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Flaming Grill
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-08 Closed: 2011-08

6558 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-5680

Reviews by the General Public

Kathi roll rocks!, 1/13/2011
Reviewer: Chryss from Santa Barbara, CA
I had never heard of a kathi roll before coming here. It's similar to a burrito, but with Indian flavors--potatoes, tomatoes, lots of spices. I got the veggie with tofu and egg. It was EXACTLY what I'd been craving without knowing it! It was filling, spicy, but not in the knock-you-out-for-a-nap way that burritos have. It felt healthy and also very satisfying. It wasn't super fast, but it was very fresh and hot--sometimes it just takes a little while to make the food, and I'm okay with that. I'll definitely be back for more!

Plain and unappetizing.., 1/7/2011
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped in on my way to class and ordered the Caribbean Salad. The service was fine. But when I opened my salad, it was the most disappointing meal ever! The best part was the warmed pita bread included. My salad consisted of a bunch of lettuce, a few pieces of cucumber that was extremely bitter, four pineapple chunks and some goopy looking mango that looked straight out of a can, and where was the avocado? My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger which I had a bite of and it was dry and a mediocre sandwich. This was my first time and probably my last.

Decent but service can be better, 10/3/2010
Reviewer: Roy from Santa Barbara, CA
I got the "Supper" (typo for Super) Skewers, which is 1 chicken and 1 steak skewer. The food itself is decent. Not a big fan of the Flaming Salsa. The salad was a standard cheap side salad. The chicken was well seasoned and pretty good, just a tad dry. I ordered to go, and only when I got home did I realize that I received two chicken skewers. I called in to ask if they were out of steak or this was a mistake, and he told me "oh yea sorry sorry we ran out of steak, thanks for letting me know". Not really how I would expect a problem like that to be dealt with. Seems they are new and just need some restaurant serving experience.

don't understand ???, 9/27/2010
Reviewer: christopher from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to flaming grill between classes and I can say that I will never step foot in this place again. I clearly stated I did not want onions or lettuce on my cheeseburger and to my astonishment, that's exactly what I got. I told the cashier and he looked at my like i was asking the world of him to redo my burger. The next burger he brought out was exactly the same as the last!!!!! I was shocked and did not even eat the burger. Warning do not go here unless you want the worst service in iv.

its a steal deal, 9/4/2010
Reviewer: AMIT from Santa Barbara, CA
best burger in I.V, best price in I.V,best service in I.V( 1ST TIME IN LAST 3 YEARS I HEARD ME SIR IN A BURGER PLACE),I been here 3 times tried 3 different things and were all GOOOOOOOOOOOOD

Pretty Good Food, Wide Variety of grilled stuff, 8/27/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
They have Mexican, American, Chinese, Skewers, Wraps and Salads, a wide range of stuff. Pretty good food. Hopefully this place will do better than the two places before it that have closed in the last five years.

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