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Backyard Bowls - Goleta
5668 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 770-2730

Reviews by the General Public

Goleta BYB always fills bowl to the top
Reviewer: Julie from Goleta, CA
Although I order my large Berry Bowl without granola, honey, or bananas, the servers at BYB still always fill my bowl to the top without charging me extra. They also know my order by heart when I walk in the door. The La Cumbre and Downtown BYB, on the other hand, consistently fill my large bowl only about 3/4 of the way. On one occasion when I asked one of the servers to fill it up more, I was charged an extra dollar, and it was still not filled to the top. The La Cumbre BYB has also put banana in the mix on at least two occasions, even when I asked for no banana at all. Good job, Goleta!

Reviewer: ben dover from Santa Barbara, CA
im a local here come all the time and i got 2 blueberries on my bowl.. i was pist

Consistently Smaller Portions
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
The $11 price on a large bowl used to be justified by the quantity of the blended Acai. Today I tried out their new Cocoa Almond bowl which was $11.83 after tax and received, at best, 1/4 of the to-go container with a sliced banana on top. This has happened time and time again. The quality of the food is the same as always but they just use less of it. When I order a coffee from somewhere, I expect a full cup of coffee; I think the same logic should apply to this situation. Glad I am not alone paying for a Large bowl and receiving less than what used to be offered in a small bowl. Please amend the portions.

I hate to say it
Reviewer: Jen Davis from Santa Barbara, CA
I seriously hate to even write this, we are loyal BB customers and absolutely love the product, but where is the health code for the Goleta location? Saturday morning there was a girl preparing the fruit for the blenders with her long blond hair completely down, wearing a super short short with knee highs looking like she just rolled in from the clubs downtown. It was very busy and as she leaned into the freezer her hair hung INSIDE the blenders. Really not appetizing and a complete health code violation. Especially knowing your customers are right there watching you prepare the food.

Inconsistent sizing
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
Absolutely LOVE BYB, and I was excited when the Goleta store opened, however, they are not filling the bowls up like they do downtown...what's up with that? I will continue to go and anxiously await the La Cumbre store as its nearest my house...honestly I think they put heroin in the mix, it's so good and addicting...I must have it!!!

Reviewer: Paul W from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a huge fan of BYB. I've been there over 30 times, and I know because I get my card punched every time and I've had three cards filled up. Dan's Bowl and the Green Bowl are my favorites. The reason for my disappointment is that the last few times I've gone to the Goleta location I've noticed that the portion sizes are down. It wasn't that long ago that a Dan's Bowl was literally covered in strawberries. Something has changed though. Cutting back on the ingredients probably to cut back on costs, but I am paying $9+ for it (Dan's)and would like them to try and retain what it was just a few months ago. It seems like there are less strawberries as well as less of the acai blend inside. If the trend continues I won't continue coming back although I love the taste and the whole business concept in general, I think consistency is a big factor for me. To the two co-owners, I hope you all have a chance to read this. Thank you for your time and thank you for creating a great product.

Good but feeling a little ripped off
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I ususally go to the backyard bowls downtown where they fill a small aabout 3/4's of the way up the to-go container. In Goleta my small was only 1/2 full and after paying $7.50 for a small portion I felt a little ripped off. The bowl was just as delicious though!

Try the Green Bowl
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually go to the BYB location in Santa Barbara but I was in Goleta so I made my 2nd visit there. I decided to try the Green Bowl and really liked it. I just need to get over the color of it; otherwise it's really yummy. I told the folks working there that if I could get my veggies like this everyday, I'd eat spinach more often! The service was personable and attentive too. I ust love BYB!

Nice organic option smoothies and bowls
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
For the organic minded shoppers this is a place to check out for acai bowls, breakfast bowls and smoothies. I don't believe they use any milk here except organically made milk. The smoothies are good, the acai bowls are hearty, kind of a juice based bowl with granola and fruit. A healthy alternative to eating at fast food etc. People are really nice there and the seating/layout is neat.

acai bowls in my backyard
Reviewer: Konny from Santa Barbara, CA
I had heard wonderful things about Backyard Bowl's downtown location but had unfortunately never had the opportunity to try their acai bowls- the other day I was really sick and decided to go to their new Fairview location and was blown away by the friendly atmosphere and service. I took my island bowl to go (didn't want to contaminate others)and I truly loved it! I have had Acai before- even made my own smoothies with acai packs but this bowl was a combo I had never thought of or tried. Kudos to Backyard Bowls for doing it right by offering everything on the menu as 100% organic and sourcing local! I will be back very soon.

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