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Olio Pizzeria
11 W. Victoria St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-2699

Reviews by the General Public

This was voted tbe best?!
Reviewer: Helen from Grand Rapids, Mi
Visiting from Michigan. Ordered pizza based on glowing review and voted best pizza on town authentic etc. it was passable, but that's it. When they said it was authentic I expected a crispy homemade thin crust. This crust reminded me of low quality pizza kind of rubbery.

Quality has gone down hill...
Reviewer: Robin from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't get me wrong, I love this place and I'm usually not one to complain, but today I picked up a panini to go- $14 (expensive) and the bread is black- like burnt black, barely any chicken and no pesto?! How could a place let a to go order out of the door like that.... sad! I've heard other people say their quality has gone down hill... sad because it used to be so good.

Reviewer: Antonio from Buenos Aires, Argentina
All are excelent!!!!!!

Best pizza I ever had.
Reviewer: Tommy from Chino hills c.a
1st time.herd pizza was one of the best oldschool italian style pizzaria. Pizza was amazing. The crust tasted like the wood fired oven it came out of Cant say enough about the cheese and sauce. Had the margarita and the fennel sausage /sweet onion pizza. It's expensive. 12 inch. 18$. But for this pizza I will spend the money. Well worth it.

an off night in the kitchen?
Reviewer: prue from Santa Barbara, CA
i used to really enjoy this place, but the last time we ate here, we ordered two pizzas - one for each of us - and they were so tiny i felt like we were on candid camera. seriously. each one was the size of a salad plate with hardly any toppings! it tasted like doughy bread with a little bit of cheese sprinkled on top, nothing special, super dissapointing. i have had better pizza in trader joes freezer section for a quarter of the price. what a joke. we also had the sqid ink calamari - always delicious, hence the one star i give them - and a couple of glasses of wine and the bill came to around $85. we felt really gyped on the measly pizza portion especially for twenty bucks a piece and will probably not be returning. sad, they have potential but just don't seem to get pizza. awesome atmosphere and really friendly and efficient bartender.

Good food and experience
Reviewer: Leana from Santa Barbara, CA
We visited Olio Pizzeria for the first time last week, and we had a really nice evening. We got there around 6 pm on a Friday, and we were able to be seated right away. We opted to sit at the pizza bar where we could see the pizzas being made. The squid ink calamari was good and unique. We got a pizza to split which was more than enough and DELICIOUS, and it had lots of great cheese and fresh veggies. We finished our meal with the hazelnut panna cotta -- also good. A chef was making fresh buffalo mozzarella when we were there, and they offered those at the bar a small plate of it with fresh pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. It was a nice touch since you rarely have cheese that fresh and see it being made. The service was also good. We will definitely be back since the food was so good and it was a really fun experience!

Has the service gone downhill?
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate at Olio tonight. The service was sub par. The waiter seemed to be working hard, so not sure what the problem was. Our salads came out after our pizza, and the waiter was always busy in the other dining room so it took a long time to make requests and get things done. Maybe it is a management issue. I hope they sort it out soon since the pizza is very good.

Food is good, service needs work
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
This was the third time I have eaten at Olio Pizzeria. The first time, shortly after it opened, the service was terrible, food was fair. The second two times, I would say the food has improved and is good, but not great. The service still is a problem. I agree with the previous reviewer, our waiter had no personality, was not friendly, and never checked on us. We had to ask to have him summoned to order a drink, order food, and get our bill. The busboys were amazing, though, kept our waters filled and removed our plates as soon as we were done. They deserved my tip so much more than our affected waiter. For the cost of the restaurant, the service needs to improve for one too get what they pay for.

Major disappointment
Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I have been dying to eat here. We live so close and every time we pass it we think about it. For a special date night we went to Olio, ordered the Parma pizza and left hungry and confused. The customer service was very dis-attached, unfriendly, cold and it seemed they could care less if we returned. The only time we felt appreciated was when our credit card slip was brought back...desperate attempt for a good tip? The layout of the restaurant is terrible. Tables are close together, its very loud, and we actually opted for the tall tables in front of the bar. BIG mistake. The door opened and closed every 2 minutes and it blasted us with freezing cold air. The guest coming in didnt seem to care either, you would think people would be more considerate and close it behind them. The ambiance is not peaceful, romantic, or special at all. As for the pizza, blahh. For 20 bucks I expect a pizza better than Rustys or Sal's. The portion was small and we left starving. I guess we needed our own pizzas each--for $40 bucks, wow! As for quality italian, haha laughable. If you want the best pizza in America, you will have to travel to Keste in NYC! Never returning here!!

Kirsten from Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Kirsten from Santa Barbara, CA
Currently here - food great - service great - atmosphere awesome - sad to leave - ready to come back!!!

Over rated for very good Pizza's
Reviewer: Vinay from Santa Barbara, CA
I read the excellent reviews of this resturant and ordered Gamberettial aglio - Shrimp/garlic/spicy chili oil which was very good. But the main course which I had read so many good reviews for the pizza Umbra with black truffles is really very salty and oily - one of the worst pizza's I ever had. The desert chocolate hazelnut was average. I feal the resturant is a over rated OR probably we need to try other pizza's. If you still want to go, I would strongly recomment to ask not to include one of the cheese that makes the pizza very salty as suggested by the staff. For $50 its not worth. Although the starter was really good. Besides that we waited for 20mins on thursday at 7:00PM so its very popular and they don't take reservation on phone. Service in resturant is good.

One word...YUM!
Reviewer: Cat from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent food and good service. Am definitly going to return.

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