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The Blue Owl at Zen Yai
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-09 Closed: 2012-07

425 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 705-0991

Reviews by the General Public

Moved, 11/8/2012
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Blue Owl moved to 5 W. Canon Perdido St.

Amazing food- perfect end to a night downtown, 2/24/2012
Reviewer: Lesley from Santa Barbara, CA
My friends and I ended our night downtown at the Blue Owl. We all got the Thai Basil Burger- and wow. We were all very very happy- one friend said they wanted to order a second to go. You get the burger fix with a totally different flavor, and the fried egg is perfectly cooked. Nearly a week later, and my friends who were visiting are tweeting about dreams they had of those Thai Basil Burgers. Only reason I didn't give the service 5 stars is because the burgers were simply served wrapped in foil, even though we ate in. The staff was very friendly, and the food was served quickly and hot. Can't wait to end another night downtown at the Blue Owl!

Hoot! Hoot!, 2/24/2012
Reviewer: Xman from Santa Barbara, CA
Me and my boyfriend stumbled upon this place last night, and what a great stumble it was. I cant begin to explain how much we LOVED the food. We are Thai food aficionados, and holy-hoot this rocked our spicy taste buds to the max. The fried rice was stellar (with tri-tip and a fried egg on top) as well as the super-punch flavored tri-tip sandwich...but all the walls blew out when we bit into that Thai Cheeseburger...I mean really. Look people, the food was so good, we hugged the owner as we left...enough said.

Delicious, 1/11/2011
Reviewer: Guido from Concord, CA
My girlfriend and I went to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago and checked out the Blue Owl. Lots of good reviews so the food must be good, right? It was awesome! The Tri-tip sandwich is out of this world and the fried rice tickled every taste bud. The Blue Owl is a 'must' for us now when we visit Santa Barbara. Great food, great price, love it.

The Best In Late Night, 1/2/2011
Reviewer: Danny from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been waiting to try the blue owl for a while now, but have not felt the urge to go downtown at 1130 till now, and wow was it worth. I went to the blue owl right at 1130 when they open. Me and a friend split three things. The Thai basil burger, the tri tip, and the fried rice. It was all so good! The tri tip was unlike any other I had before and what ever they do to the mayo is amazing. The burger was a very close best between the two, it served on bread and no lettuce or anything to block the taste of the wonderful meat. For the rice, burger, and tri tip, with two sodas, it was 25 bucks, way underpriced they could charge double and I'd still eat there. Like a previous reviewer said. Is it 11:30 yet?

mind blowing!, 12/17/2010
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked by decided to try for the hell of it. Absolutly blown away! I got a tri tip sandwich, I don't think I can eat tri tip any other way again!. Amazing thai influence! EAT FOOD HERE! It is amazing! I can't believe this place doesn't have its own space, it runs out of a thai place on state after hours and is the most amazing food I have had in mant months!

Great late night Thai, 11/13/2010
Reviewer: Kait from Santa Barbara, CA
The Blue Owl is a great late night choice! I ordered the fried rice and was very happy with it. They only take cash, so I was limited to what I could get, but next time I will come prepared. I highly recommend this place to anyone DT and hungry in the wee hours of the night.

The Blue Owl at Zen Yai writes: Hey Kait, Thanks for the review! The Owl accepts credit cards now!!! Hope to see you soon, Cindy
Finally!!, 10/28/2010
Reviewer: Diana from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree -- the fried rice was AMAZING. This place blew me away. Much better late-night food than the other DT options, but better food in general! Mmmm... Is it 11:30pm yet?

Love at first bite!!, 10/20/2010
Reviewer: Lara Carrillo from Santa Barbara, CA
The late-night food served at The Blue Owl is simply amazing and delish!!! This is exactly what Santa Barbara needed, a late night option that serves gormet food. The items on the menu are unique and something that you won't find anywhere else! My personal favorites being the Fried Rice, and amazing Tri-tip sandwich, so yummy!! I can't wait for the weekend so I can visit my new favorite late night restaurant!!!

Shrimp roll is off the hook!, 10/19/2010
Reviewer: J. Brown from Santa Barbara, CA
Thankfully there is now a late night place people actually would want to eat at. So far I've had the Shrimp roll and the duck confit steam buns and both were exceptional, especially so when the price is only $7! Well worth every dollar and more. I suggest to everyone that has a late night snack craving to start making Blue owl their choice. Delicious...

Have a late night food craving?, 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Richard Shay from Santa Barbara, CA
The Blue Owl has created a slice of haven for late-night prowlers, those that are just leaving work and want to be served a bed-time snack, and any night owl wanting to experience something different than a greasy taco. I fall under the category of a late night prowler, and really enjoyed the blue owl tri-tip sandwich with oyster mayo, I am looking forward to trying their specials such as short rib fried rice and any other surprises in store.

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