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Wetzel's Pretzels
723 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 730-1090

Reviews by the General Public

Stingy on everything!!
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Where to start. The owners cut corners on everything -Soda never has enough syrup -taste bad -Pretzels always short on toppings -NEVER believe the time they tell you, it's always double or triple the time. - NEVER have more then one of one flavor out. - ALWAYS give you one napkin just one. When you ask for more they give you one more. When you ask owner gives you a dirty look. Napkins are not accessible for patrons. -owners NEVER speak and look mad. Regular employees are nice. - this place has such potential to be a high turn around profit making place but owners don't seem to care.

The owner has a really bad attitude
Reviewer: Vera from Santa Barbara, CA
Usually I love pretzels but I normally don't buy at state location because the owner has a really bad attitude she never greets customer at all Customer service is a must but I don't think they understand the definition of customer service. I prefer to drive to Ventura to buy pretzels than buying on state street.

Love the pretzels, could do without the attitude.
Reviewer: NC from Santa Barbara, CA
I am addicted to the pepperoni twist. I love it! BUT, I have some gripes with the service here. We have been to several other Wetzel's locations, and never have had to wait for them to make pretzels. This location never seems to have any made, even though there's never more that three people in line at a time. Then they tell you it will be "4 minutes" for the fresh one, it ends up being 10. Asking for an extra napkin seems to be asking for the world. One employee there is very friendly, but the manager (owner?) is awful. She never looks at the customer, never speaks, just sticks her hand out for the money. The rest of the employees act like customers are a huge inconvenience. The manager's bad attitude has filtered down to most of her employees, apparently. I will, of course, be back to get my fix, but it would be lovely if they could work on their service. A smile goes a long way!

People Nice, Food not Nice
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Tried the pizza pretzel...Uh just don't go here sums it up.

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