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Arch Rock Fish
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-09 Closed: 2015-09

608 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2800

  • Category: Seafood
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
  • Chef: Scott Leibfried
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Hunk of bread , 2/1/2015
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here many times and the new owners have made some improvements to the decor. The bread for 4 was served as a hunk. It did have one knife mark on top. I guess you are suppose to pull it apart. Ever try to pull sour dough bread into 4 serving pieces. Guess we should have asked for a sharp knife when the second hunk was served. Server took my drink and didn't ask if I wanted another, well I wasn't finished with that one. My sister had a glass of Merlot and when she ordered another they said she had to buy a bottle. What? This is some crazy stuff, good thing the food is good.

So wanted to like, 1/31/2015
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
Ever since Brophy's took over Arch Rock the service is gone way downhill. The manager claims he's understaffed, but doesn't understand it's his job to pitch in too. The atmosphere is nice,with three options, inside, bar, or patio. The food is standard Brophy's fair, which means decent but not outstanding. If they took the food up three notches, well then they'd have something to really be proud of. This level of seafood can be found at just about any place in the country. One day the owners of Brophy's will wake up and realize what a truly special place Santa Barbara is, and decide it's really worth making a little more effort with their cuisine.

Good Happy Hour, Good Axxess deal, 10/25/2013
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
Funny, I went here for the Axxess deal also and a good thing, because I've been there several times when it first opened and forgot about it! Pretty solid - buy one, get one entree free - I would never pay full price for Arch Rock entrees so that being said, I usually go for their awesome happy hour. If you're ever wondering about getting a burger, it's good - just $. Also their crab-feast is ok - a lot of work and actually not that good of a deal as they claim. Oyster shooters have way too much "cheese" so I usually ask without. Oysters on the half shell needed to be cleaned properly but were fresh if not a bit bland. So Sally Spork the foodie strikes again in her erroneous review - I don't think I'd ever choose the Cioppino at Arch Rock but please never compare it as wanting it to be more like a bouillabaisse. Have your opinion but don't mislead reviewers into false belief that a Cioppino SHOULD be something it's clearly not and very different. Service was very prompt, helpful and didn't give us the stink-eye when we presented our Axxess deal. I went back the next two days in a row for more happy hour: Sushi roll is generic-tsting but filling, tater tots are surprisingly yummy (cliched truffle doesnt overpower!), and the fish sliders & tacos can be a good light dinner. Deviled eggs are meh but the grilled cheese w/honey is good too. Just depends on what you feel like.

Arch Rock Fish, 10/23/2013
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently bought an Axxess Card and wanting to use it this was my first stop. Atmosphere: Located off a busy street (Anacapa) The eatery is beautiful: stylish without being stuffy, it is spacious, airy with an urban feel. There is outside seating against this busy street, this is where we sat. It was a bit too busy with street traffic for me. Service: Sat quickly. Waiter was attentive it was a bit busy and took a while to get our food. Food/drink: We ordered the sushi roll appetizer: tasty a bit small. Then cioppino (seafood stew). Tasty pieces of seafood, however the broth was more like a pasta tomato paste sauce, I prefer a more bouillabaisse style broth. A bit disappointing. My friend ordered the fish and chips: crisp and large pieces, fantastic. Summary: I'd probably have to review more items to have a fuller experience here. However it was overall okay, nothing exceptional.

Everyone liked, 10/4/2013
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
My friends took me here for my birthday. Every one liked the food and the server Alex was excellent. His charming surfer attitude somehow went with the restaurant. The manager came by to make sure we liked everything. FREE pie for me and it was very good. Most of us ordered the combo plate and all would order this meal again.

Really disappointed, 8/29/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
The service was friendly and efficient, the sleek, modern esthetic is a nice change for Santa Barbara. The food on the other hand was overpriced, tiny portions and lackluster. The $14 fried clams (all 6 of them!) were boring and wayyyy overpriced. The award winning Cippino was too thick, bland, the fish was overcooked and most of my shellfish weren't even open! Who serves dead shellfish?? This is a seafood restaurant?? The fish and chips were more like chips and fish...again, chincy fish portion. Cold sourdough bread served with melted butter??? I prefer my bread hot and my butter me crazy. I'll stick to the Fish House, thank you very much.

very good, 8/18/2013
Reviewer: mikr from concorf, CA
Eat there twice 16 & 17 august 2013, service was very good and so was the food.also pleasant place and not too loud.

I REALLY Wanted To Like This Place., 7/11/2013
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been told by friends that this is the place to go so I made reservations for a Wednesday night. We got there at 7:30 and the place was practically empty, which was kind of nice! But why empty? We started off with the salmon sushi and the crab cakes. The crab cakes were nice, but the $13.00 sushi was PRE-MADE. It was hard and cold... kind of like the sushi you buy at your local supermarket. Very disappointing and the chef adn owners should be embarrassed. My wife ordered the tuna and I got the $32 Prime with mashed potatoes and a side of their "famous" clam chowder. The chowder was gummy and seemed like way too much flour was added. Pretty bad. The steak was cooked perfectly but was very bland. My wife's tuna was good, but very dry and there wasn't any kind of sauce on the plate what so ever. HINT: The Ballard Inn's sashimi... which is fabulous. Seriously, did the chef take the night off and pre-make everything for the servers to prepare? This restaurant might of been the talk of the town a couple of year's back, but somewhere along the line somebody has given up and the owners should be ashamed. Pre made food? Really? I will never go back.

Good food, 6/5/2013
Reviewer: Terri from Gilbert, az
We were told this was a good place by our hotel desk. Food was good but a very limited menu. Our waitress was very good . My husband had the fish and chips which was good but very little for the price. Overall we would recommend this restaurant .

good but..., 4/2/2013
Reviewer: aug from Santa Barbara, CA
had the crab feast for dinner 14.95 its not... its not what it says on web site nickel and dime you for every thing. good but wouldnt recomend it . april 2.2013

Carpe Sodium, 3/14/2013
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice place, good location, fresh seafood, fine beer and wine. This could be good “neighborhood joint” with some tweaks: Salt is good. I like anchovies, Vietnamese fish sauce, and the occasional margarita. But there can be too much of a good thing. Cioppino: salty. Crab cakes: salty. Swordfish: salty. Even the veggies and mashed potatoes were alkaline. We are both suffering from burning eyes now. The vivid photos of the pounding surf only threw salt in the wound. To customers: Try saying you’re on a low sodium diet. To the chef: There are giant vessels of sel de mer on each table. Are they strictly ornamental? We will try you again next year.

very nice for lunch, 1/31/2013
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We had the calamari and cioppino Power Lunches, meaning half portions plus choice of salad or chowder for ten bucks. Both the mixed green and Cesar salads were fresh and tasty. Calamari wasn't exceptional, but a tangy dipping sauce added zest so it was just fine. Cioppino was very flavorful with good assortment of seafood and a piece of garlic toast. Portions were plenty for mid-day, and service was prompt. Shall return.

great happy hour, 12/29/2012
Reviewer: sam from Santa Barbara, CA
i like to go here for happy hour maybe once a week, here in santa barbara i dont believe in the harsh critic, this place is great u can sit on the outside patio get a beer n a fancy grilled cheese we usually get a fish taco or two ... think about it next time your in the area.

Food not Good, 9/1/2012
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
We were detoured from Dargans to finally try Arch Rock on a last minute decision in the parking garage. We really wanted to like the place, but honestly the food was not good. The under grilled bass entree was sitting solo on the plate covered in stale olive paste and "salsa." The seafood cobb salad was not fresh, esp the shrimp and scallops (which all ended up untouched at the bottom of the bowl). The waitress clearly didn't pick up on our obvious dissatisfaction. So sorry that Arch Rock "Fish" will not be one of our future dining spots.

fish A+, 8/19/2012
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was fantastic and the fish was very good, however, three tiny pieces of asparagus, are you kidding? Ceasar salad seving size is half what it should be. How much does romaine lettuce cost? Clam chouder was proper size, price and good. Best apple pie I have ever eaten. They said "mom makes the pies" and I believe them. That was no store bought pie.

Awesome Cioppino, 7/28/2012
Reviewer: VT from Santa Barbara, CA
We ended up here for dinner because there was an hour wait at the Boathouse on a tuesday night(?). We were seated right away(nice)and our cocktails arrived in a timely manner and were very refreshing. Our waitress was very pleasent and the food was very good. I would definetly return on a frequent basis for the Cioppino. Best I've ever had, filled with lots of fish,shrimp,mussles and lobster. The seabass was cooked perfectly but the 'salsa w green olives' it was served with just didn't taste good at all. Go for the Cioppino, you won't regret it.

Local???? I don't think so, 7/23/2012
Reviewer: Nisha from Santa Barbara, CA
The reviews here are mixed, I decided to think positive and give it a try. I am sorry that I did. The food was less than mediocre and definitely not fresh or local. The truffle tots were the only almost-saving grace, but I make those at home, so really nothing special. The service was abysmal. Slow, informal, forgetful. They are trying so hard to have a "casual" feel to the service that you feel forgotten and it feels contrived at best. They are trying to make an L.A. restaurant feel and sound local and are way off the mark. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Great Food and Service, 7/18/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at the food. The miso cod and the salmon were very amazing. The veggies were great too. The ambience is really nice too. The waitress was spot on good. On the negative side(which was overwhelmed by the positive)I'll have to thrown in the following: The cornbread was more like crumblebread, needs work, the serving sizes could have been a bit bigger(order sides if really hungry) and the windows have some insect problems(don't sit by the windows). Overall a great place to try. The seating is vast there in the back. Apparently an associate of Gordon Ramsey owns the place.

Bad Experience with Travel Zoo Voucher, 5/21/2012
Reviewer: Barbara Henry from Santa Barbara, CA
I will not be returning to Arch Rock Fish. We wanted to order a starter, Crab Cakes and were told they were out of them, we then decided on Fried Clams and were told they were out! We chose a third item and the waiter explained that they actually were not out but we could not substitute any item more expensive even if we wanted to pay the extra cost, which we would have been more than willing to do! Poor customer service. Why not a Travel Zoo pre-fix menu? This embarrassing moment could have been avoided. I was embarrassed in front of my guest! No table cloths were on the table, the bread was not heated and our waiter served our Key Lime Pie to be eaten with spoons! Good-Bye Arch Rock Fish! Never again!

Disappointed, 5/13/2012
Reviewer: Deb from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd heard good things about this place and my husband had enjoyed it previously. The waiter seemed distracted and was unfamiliar with the evening's specials. He also didn't bring our drinks/meals in a timely way. Some of the entrees were cool, as if they had sat out until other entrees were ready. Our party had sole, salmon, seared tuna and trout. The sole was OK, but the trout was mushy and the tuna pretty flavorless. Because of the problem with the drinks, they gave us free dessert. The apple pie was soggy. The best thing was the McConnell's ice cream. Next time we crave fish, we'll go elsewhere.

Yum ! , 3/26/2012
Reviewer: Louise from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been to arch rock fish 4 or 5 times in the last three months and it just keep getting better and better ....keep up the good food ! Fresh food with great flavours I would highly recommend arch rock fish .

fabulous, 2/14/2012
Reviewer: c clute from Laquinta, CA
By chance we went here because our Valentine reservation became a price fixed menu at another restaurant. The Arch Rock Fish had an open menu. We arrived with no reservations and were open to waiting for any available seating. We sat at the bar and was served by Darci - she was fantastic. I had the cioppino and my wife had spaghetti and clams. The food was oozing with taste and service was impeccable.Go don't waste time and have fun with taste and service. 5stars charlie

Wonderful Saturday Night, 2/5/2012
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went to Arch this Saturday...It was so much fun. A great atmosphere and fun vibe. Even though it was busy, we got a table right away, and best of all the food was great. We started off with appetizers of mussels. My first time. They are really good! For dinner I had the Ahi -- it was sublime...seared to perfection...My wife had the fish and chips --perfectly done...I shouldn't have finished all her fries though... After our feast from the ocean we had to split desert...Can't skip desert. We had the apple pie had a wonderful texture. A slightly caramelized crust, and a la mode of course... We both really had a great time. The wait staff was attentive and responsive, and made sure our desires were met throughout every course...We left full and satisfied :)

I liked this place , 12/28/2011
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
ALL the people in my party liked the food and server was just great, I think his name was Rob. I didn't want the bussel sprouts that came with my dinner and it was no problem to have a salad instead. Better to set in the front than the 'isolation booths' in back.

excellent seafood, 12/26/2011
Reviewer: Sierra from Goleta, CA
We had a great meal here on Christmas Eve. Here's what we had: Moscow Mule, 2 Manhattans, Garlic Shrimp, 2 house salads, Miso Cod, Grilled Wild Bass, Arch Rock Sundae. Everything was well prepared, including drinks. The best dishes were the shrimp (which was huge, cooked perfectly, and nicely sauced) and the cod, which I had no real expectations for because I've never had it prepared so nicely, but was delicious and delicate with a light, sweet miso sauce. I could have skipped the ice cream in the sundae in favor of the caramelized bananas, which were yummy. All of this was only $100 pre-tip, which I think is a good price for the quality of the seafood. The staff was attentive and the meal was really good so I will go back.

Third Time's a Charm, 12/12/2011
Reviewer: Scott Schwartz from Santa Barbara, CA
We've now been to ARF (ew,.. too close to being a really bad acronym) three times. We arrived at 6:30pm - the place wasn't too crowded, though being a Friday night, it became so as the evening grew. I ordered the Miso Cod,it was perfect. My wife had the seafood cobb salad, and we shared oysters. The service was great, the drinks were good. We're so happy to report that considering our first experience was fabulous, but our second was awful. Our third visit turned out to be really nice, and one that I'd recommend. So there you go, 2/3 ain't bad. We will return.

twice not as nice, 11/15/2011
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Oh my, oh my, what a difference a few months makes. Loving our first experience at Arch Rock we insisted on taking some of town guests to enjoy the restaurant as we did. It was not to be. We were seated in the back of the establishment (who knew how big it was) and I'm pretty sure we were forgotten about - our waitress seemed to be angry at something. Service was a zero. We all ordered various salads, all seemed to have wilted lettuce - even the cabbage on the Ahi chop salad. Though I was most bummed about our service,.. how hard is a smile? I think it might be a while before a third visit.

Don't believe the hype, 11/1/2011
Reviewer: Gwyn from Santa Barbara, CA
My family took me here to celebrate my birthday, not just any birthday, one of the big ones. My husband called ahead for reservations for 6 and made sure they knew it was a special occasion. When we arrived, there were multiple hostesses, but we were told they couldn't seat us, someone else had to. When we were shown to our seat, right next to a special event, there were overflow items on the table from the event and we had to wait to have the table cleared. Our drink orders were taken, and then the server disappeared for 20 minutes. Eventually our drinks and appetizers arrived and the meals were ordered. Two of the entrees didn't make it to the table until 10 minutes after everyone else was served, my side dish didn't arrive until I was 2/3 of the way through my dinner. When my husband asked where my side was, the server replied, "Everyone knows how to cook, except on Sunday." Drinks were not refilled, the server didn't check on us and the special event kept overflowing in noise and commotion next to our table. Eventually the server returned and weakly asked if we wanted dessert, clearly hoping we wouldn't. We ordered desserts and coffee, when the sweets arrived my family started singing to me - which was delightful. About five minutes later the coffees arrived and at the table right next us received a lovely dessert complete with the requisite candle. I know my husband went to a lot of trouble making sure the restaurant knew this was my birthday, so to have them drop the ball at our table and very nicely handle a birthday at the very next table was just the final straw. The only thing that came quickly was the bill. I wrote the management about these problems, but didn't receive the courtesy of a reply. So, if you are looking for a great night out, skip Arch Rock Fish. They don't live up to the hype.

Very inconsistant food and weak drinks, 10/7/2011
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I go here pretty often because of the cheap happy hour...and every time I get bad service or bad food I swear I wont come back, but then I have great food and a great drink and I am sucked in again! I always order the sushi roll that is on the happy hour menu and every single time it is different. Once a friend at our table ordered it, as did I, and they looked totally different. Hers was pretty and nicely made with a salad ontop of it, and mine looked thrown on the plate with no salad. Bummer. My $3 wine was the size of a tasting portion. Our server kept forgetting to bring my chop sticks and soy sauce bowl, I finally just ate the food without them. I really want to like this place but they drop the ball all too often.

All Show, 10/6/2011
Reviewer: Staci P. from Santa Barbara, CA
I would like to confirm yet another bad experience at Arch Rock Fish. There appears to be great culinary skill in the kitchen that can't be backed up by the rest of the dining experience. I feel that the restaurant makes a presentation of itself that ends up being a facade. Huge wall of wine, yet a poor and overpriced selection. Stale bread. Very small portions. A waitress we have to find before we can notify her that she forgot to bring part of the meal, so we were left eating a plate of green beans after the rest of the meal had been eaten. There was no offer to make it up to us by comping the side dish or adding anything. Costs a fortune and not worth it.

We had a really good experience, 9/24/2011
Reviewer: Mike L from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I dropped in Saturday late afternoon for a shared early bite and quick drink. We asked our server "Amanda" for some ideas. She suggested the Ceasar Salad followed by Cioppino - I was reluctant but my wife as intrigued by the fish soup. I think the Ceasar was the best I've ever eaten. The garlic roasted tomatoes were divine, the dressing was perfectly proportioned on the lettuce. But the surprise winner for me was the Cioppino. An absolute must have when we return again (soon). The broth was so wonderful. The fish, shrimp, lobster and mussels etc were cooked perfectly, it was fantastic and I'm not a huge fish fan. The broth is what made this so amazing. For drinks; my wife ordered the El Presidio which was a really refreshing pear vodka and grapefruit concoction. I stuck with something in my comfort zone, and that was a Telegraph ale. The food was very good and our server was excellent. The atmosphere was active but not too loud. I would recommend our experience to anyone, and hope to repeat it as well again soon.

Arch Rock Fish Rocks!, 7/6/2011
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here twice and each time found the food and service consistently superior. The wait staff are well informed and personable. My sister in law and I asked questions and our server was patient, friendly and helpful. We bought an advance "deal" and weren't made to feel second class because of it. The inventive drinks, appealing appetizers and delicious main courses were all presented thoughtfully and creatively. Our shared dessert was heaven on a plate. I can't wait to return.

Trouble at Arch Rock?, 6/11/2011
Reviewer: todd from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently recommended Arch Rock when some family came to town; I had always been impressed with their professionalism and I loved the lobster roll. The evening began with a warning; one of our party ordered a Firestone beer and they told us they were out of it. I was stunned; I made a joke about the restaurant not being able to pay its bills since Firestone is local and must be a prime profit-maker; the waiter almost turned green and stammered an unintelligible reply. Then when we ordered our dinners, they were out of multiple entrees; all of a sudden what was intended as a joke seemed all too plausible. The evening was capped when the waiter forget to submit two of our orders, and so we had six entrees appear 10 minutes prior to the last two--they comped us an appetizer in compensation. Still the professionalism that was so apparent when they opened has been replaced by desperation.

everything good well almost, 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Mike F from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was very good. The staff very friendly and good service. The restaurant is surpisingly large but a bit too austere. I did feel like we were in an isolaton booth in the back area. Food is good enough that I would go back.

Smallest Happy Hour Portions Ever, 5/8/2011
Reviewer: Dee from Santa Barbara, CA
We literally started to laugh when they brought out our food. We went there for Happy Hour and ordered several items off of the Happy Hour menu thinking it would be plenty to fill us up since we are not big eaters. We left and got more food somewhere else! I think that they should write "Sampling" on the menu so that you won't be so shocked and somewhat insulted by the super small portions.

Lunch is closed during the week but offer TO-GO brown bags !, 4/20/2011
Reviewer: Cynthia Acosta from Santa Barbara, CA
The closure of the downtown parking lot (across the street) did make it difficult for their customers to eat there. So they had to cut back on some options. I'm glad management was able to sustain the hit by still keeping the doors open for every night for dinner and lunch on weekends only. This however should not take away from how great their food is. I have been there on a few occasions and everything that we have tried has been fantastic. You can taste the fresh ingredients and they take pride in preparing great food.

Very little food available., 4/9/2011
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
First time for dinner.I had Manila clams for appetizer and crab cakes.They were delicious.As far as the dinner entrees it was a disaster.They were out of almost all of the entree selections.It was 5:30 pm right after they opened for dinner.Out of all the entrees we could choose from three. Our waitress was amazing.her name was Ashley.I felt bad for her because people were upset about the menu. Poor management? Money problems?Something was going on.

Don't get all the hype, 3/3/2011
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here to try the Oregon Micro Brew...discovered they no longer carry it. Based on the Happy Hour reviews wanted to try the Artichoke and Fish Skewers, -discovered they are no longer available at Happy Hour either even though on their chalk board. Stayed anyway despite an off odor in the Restaurant. Music was a bit loud as others have said. Food was neither bad or good. Too bad because service was great by a very nice gal. Place actually looked better inside than the photos. Maybe just an off evening for them. Probably won't try again.

New England comes to Santa Barbara, 2/23/2011
Reviewer: Kelly Lange from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my 5th visit to this restaurant, but first time for Happy Hour. It starts at 3pm. Excellent drink and appetizer prices, and they do not cheat on the portion sizes or on the drink pours. Outstanding Cosmos for $5. Can't beat it. The food is great, especially if you are craving some great New England fare. The lobster roll with truffle fries is my favorite. Each time I've visited the service has been far above Santa Barbara standards. This restaurant is very popular, and when they are busy with a line out the door, the server might make an occasional mistake, but they always correct it in a timely manner. I will recommend this restaurant, and will return. If you want a quiet romantic dinner, this is probably not the place for you, but if you want great New England style food, a fun atmosphere and friendly service check this place out.

Not sure about dinner, but the happy hour is great!, 2/22/2011
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I really love the atmosphere of this place. It feels really luxurious, but the way food is served is a lot more casual than you would think on first glance. I've been for happy hour a couple of times, and the food has been great, and the prices really reasonable for SB happy hour. Only complaint is that the bar area does fill up fast, and you have to convince them you want the happy hour menu in the regular seating area.

Disaster! , 2/16/2011
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here for dinner with my girlfriend on a friday night. Saw some pretty disappointing reviews online but thought we should give it a shot anyway. I was in the restaurant business throughout high school and college. I have never felt compelled to write a review about a bad dinning experience but there is a first for everything. What follows is a summary of my disastrous experience: -Hostesses: friendly, curdious, accurate on wait time (only bright spot) -Waitress: Sloppy, slow, unorganized with horrible recommendations (wearing jeans, dirty tee and chucks. Not acceptable at $25/entree in my opinion) And now the food and drink (it does downhill from here). -Scotch: glass 1/4 full and poured me the Jameson instead of McCallan -Savory Martini: sweet&sour with no booze (waitress recommendation) -Osters: Smallest I've seen in SB and the chefs decided to dump salt on them ($14 for 6) -Prawn cocktail: only decent part of the evening, but lets be honest, how do you F that up? -Ahi: Tasted like Trader Joe's ahi drenched in sesame seeds. No flavor and over cooked (again, waitress recommendation) -Halibut: stock halibut with what tasted like salsa fresca from Chipotle -Glass of Pino: Again 1/4 full. Either get smaller glasses or pour bigger portion! I will say the decor is ok and there is some potential but management should take a hard look at the product they are putting out. Service is half the battle in the restaurant business and if you don't have that why should anyone play for an over priced meal at you establishment. And have the staff put on a collared shit! It's $25 an entree for god sakes! Worst dining experience I've had in SB.

Regarding Local Fish, 2/5/2011
Reviewer: SB Fisherman from Santa Barbara, CA
I hope you realize a few things. Nobody is catching "local" swordfish right now. Swordfish are not in local waters right now. They would be dishonest on the menu if it said "local swordfish". NO fisherman are currently bringing in ridgeback shrimp, the shrimp guys are currently doing halibut. Ridgeback shrimp either need to be kept alive (expensive) or sold very very quickly because they spoil quickly. Do you see ANY restaurant in town selling local spiny lobster? No. Why? Fisherman are getting anywhere from $16-17/lb, most of it is being sent overseas to China and Japan, and a restaurant would be charged well over $20 per lb, and subsequently have to charge you $50 or more for a the smallest legal sized lobster available (about 1.5lb), and at that price the restaurant would still hardly make a profit. It's too risky an investment in this economy. Who pays $50 for a 1.5lb lobster? Not me! Probably not you! Heck it costs $30 per pound at the fish markets for customers, so the SMALLEST local lobster you'll find to cook yourself at home would cost at LEAST $45. Some of the only local fish they could maybe buy and sell that is coming in at enough quantity and at a cost to them that wouldn't break the bank for their customers is black cod, halibut, and almost always sea urchin, and hope ranch mussels and oysters. If you don't like it, buy a fishing pole and try to catch a swordfish off the coast (you won't catch one right now), go dive for lobster, and good luck trying to find one ridgeback shrimp on your own. What did you LIKE about the restaurant? That is what people like to hear. We didn't get to hear that. Was your meal delicious? Were the drinks good? What did you order and what was good or bad about it? Me? I liked their yellowtail sliders at lunch, and the happy hour fish tacos. Yummy!!! They also serve my favorite beer, Pilsner Urquell. What did I not like? I agree that the place has a stale atmosphere and could look less like an office. But the food is good so I couldn't care less so long as the place is clean and the service is good, and they are. Please do your homework before making negative assumptions. Don't believe me? Ask a local fisherman like me.

NO Local fish , 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
We were going to try this place and a friend told us that Arch Rock had no local seafood. Not believing this, I made a call and inquired as to what local fish they might be serving. I was told that they had nothing local and all the seafood came from the east coast. We decided to pass

Reviewer: Marielle from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is okay here for the price during Happy Hour - just what you expect. Doesn't blow your socks off but nosh while you have a glass or a beer. Prices are extremely fair and so are the good hours! I think that Arch Rock Fish could have one of the BEST Happy Hour in Santa Barbara if they: 1) Opened up more room in the adjoining room for happy hour seating! At 530pm, the 3-4 high tables and the 8 seats along the bar are taken. And there's not enough room to stand even. If you open up more room for happy hour seating, you'll find that people will order more food. 2) Educate the hostesses on proper greeting, answering questions and reservations. I've worked in the service industry quite a bit, and while I'm appreciative that it gets busy, the worst thing is the condescending "we're-busy" (duh? that's how a restaurant is) response from a girl who's clearly got plans after because she only looks up when she's done texting on her iphone. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't sit there and tell me that, go find out and ask the manager! 3) Servers are nice and so are the bartenders. Thats the only reason I gave 2 stars because they clearly know that there's limited room, and that they try to accommodate as best as they can.

faux local - huh?, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
A couple of tips for the owners: Real local restaurants don't have taglines, let alone ones that says "A Neighborhood Joint". Real local restaurants also serve local food - where on the menu is Santa Barbara swordfish, ridgeback shrimp and spiny lobster? Where are the locally baked goods - such as from Daily Bread just a few blocks up the street? Also, neighborhood joints have convivial, open seating - when I visited, I felt like I was dropped into an isolation booth; all I saw were the walls (bad idea to keep the Melting Pot's stilted layout). Evidently the owners plan to open several more faux local restaurants in different cities. It's an interesting idea, really, a chain of customized eateries, but they're not off to the best start with Arch Rock Fish

Overpriced small drinks, salty food, 2/3/2011
Reviewer: Sarah michelle from Santa Barbara, CA

Great food- weird service, 1/31/2011
Reviewer: Beth Cauwels from Santa Barbara, CA
The food really is good but the service is odd. Recently during lunch, they were slow to meet needs, and required repeated requests for more water, bread, dressing. It was however clear to me that our waitress was in a hurry for us to leave (as others have suggested). It is nice inside if a bit sterile in decor, but the acoustics needed tweeking- including lowering the volume of the loud music they piped in. I think the food is very fresh, nicely presented and quite tasty. Too bad the service last week didn't match the food!

Great Happy Hour! Good food and almost perfect service!, 1/5/2011
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Amazing Happy Hour! Finally a place that has cheap glasses of wine that aren't served in a terribly small glass. Great vibe inside the bar and restaurant. The bar tenders even when really busy are very friendly and try to get to everyone as quickly as possible. One bartender, Erin, introduced herself to us the other night and was very warm and friendly. Oh and their Happy Hour starts again at 9pm, which is perfect for a quick place for a drink after a movie!!

worst service imaginable..., 12/31/2010
Reviewer: John Chambers from Montecito
Decided we'd try this place out.. even made a reservation. So we get there and are greeted cordially by the hostess (only reason this place even gets a fraction of a star, she was great. We were seated in a booth towards the back, which was fine. That also allowed us to see the waitstaff coming and going.... problem is, none of them cared to look our way. Seriously, after asking two different times if we could order, we actually watched as the server who was obviously supposed to be taking care of our table looked at us and animatedly shook her head and gave a dismissive wave! That was the final straw. We had asked the buss/drink person twice already over a 20 minute period if we could order and were told he would send the server... the animated dismissal described above was on the third request. Now, I can understand if they were slammed (they were not) or short handed (did not appear that way either) that the staff may have some issues, but if I'm going to be spending >$100 on dinner and wine I'd like to at least feel welcome in the establishment. On our way out, I told the apparent manager why we were leaving and why we would never come back. I don't think they get it... S.B.'s not LA... after our dreadful experience, we asked a few friends if they'd tried this place and were not surprised to hear similar stories. I'd like to believe the food is good at this establishment but sadly, I will never know....

Service animals, 12/29/2010
Reviewer: Chris G from Santa Barbara, CA
Re: the reviewer who objected to the "service animal" at the bar: Federal law prohibits any public establishment from requiring proof or evidence that the animal is a bona fide "service animal." There are collar tags available from the animal registration agencies (County shelter for example) but even these only ask that the petitioner furnish an affidavit, by the person requesting the tag, stating that the animal is needed for a disability. No doctor's prescription or document is required. The jacket or vest is NOT required and even guide dogs for the blind do not usually wear them. The dogs that are in training often wear them, voluntarily. Word is out among street people that they can simply claim that their dog is a service animal and they cannot legally be challenged. That's why so many mangy, undisciplined dogs are showing up in places like the public library. Ask a lawyer or a D.A. for info, or look it up (try public library or county law library, 2nd floor of the courthouse, open to the public).

It's about time!, 12/29/2010
Reviewer: Joyce Bonomo from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been to Arch Rock Fish several times during the past months. Being very frustrated with rude, inefficient service, high prices, & not very good food of S.B. restaurants, we have been only very happy with this new restaurant! The service is superb, drinks excellent, waiters are so polite & always with a smile, & the food has been very good. The bar area isn't huge, so if you go for Happy Hour, you will be very cozy. As of this date, we haven't had any problems & we've been there several times. Arch Rock Fish is definitely our favorite S.B. restaurant!

Good but not great, 12/9/2010
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Hard to get a handle on this place. It is upscale pricing but with a mash-up menu (turkey burger and fish n chips next to a skillful seared ahi, for example). The ahi that I had was excellent. I loved the marinated cucumbers which accompanied the ahi, and I also had the side of baby bok choi, which was also very enjoyable. The service was uneven. They took their time in ordering and serving, but I had barely but the last bite of food in my mouth before they whisked my plate away! It was odd. There was nothing terribly wrong, but with so many excellent dining opportunities in SB, "good" at these prices is just not good enough.

Not bad from an East Coast perspective, 11/27/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
When I found out that they served Ipswich clams and lobster rolls, I had to check them out. A friend and I had each a cup of soup (bisque for her, chowder for me) then split three appetizers, a dessert and one beer (for her). It seemed reasonably priced to us and everything tasted really good. Loved the vibe - very cool and modern. Good music. Felt like a place where professionals would go to after work in the Boston area. Funny enough we felt we weren't in Santa Barbara and that was a good thing. We had excellent service - our waiter was attentive w/o being overbearing. He sincerely seemed to enjoy his work, which we appreciated.

Missing the mark, 11/21/2010
Reviewer: Heather from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was good and the service was good. That's probably the only thing most people care about. I just thought it was interesting that the restaurant is named "Arch Rock Fish" presumably after the Anacapa Arch a local landmark and yet there was nothing local on the menu. Farmed atlantic salmon, lobster from Maine (despite this being prime lobster season here in Santa Barbara), wild bass from New Zealand and Tuna from Fiji. We have amazing seafood here in Santa Barbara and it would be great if some of it were presented here. In general I felt this place was having an identity crisis. Is is modern chiche or is classic seafood counter? A local namesake and nothing local on the menu? It's all very confusing.

Aw- Stop Yer Whimperin'!, 11/19/2010
Reviewer: Roger from Santa Barbara, CA
Before Bradly wrote his whiny review below, he should have gone to Wikipedia, and read about psychiatric service dogs- That help people with a myriad of problems- PTSD for one. These dogs don't wear the usual garb, and the owner may not show any outward signs of their problem. Allowing a dog to eat food from a restaurant is no more unhealthy than letting Bradly eat there, as I am sure all plates are washed to the proper temperature mandated by law to sterilize. I have to say, I was there at the same time, and the people I saw were saying "Aw- How cute!" something that was never said to the whiny reviewer! Plus, the food was exellent as always, and the drinks were perfect!

Faboulous expierance...except, 11/19/2010
Reviewer: Bradley from Santa Barbara, CA
Been coming by Arch Rock for several weeks to enjoy there unbelievably reasonable happy hour. The food is always consistent and fresh. The drinks are spot on. The service is great for even how busy it is. There's only one thing that really had me write this review. Upon my last visit a woman was sitting at the end of the bar with her dog. I couldn't believe that the ownership was okay with this. I asked the bar manager who replied that it was a "service" animal. Please do not be naive on this matter. This dog was a small pet of a dog, not a service or guide dog. No matter the condition, all dogs that are declared service animals must wear a state issued tag that's usually wrapped around there body like a harness. Nevertheless, the woman was feeding her dog food prepared by the restaurant. This was completely unsanitary. Please look into this issue because a few of the people sitting around me were disgusted and offended that this was allowed.

Too noisy and not worth the money, 11/6/2010
Reviewer: Vladimir from Santa Barbara, CA
Ambiance: nice lighting, design, nice booths, but bad acoustics. Much too noisy (busy Friday night) and loud music. Couldn't hear each other talk very well. Food: Varied from tasty to so-so to bland among our party of 6. Service: cheerful, friendly server, prompt service but we felt a bit rushed to order. Busers too eager to clear plates as fast as someone finished a dish. Seems like they want to turn around the tables quickly. Price: With sides a la carte, too pricy for the quality and ambiance.

We keep coming back!, 11/3/2010
Reviewer: Jennie from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't dine out often, so saying I've been back to Arch Rock 6 times since it open says a lot! I've had dinner once- which was excellent, although the wait staff were still getting acclimated (it was week 1) and came back for happy hour a week later, then lunch a few days after that. While dinner was great, its happy hour and lunch that have really sealed the deal for me. Excellent food at really reasonable prices! The staff are really friendly, and the food has been consistently great. I have to say, they have won the top spot for "best bloody mary in town" for me. Its really nice to finally have a place to go that feels upscale and doesn't break the bank!

Arch Rock ROCKS, 10/28/2010
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
Our first time here, hoping for the best but prepared for, well, you know. Particularly in light of some of the not-so-flattering reviews below. BUT "one of SB's best" isn't an over the top comment. It is. Cioppino was perfect. Not as spicy as some, which allows for all of the seafood to come through. Generous seafood content - lobster, mussels, fish, shrimp. The tomato based broth was exquisitly light, and not cloying. The Bok Choy and artichoke starters were also perfect. Great grilled/smoky flavor on the artichoke, and the bok choy was wonderfully crispy/tender. Service was prompt, courteous, and professional. Go here. Arch Rock, the staff, the chef, the whole package -ROCKS!

Great Food Poor Service From the Server (Male) Great Buser, 10/16/2010
Reviewer: Phil Landfried from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the Ahi, crab/salmon fritters, mussels, lobster. Bus service was excellent- got water and bread immediately. Waited about 10 minutes for drink order. Asked hostess if the server knew we were here. Drinks and food arrived promptly. Server never checked in on us. Had to go to the bar to get another glass of wine. Asked waiter for dessert menu. Waited 10 minutes. Finally asked buser for check. Server brought check and walked away. Waited 5 minutes then gave check and card to buser. Server brought check. Tipped 10% and gave $20 to hostess to give to bus crew.

Better than the earlier reviews, 10/13/2010
Reviewer: Joan from Santa Barbara, CA
Fortunately, I hadn't read the negative reviews before eating at ARF last night. 5 of us had various dishes, all deemed superior. "The best fish and chips in SB" said one. Artichoke appetizer was superb. Same with the albacore sandwich. I was leary of truffle fries, but they were excellent...not strong at all. The dinner salad was fresh with a great dressing. And, the service was A-1. All of our dishes arrived together and the staff was attentive. Maybe they learned from previous reviews. P.S. I don't know the owner and have no vested interest in the place.

Room for improvement, 10/11/2010
Reviewer: Julie from Santa Barbara, CA
We dined here last night for the first time. The service was good and our booth was private and comfortable. Unfortunately the food quality was uneven. Strangely, the "Butter lettuce" salad had very little butter lettuce in the mix, and the dressing was tasteless, so I'd rate that so-so. The Grilled Wild Bass entree was very dry & tasted more like swordfish or dry halibut than any bass I've had. The salsa served with it was tasty though. This dish gets a poor rating. The Baby Bok Choy side was the best dish of the evening, cooked to perfection & wonderfully seasoned - 5 stars! With "Fish" in the restaurant name, I would have expected more finesse with the fish!

Work in progress, 9/26/2010
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
Our first visit was with 2 other couples the first Friday they were open. The staff and kitchen were sorting things out. We ordered wine and an array of starters, then a main each. The soups were very good, the sushi and shellfish were very fresh and tasty, but the bread was not good. The mains were cooked correctly with the fish and chicken retaining a moist juiciness. The burger was crappy. Considering that it was practically opening night and there was a good crowd, the service was very good, polite and attentive, if not polished. There were some miscues, but overall, no real gaffes. The wine list was a concise delight of mostly local wines at very small mark up. Bargain. One could make a meal out of a bottle of crisp white wine and some shellfish. We went back last night for cocktails and snax, had great service at the bar and enjoyed the spicy, baby bok choy, artichoke, and calamari.

All the hype for this? Eh...., 9/21/2010
Reviewer: Alli from Santa Barbara, CA
We were looking forward to trying this new restaurant after all the television ads we've seen over the last several months. We were hoping to be pleasantly surprised but i'm afraid this place falls way short. "Shrimp Ceviche" was a bowlful of tiny shrimp swimming in what tasted like v8 juice without the flavor, fish tacos were pretty good, fish and chips also pretty good but overall it was mediocre at best. Come on people, you've really boosted this place up to be an above average seafood restaurant but you've got a long way to go. It's only marginally better than the places down on the Wharf and harbor and without a view. service was good however.

Dreadful Experience!, 9/21/2010
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, I don't often write negative reviews of restaurants as there is usually something to recommend, but in the case of ARF I want to warn any potential customers to beware. Our experience was absolutely one of the most dreadful I've had in SB (or anywhere else, for that matter).First off, the place does not have a particularly inviting interior, with a large, cavernous, and sterile booth main dining area, obscured by the front of the restaurant. However, the attractive entrance and large wine rack behind the hostess stand suggests a possibly creative wine list to match the food - WRONG! The wine list is about as boring as they come with mostly overpriced, mass-marketed,"names". In its defense, there are several reliable local wines, but about Zero food-friendly interesting and price-effective imports (except for the Pio Cesare barbera @ $36 or, perhaps, the Delas C-d-R @ $30). White wines? - where are all the value driven Spanish and southern French wines that would be so complimentary to this cuisine? Also, the "Wine List" is spread out over 3 plastic small menus, which is confusing and complicates making a prompt and logical decision. They even have a "zip-code", bulk-process split of sparkling wine listed as a much higher quality Cremant de Bourgogne. After ordering and being served the wine, we pointed this out to the staff, and there was really no apology or offer to take it off the bill, just the remark from the bartender "Well, my wholesaler told me it was Cremant de Bourgogne" - guess he doesn't know his wines or have the time to correct it on the wine list. (And at $8 per split for something that costs them about $2, I'd start to say "rip-off".) We sat at the front of the restaurant, which seems to be a sports-bar wanna-be with lots of flat screen tv's and the usual Happy Hour appetizers, beer, and well drinks offered on chalk boards. The service was friendly enough but, again, dreadful, as the the food came out long before our wine, and our waitress had the "deer in the headlights" look when I asked her a couple of questions or made some suggestions. Now, for the food. Well, the Ipswich clams were actually quite good, being tender and briney, so a "High Five" here. The Lobster Bisque was flavorful enough, but way too thick and starchy - kind of the texture you'd expect from a tourist trap on a pier, not a restaurant portending to be first-class; never mind that the "lobster chunks" were tiny little bits of flavorless protein, and probably slipper lobster added as an afterthought, at that. Then there were the "Kusshi Oysters"; four little guys that were pretty good, but cold by the time our wine came. I don't mind small bites, at all; in fact, I love small portions, but in this case, not what I'd consider a bargain at $14. Billing itself as a "Neighborhood Restaurant", I have a feeling this place will be gone within a year. It's hard to justify the $60 we spent for wine and 3 small dishes. ARF is trying hard to be slick and hip, but it's falling way short of delivering the goods. I'm sure the owners spent a lot of money on the interior and concept, and I really wanted to like this place, but don't become an Arch Rock "Gutted" Fish victim just yet. Save your money to go elsewhere until the owners correct the glitches, if they can or want to.

Worth the wait!, 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Arch Rock for Happy Hour on Wednesday. Thought for a middle of the week it wouldnt be to busy...It was packed. I a good way. Lots of movement and laughter. There happy hour menu is amazing for the price and quantity that you get. We sat at the bar and the team behind the bar was nice and efficient. Everything was so good we stayed for dinner and cant wait to go back!!

good but not great, 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Geoff H from Santa Barbara, CA
Went Friday night and got lucky to find a hi top bar table and have bite to eat. Salmon fritters ($17) were highly recommended (no doubt due to price) but were disappointingly 3 small fried balls of something salmon. The burgers were great. The lobster roll was not sufficiently "stuffed" with lobster to get the $16 price tag and the bun was unremarkable. I loved the truffle fries, my friend thought they were overpowering (and they are - but yum). The vegtable fries side were perfectly batter dipped and fried. The wait staff (Danielle and others) at the bar side tables were great. The owner came by for a quick "hello". And the bar style while certainly not "neighborhood bar" for Santa Barbara is very edgy trendy and may fit that title for LA or something. It was good (but too pricey) but I'll be back to try a real meal again soon.

Mixed reaction, 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
The good: the staff is great, warm and cheerful; the food is good (not great); and the menu is varied. The not-so-good: the interior layout is not conducive to "a neighborhood joint" - it looks more like a converted rabbit warren; the sourdough bread is tasteless, soft, and comes from Ventura (why not get D'Angelo's from Sanata Barbara?); the clam chowder was warm, not hot; and the bill was higher than expected. Will we return? Yes - we did not try the truffle fries, and will do so next time. I would like to see something like grilled oysters on the menu!

Can't wait to go back..., 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Brendon Gerrard from Santa Barbara, CA
After my first visit to Arch Rock my conclusion was that I can't wait for my second visit! Stopped by for a cocktail & stumbled across a fantastic Happy Hour. I applaud Arch Rock for understanding the real purpose of a Happy Hour, that being to tempt guests to come back & eat a full dinner in the restaurant. I feel like so many restaurants interpret Happy Hour these days to be an excuse to put out generic, frozen, typically fried food. Arch Rock on the other hand offers an intriguing selection during Happy Hour, showcasing the freshness of their fish & the imagination which I hope will translate in the dining room. The Spicy Ahi Tuna sushi roll was better than most sushi restaurants in town, the Deviled Eggs were fun & the Grilled Fish Skewers were well executed. The Mango Caipirinha was tasty & the cocktail menu/wine list is well priced. Our server Laci was attentive & personable. The entire service team came across as well trained & efficient, something often difficult for a new restaurant. I look forward to visit #2!

meh...(and what's up with the bread?), 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch at Arch Rock Fish on Wednesday and was hoping for the best. I had been anticipating their opening for quite some time and was excited to finally try the new restaurant. The interior is much the same as it was when The Melting Pot occupied the space: Dark, cold, mazelike. Not so much the neighborhood joint I was expecting. I did like the carafe of filtered water the waitress brought us as well as the big individual pitcher of iced tea. We ordered the lobster roll with truffle fries and the fish and chips. The bread brought to the table was cold, sliced sandwich bread...really weird, they could at least toast it or something. The lobster roll comes on a bun (brioche?) which is not like a traditional lobster roll you would get on the East Coast. Additionally, the lobster mixture had WAY too much lemon juice in it which overpowered everything else. For the 16 dollar price tag I would like to actually be able to taste the lobster not just lemons. The truffle fries were really good! The fish and chips were pretty good, except the batter on one of the pieces was undercooked and mushy. The tartar sauce was also overly lemony. For desert we ordered sticky toffee pudding, again, meh. It was hard, dry, and my first bite came with an orange seed. (use a chinois please!). A plus, the service was very good and quite attentive. Overall, there are much better restaurants in town, but I will probably come back to try their happy hour.

WONDERFUL!!!!!, 9/16/2010
Reviewer: Michael from Carpinteria, CA
Went to lunch today and really loved everything, The veggies cut and served as lightly done french fries were a treat. The clams.....the best and clear reminders of summers on the Cape. Alice had the tuna melt made with real, fresh tuna. Hear the the happy hour is packed and has a wonderful feel to it. Not sure what more you could ask of the place...great food...nice people and lots of action. Loved the menu as it had so many great fish choices to call me to return. Nice addition to the Santa Barbara restaurant population.

That's it?, 9/15/2010
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
After all the hype we went to their opening weekend only to be disappointed. The food was nothing special or memorable. Calamari was bland and flavorless. Entrees seemed not thought out... underseasoned chicken breast in a bowl of broth and mirepoix? Underwhelming seared ahi with pickled cucumber? Cioppino with rubbery lobster...We were not quite sure what they were going for... is it a "Neighborhood Joint"? or a upscale restaurant. Seems they are stuck somewhere in the middle. The chef needs to rethink the menu and work out the kinks. On a good note, the server was friendly and helpful and extremely apologetic when the food took forever to come out of the kitchen. The drinks from the bar were tasty...But after two weeks of well publized "soft openings" you would think they would be firing on all cylinders... back to the drawing board? Forget the Hollywood spotlights and paparazzi... that's not SB... focus on the food and we'll keep coming back...even on Anacapa street!

No neighborhood joint, but great food, 9/15/2010
Reviewer: Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
The interior designer and the concept person must never have spoken. This definitely doesn't have the neighborhood joint vibe they are advertising - too dark, too upscale, too "snuggle in the corner" atmosphere. But the FOOD...some of the best seafood in SB; the clams, the lobster roll, the cioppino - in fact all the starters are YUMMY. Even the 2 desserts we tried were great. We can't wait to go back, but we might sit in the bar next time. That is definitely more "neighborhood-y".

Food Disappoints, 9/14/2010
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
Went opening night saturday. Everything just seemed off...bland undercooked calamari appetizer, bread very average, the four of us all thought the entree flavors fairly indistinctive too. Overall decor at first seems striking,but once inside not sure what the vibe really is. Menu a bit confusing too, what does this resturant want to be. Server was terrific though. Would not try again..too bad, looked forward to their opening.

Fantastic opening , 9/12/2010
Reviewer: Alex from Los Angeles, CA
I heard about the official opening of this new local restaurant from friends who live in SB; three friends and myself had dinner on Sat (the first night open to public) and our experience was great. We all enjoyed our food a lot and the service all the way from the hostess to our server was professional, friendly and on-point. Even though it's a seafood restaurant, I have to mention the NY steak is the best I've ever had. Not only was it cooked to perfection, the flavor was beyond words; I remember seeing that it's Prime quality on the menu. My wife had the local Sea Bass which she really enjoyed. The Ahi Poki we shared along with the fried clams was a hit. Overall, we all liked how the menu is simple but has quality stuff at a very reasonable price! I will definitely be back when I'm in town and recommend it to all.

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