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Simply Pies
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-01 Closed: 2015-08

5392 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 845-2200

Reviews by the General Public

Gluten free treat, 8/7/2014
Reviewer: Jayne from Oxfordshire. uK
On holiday from the uk with our coeliac daughter - always looking for great gluten free options, we had a chocolate pie, quiches (slightly egg custard texture) and an apple pie. All delicious, pastry fabulous and served by lovely helpful girl.

They've done it again,, 7/25/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
They've done it again, the best Birthday pie ever. My family bought my favorite Lemon pie, which was super pucker tart with a layer of sour cream on the bottom of the curd.....genius! Made my Birthday complete.....thank you.

Let them eat pie!, 3/10/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
When I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her Birthday, she said she wanted an apple pie. I didn't have time to make a pie on the fly so we headed over to the pie shoppe. The nice lady decorated the pie box with ribbon and gave me a little card for the! The pie was a huge hit. The crust was perfect, the filling could have more apples and less cinnamon, but that was only my opinion. My family does not want Birthday cakes anymore...fine, let them eat pie! From Simply Pies.

organic---organic this is for us!, 6/16/2012
Reviewer: Glorianna from Santa Barbara, CA
I love that these pies are organic and taste great! Good service!

Olaiberry Pie to die for, 6/11/2012
Reviewer: S. from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a piece of Olaiberry pie last night it was simply wonderful-not to sweet and packed with fruit. Seasonal pie so get it before its gone. Personally I'm going to order a few take and bakes to store in my freezer.

What part of expiration date do you not get?, 6/1/2012
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA

Delicious, pricey and not returning!, 5/31/2012
Reviewer: Ella from Goleta, CA
I'm giving this place three and a half stars because the quiche and cookie I ordered were delicious. However, I won't be returning. I stopped by today to redeem the Groupon I purchased several months ago. For some reason I thought I had until the end of May to redeem it, but unfortunately it expired on the 30th and today is the 31st. The woman working the counter checked "out back" with the owner to see if I could still redeem the extra value of the Groupon, but he or she nixed the idea and so I was left with the actual amount of the Groupon to spend ($10) rather than the added value (another $10). For $10 ($9.50, really) I got two **small** pieces of bacon and leek quiche and two chocolate cookies to go. The pickings seem to be slim if you drop by in the afternoon -- I assume more is available around lunch time. The food was great, but the fact that the owner did not want to honor my 14 hour expired Groupon, nor make an effort to deliver the news to me personally does not sit well. I told the woman at the counter that I was not inclined to return given this standard of customer service. It's a shame, because however small the portions are for the price, the food is lovely. And sadly, for stinginess over three pieces of quiche, Simply Pies will be missing out on future orders I place weekly for a community dinner at my non-profit, not to mention my personal business. Hurumph.

Simply Pies will not survive if they don't change--, 10/13/2011
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
Very limited selections. Pie crust OK but portions very small. Service was awful. The interior of the restaurant is in serious need of an overhaul-- not put together at all. They wanted nearly $12.00 for a small salad and small pot pie.. good grief that's ridiculous. If you ask for water they hand you a glass and send you to a cooler. Tacky!

Awesome Gluten-Free Pie!, 8/10/2011
Reviewer: Alana from Buellton, CA
When we found out that my husband needed to cut out gluten we started doing some research on restaurants in the area that had some gluten-free options. Simply Pies popped up and after trying their take-n-bake gluten-free apple pie we were hooked! The crust was to die for. I could barely tell the difference between it and a regular pie crust. The flavor was awesome and the texture was just perfect, if a bit more crumbly than a regular crust. The second time we ordered a lemon dream pie using their website. We got a response right away confirming the order and letting us know our pie would be done in time. They are a little pricey, but it's well worth it in my opinion.

Be more green, 5/24/2011
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally was able to try the pie at Simply Pies using a Groupon but they ended up having only two options. I know that this Groupon thing is still kind of new but they seemed unprepared for the # of people who would come in using Groupon. Apart from that the pie was really delicious although the slices were on the small side. One other suggestion - use real plates and cutlery. They like to play up that they are organic and all but using disposable plastic undercuts that claim. Besides pie on a real plate looks nicer and even may taste better :-)

Key Lime Pie, 2/23/2011
Reviewer: Dianne Lopez from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a key lime pie for a birthday treat for my daughter's boyfriend. At first I was told they were working on a recipe and couldn't make it right now, but then they said I could order it.The pie was fantastic with a delicious graham cracker crust and authentic lime filling, slightly yellow not dyed green. We all were blown away by this scrumptious pie that far surpassed the Whole Foods pie that arrived unexpectedly as a gift.

Simply Delicious!, 2/11/2011
Reviewer: Natalie from Santa Barbara, CA
There one of a kind crust is to die for! I've had there strawberry rhubarb, coconut cream, and of course apple pie which taste like a million bucks! You can taste each ingredient in every bite, never tried anything quite like it. Love this place.

Hit/miss service and food, 12/20/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Though others rave about this place for me it was a little hit/miss though I wish them well in staying there. The apple pie was one of the best I have ever had. The chicken pot pie was one of the worst I ever had. For me the chicken pot pie was reminiscent of an Amy's Organic from the store. Most pot pies are overblown in calories due to the gravy. This one was more on the organic side and as such was probably a whole lot better for you but the taste was just not there for me(needed more gravy). Its nice that they do buy only local organic though for their stuff. I would stick with the desserts unless you are used to organic food. The service was Ok, the girls working there seem more interested in filling background orders than helping customers walking into the door but they do get to you eventually. The decor is really neat, in an A frame house with some charm and they did have free coffee out for people. Plan on waiting for them to warm up your food for awhile, problem I had was I waited for awhile for them to warm it and my pot pie was still lukewarm(maybe they can turn up the oven?).

Not just for desert..., 12/2/2010
Reviewer: John from Goodland
The true mark of a great pie maker is his or her ability to make a great doublecrusted fruit pie. Hannah and Co have cracked the code on this ancient technique. With that said, Simply Pies in Goleta is by far the best "homemade" pie place I have been to in years if not decades. Add in the fact that the ingredients are from the local farmers market along with being Organic makes this the place to go to. The extremely large single serving Chicken Pot Pie was an orgasmic delight that blew away my childhood memories of nuking a frozen Albertson's Pot Pie and then immediately scalding my mouth. Simply Pies' version had what seemed like an entire chicken smothered in gravy along with three days worth of vegtibles all encased in a perfectly cooked homemade pie shell. Basically, heaven in a pie crust. I followed this masterpiece up with a piece of mixed berry (blueberry and blackberry) by that was, quite frankly, berrilicious. I highly recommend either having a full meal here or at least ordering the desert pie to take home. Your only problem will be that there will be no leftovers!

Simply Amazing, 6/29/2010
Reviewer: Neil from Santa Barbara, CA
Since I moved here 7 years ago I have been looking for an excellent place to find gourmet pies. I found some at a couple of local restaurants but was not satisfied with the choices. Simply pies is incredible and I have been impressed with the pies I have gotten so far, and the variety is wonderful. BY FAR THE BEST PIE I HAVE EVER HAD! Also, the option to choose a "take and bake" pie is great and the directions are simple to do. Rate this one 5 stars!

Great for quick lunch or a treat, 6/25/2010
Reviewer: Stacy from Santa Barbara, CA
Simply Pies was recommended to me by several co-workers, so I made a point of trying it out last month. I ordered a veggie pot pie and a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie, both to go. The counter service was very friendly and cheerful. When I got back to my place of employment and sat down to eat, I discovered that my pot pie was already heated to the perfect temperature. It was outstanding - tasty crust, rich gravy, good mix of veggies. My only complaint was that it was a little bit dry; some more gravy would have helped with this. The fruit pie was just wonderful. I haven't had rhubarb pie in a really long time so it hit the spot! I will definitely be returning to Simply Pies in the future and recommend it to the rest of you too, especially the working crowd in Goleta.

Great Chicken Pot Pie, 6/25/2010
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the beef and chicken pot pies here and they were excellent. The beef one was really good, but the chicken one was much better. I also tried a chocolate pie and it was good too, mostly because the crust is so perfect. I'm looking forward to trying one of their quiches next. I'm glad there's finally a place around here to go and get a good pie.

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