff seemed indifferent to the presence of any customers. Iíll reserve a star for both service and unique cuisine type, as well as having vegetarian friendly options, but it will be some time before I try dining here again. I hesitate to share this negativity, but after such consistent performance, there is no excuse for the current state of this restaurant.

fantastic food lousy service
Reviewer: Isaac from Santa Barbara, CA
I think my title says it all....... my suggestion is take it to go.

Saigon - Five Points
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: Spacious, nice comfortable wooden tables/chairs. Simple decor which I appreciate. Sometimes light Asian music is playing. Service: No matter what location I go to (and I've been to all three: Milpas when it was there and the two on State Street) I'm always greeted promptly and my food/drink order taken promptly. Food is delivered quickly as well. Food/drink: Everything I've ordered has been delicious and I've ordered extensively from their menu: spring rolls, curry rice noodles (all versions: chicken, salmon, duck, beef mignon), broccoli stir fry, papaya salad and of course the Pho. I find the food tasty and fresh. If I'm feeling sick or if it's cold out, I order Pho but usually get a heavier entree which I'm always satisfied with. Summary: This is one of my favorite eating places in Santa Barbara. I can always count on it for great food and service. My friends and I joked we wondered if the Vietnamese mafia was descending about SB when they expanded from lower state to upper and branched out to Milpas. I'm fine with that if they are bringing all this tasty, satisfying food. Glad they're here to stay.

Great Vietnamese food and service at a fair price
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here last week and each had different items. Everything was promptly served, hot and tasty. The selection was good, and we will definitely return. It's good food, it's reasonably priced, the service is fast and with a smile, and the beer is cold. What's not to like?

Any Chance You Can Come to Carpinteria?
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I Love Saigon! It was my favorite lunch spot when I worked on Upper State Street- sometimes the service can be a little slow, but the food is well worth it! The Pho Ga, Pork Vermicelli, Spring Roles & Shrimp Rice Noodle Curry are all amazing! I've had their Bahn Mi once a few years ago and it was Delicious, but I never saw them offer it again... now I have another reason to go back ASAP :) Any chance you guys would consider a location down in Carpinteria?

Lackluster luke warm food, unfocused service, don't go
Reviewer: Jessica from Sedona, AZ
My husband and son each ordered a different pho. When the food was being delivered the waiter was unable to tell the two bowls of pho apart, which makes sense because they were both served the same pho. The pho was luke warm. The selection of items to add to the pho was very limited: a few sprigs of basil, some chopped cilantro, and bean sprouts. The amount that was offered of each wasn't enough for even one bowl of pho. Limes were also served, which was good. My dish was advertised as veggies, shrimp and beef on a bed of noodles. The vegetables were good, but I located only one very small, dried up shrimp and two 1-inch squares of overcooked beef. My dish was also luke warm. Service was inattentive and not welcoming. We were visiting Santa Barbara for a week, as we do regularly. We went to Saigon because of good reviews. I don't know if the food at the other location is any better, but stay away from this restaurant if you want hot, good food.

Banh Mi pickup.
Reviewer: Josh from Goleta, CA
Got their Banh Mi sandwiches last week, doing so again today. Their price went up since they last had them (approximately 2 years ago, I think?), but it's still very worth it. The person taking the orders doesn't seem to respond to orders for Banh Mi, but as soon as I said "sandwiches" she knew what I was talking about.

No Bahn Mi Sandwich at this restaurant. I asked.
Reviewer: Randy from Santa Barbara, CA
P.S. They do not serve the Bahn Mi sandwich. I asked. That was truly disappointing, but the food is good.

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