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Due Lune Cucina

Las Palmeras
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-09 Closed: 2013-11

432 E. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-9131

Reviews by the General Public

Las Conchas to Las Palmas, 11/18/2011
Reviewer: D_Yummy from Santa Barbara, CA
.....change is always good, as it's said.... and going to las palmas has been a great treat! Thank you! your food is savory, fresh, most importantly memorable! I can only hope as a local that Las Palmas successively conquers the odds of start up restaurant, so they may continue to expand & serve the SB community. Caldo De Res.... my moms fav in town NOW!

big space and good food, 11/4/2010
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
I came here for a lunch. The space is enormous! Half a dozen lunchers looked dwarfed in the large room. My table ordered tacos and sopes, the tacos were $1.99 each or three for $5.00, with freshly made tortillas. The sopes were two for $6. Both items were topped with a generous wedge of avocado. I got both a sope and a taco with lengua, which was super tender and cut in thick wide slices. The sopes are generous, I had to take one home as leftover. We really enjoyed these, but noticed that everyone else was getting the caldo de res, so I'll keep that in mind for future visits.

One item at Las Palmeras I'd never seen before at other local restaurants was a jalapeno aioli in the condiment tray that came with the basket of complimentary tortillas chips. Asking about it, we learned it was just jalapenos and oil whipped into a creamy emulsion. It's hot! The other salsas provided was tomatillo and a roasted chile.

The space looks like it could be a hot spot for parties and watching sports, just keep in mind there's no dance permit and at the time I was there, no alcohol permit. If you're thirsty, try the horchata!

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