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Killer B BBQ and Bar
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-01 Closed: 2015-05

718 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2254

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Mike B from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered the "Downtown Dinner Package" from the "Catering Menu". Ordered 4 of them but it was easily enough food for 6. I ordered through a woman named "Liz" and she was awesome! Helped me through my questions and assured me that my order would be ready at my specified time. Thank you Liz. All of the food was great, especially the wings & ribs(beans and mac&cheese were great also!) Would definitely recommend!!

Killer B BBQ and Bar, 11/26/2013
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Killer B's on State, was not that great. After recommendations from friends of mine who frequent there, I decided to try it out with my wife. Brisket sandwich was less than desirable, bread wasn't grilled properly, a couple slices of beef brisket layered with some slaw. Beans were very good, however, had to send the mac and cheese loaf back twice, because it was cold in the center. Riblets were tasty , but some were like grissly, food was lukewarm, like it was preheated. $34 later.....sorry not a fan.

Bar...(long pause)...BQ, 11/28/2012
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Sports bar first, bar nibbles second, sandwiches and salads third, then tasty side dishes; BBQ pulls up the rear. Despite the noise, service was swift, attentive, and professional. The baby back ribs and brisket, however, were disappointing. Despite very generous portions, the ribs lacked flavor and were more like roast pork with a char than succulent BBQ. Somehow, they'd turned the brisket into planks of dense meat that required a steak knife to cut, not the moist pull-it-apart-with-a-fork style. None of the four sauce options worked well with the pork. Good fries and salads.

What!, 7/4/2012
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
One reviewer wrote 'the ambiance is relaxing' did we eat in the same place? Inside it was so loud I could not hear the server. This was on a Tuesday night. The food was OK and the staff was nice. My advice is to eat outside.

Tasteless tri tip, 5/23/2012
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara, CA
Came for a salad with tri tip on it. Not sure how tri tip can be so tasteless... I had to constantly reach for the salt shaker just to give it some taste. Wouldn't eat here again.

E X C E L L E N T ! ! !, 3/7/2012
Reviewer: Dave Forbes from Van Nuys, CA
First time, on way to Lobero (awesome) to see Hot Tuna (Awesome!!), so needed a snack and a beer to calm down a little for the concert! Super service, great sliders...just perfect. The the owner stopped by to see how everything was going, and we fell into conversation about first year being the hardest. Very pleasant, personable guy. I will be back each time I come to SB. You guys R O C K !!!

I'm Crazy: I keep coming back...Help!, 2/1/2012
Reviewer: Steve Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here since 1985 and OK Jeffery, I never went to FatBurger so lets move on. Killer B is a new safe fun spot and they do excellent lunch, soup, drinks, beer, corn on cob, their menu is huge and the food gets out fast. KillerB Hickory Burger is in top 3 for SB. I know all the locales to catch the sun and this is the place to relax on front patio and kick it up, reminds me of Vail, CO. Ok, the chef is always available to talk/discuss menu items and this is gourmet bbq food with sauces and licks. I love sports and I can always watch anything I want to here with no grunting or headaches to change the channels. Take a look around, family with kids, gals, college, business clients, etc. and the servers are Killer too. Congrats on a big change, making it thru Year 1 and now year 2.

Great Experience!!!, 1/10/2012
Reviewer: alex from Santa Barbara, CA
First time i have ever been to Killer B BBQ and it was amazing! the sliders were great and the mac n cheese puffs were to die for. All of the staff was very welcoming and friendly. I will be back again. Keep up the good work!

Ice cold BBQ sauce...?, 12/2/2011
Reviewer: Jeffery Shepherd from Santa Barbara, CA
Killer B's BBQ and Bar shouldn't even be in the BBQ category. All I saw was a bunch of grilling and stewing going on.... This place is just another State St. destination that people only eat at because they offer cheap happy hour drinks and food. It gives off the vibe Lettuce B. Franks used to give off- a bunch of regulars sitting at the bar who get the hook up from a too-cool bar staff... and then the rest of us sitting at uncomfortable chairs along a wall...back to back and ass to ass against the table behind you. Just another wannabe "gastropub" that doesn't care enough about food because booze is easier to sell. I give it another year until people stop going. Constructive criticism? Ok, Pull out all the chairs, leave tables along the wall or make a long bar along the brick wall that only comes out 8-9", don't seve entrees at all, just serve small portion appetizers and pretty much just be a bar. Dos Equis and Modelo Especial both on tap? Huh? Bring back Fatburger.

Thumbs Up, 11/15/2011
Reviewer: Richard Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Monica's experiences notwithstanding, I received prompt service along with a tasty pulled pork sandwich while sitting at the bar watching the USC game last Saturday. Management seems on top of things and the staff polite & attentive.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Service!!, 11/15/2011
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time I tried Killer Bís I loved the food but was hesitant to return given that the service was horrible. First, it took 30 minutes to be acknowledged (it was not busy) then it took 45 minutes for the food to come all while waiting for soft drinks to be served. We finished the meal and the cokes never came. When the checked arrived we were charged for 2 cokes we never received even after numerous requests. We went a 2nd time just to see if we went on a bad night. The service was worse than the first time. When I requested to speak to a manager the server rudely stated there was no manager on duty and if I had a problem with the service to email the manager then stormed off. FYI there is no section on their website for emailing comments. Needless to say I will not return. The food is good but not worth the hassle of horrible service.

Awesome place to come,both if local or like us, on holiday., 10/28/2011
Reviewer: Donna mauckz from Santa Barbara, CA
First time, so totally awesome. The chef was superb and food was amazing. Everyone should make an effort to come, dat, drink and be merry. This is our Cheers..

Good, but not spectacular. Did someone lose a feather?, 10/12/2011
Reviewer: MrsM from Santa Barbara, CA
Somehow ended up with a fried feather in my sweet potato fries... ?! The tri tip sandwiches were pretty good. Ordered two of them to go, one with no grilled onions. The onions were left off of both sandwiches, so I was bummed to not have them. The sauces were pretty good. Stopped eating after encountering the feather.

One night of madness!, 9/22/2011
Reviewer: Phoebe from London/ UK
We stumbled across the place for a quick drink after lunch. We didn't leave till midnight. Great company and a fun crowd. Although probably not the most experience at making cocktails. But if you are the sort that likes to try something new. Then you are in for a night to remember. Great variety of beer on tap and they will make any cocktail you like. Their 50 cent BBQ wings are yum yum yum and their house and super hot sauce are a most try. We loved it. Made some great friends last night.

Food and drinks OK, Service is the worst, 8/24/2011
Reviewer: Abbey from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Killer B's a few times now. The food is OK. I've only tried Sliders, Mac-n-Cheese balls and Sweet potato fries off of the Happy Hour Menu. Not the best Happy Hour food in town, but to me the food's not the issue. The drinks are OK if they're still cold by the time I get them (not often) and don't even think about getting a second round. Every time I've gone to Killer B's the wait service has been horrendous. I can understand why the owners would hire cute, little waitresses to please the men that come for sports, but isn't this place still a bar? When I order a beer, I want it to be cold and and I want to get it BEFORE all of the food has arrived. Keep your cute waitresses, Killer B's, but at least try to find competent ones.

This is a "rack" of ribs???, 5/29/2011
Reviewer: Curt from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered both a rack of baby-backs and a rack of beef ribs for take-out. The food tasted fairly good, but the quantity is very questionable. Apparently, to Killer B's, a "rack" of beef ribs is 3, yes 3, ribs! After discovering this when I got home, I actually had to call to make sure I wasn't shorted, but no, according to them, 3 beef ribs is a rack... The menu calls them "large beef ribs". These were average size; not large. $18.95 for 3 ribs and 2 sides? No thanks.

Dissapointed, 5/22/2011
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I had dinner here this week. First the positibes: nice funky decor. Friendly and efficient wait staff. Service was very quick. I had my choive of watching the Nba playoffs, the NHL playoffs or a soccer match. Two of the three sides we tried were good. The sweet potato fries came with two dipping sauces and were tasty as was the cole slaw. I did not like the mac-n-cheese because it was served in a ball (a lump) and was dry and made with bread crumbs as a binder. I like wet macncheese. We tried two types of their ribs: St. louis and baby backs. Both types were overcooked, dry and tough. They were not fatty. We sometimes give a place a second chance but we won't go back to this restaurant.

Great Experience, 4/30/2011
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
There was 11 of us in our party and for all of us it was our first time at Killer B's. When we got there the table we'd reserved the day before had accidentally been given away, but the restaurant was sincerely apologetic and handled it very professionally by giving us a significant discount on our food and drinks. Once we were seated the apps/dinners were tasty, drinks were generous with the alcohol, and the servers very attendant. Will definitely return!

Finally... decent BBQ in Santa Barbara, 4/29/2011
Reviewer: Ryan Barnhill from Santa Barbara, CA
Killer B's is much, much better than its rivals in Santa Barbara. I've tasted most of the menu over several weeks and all of it is solid. The owner has been in the restaurant every time I've visited and seems very dedicated to the quality of the food and the service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place.

really good BBQ!!!, 4/9/2011
Reviewer: Jennifer Convey from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried out Killer B today and none of us were disappointed! We were there about 12:30 on a saturday and got great service! We all ordered something different- baby back ribs,bbq pulled chicken sandwich and bbq tri tip sandwich- and all of us agreed at how great it was!!! You just gained 3 new repeating customers today!!!!

disappointing, 3/31/2011
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I had high hopes after hearing about the owner's post on the blog, but honestly, I think Chili's does a better rib (and that's not saying much). The service was decent, but the bbq was simply not impressive enough to warrant going back.

The real deal., 3/29/2011
Reviewer: J.J.Hradecky from Waterloo, Ontario
Excellent BBQ. My sons and I are fans of southern BBQ and we were not disappointed here. Although the service was a little sketchy, the brisket, the ribs, and the burger were just plain great.

Outstanding, 3/28/2011
Reviewer: Fred from Studio City, CA
On my last trip to Santa Barbara, I tried Killer B's for lunch, and was amazed at the quality of the food. My brisket sandwich was the best I had ever had, and the beans and coleslaw were excellent.

Great Food and Service, 3/18/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I'll have to say this place is arguably the best BBQ in the area. Everything I had was really good. Sliders and almost perfect ribs were great. You really did not need the sauce on the ribs which I don't think I've ever seen before. A good dry rub for them. Sides were great, fries, mac n cheese and beans. Good all around. Waittress was extra special nice. Only negative to the place(for the owner) is that its too small for large crowds but its intimate off hours.

Great lunch specials, 3/15/2011
Reviewer: liana from Santa Barbara, CA
Awesome lunch specials, under 30 mins and under 10.00 doesnt get better than that. Food was hot and fresh, service was attentive.

Try it for yourself., 3/6/2011
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
The service at this place is gangbusters! The owners, waitstaff and everyone associated with this place really want you to enjoy your time there. That being said,here is what we thought about the food. We started with the wings and got them "naked", with the sauces on the side. The wings, although small, had a nice flavor of their own. They put 4 different bottles of sauce on the table and 3 of us spoon tasted all of them. They were good for sure. If anything at all, there are too many choices. Gee, if only everything in life came with that problem. As a group we ordered the slider trio and the brisket plate. The sliders were nice, but a BBQ restaurant can not be judged by that. We voted on the chicken as the winner with the pork coming in 2nd. The brisket plate was not what we had hoped for. The meat was very thinly sliced and had more of a steamed aspect to it. It was lacking in any evidence of a smoke ring, so I am not too sure how it was cooked. The sides were fine, onion rings and mac and cheese. We will be back, no question. We will make our way through the menu in the hopes of finding the things they do really well. The spirit is there and this town needs good BBQ and I am hoping that they will deliver. Please support this restaurant and give them positive feedback. If we all work together, they can give us the food they want to serve and we will all be better for it!

Enjoyable visits, 2/18/2011
Reviewer: Edward deVicente from Santa Barbara, CA
Been here a few times now and have enjoyed it each time. Sliders are tasty and the Memphis ribs were fall off the bone with great flavors. I like the variety of sauces but the house is my favorite, a good blend of spice, tang, sweek and smoke. My favorite is the veggie side, simply prepared but very fresh and not overcooked, I hate soggy veggies. The sweet potato fries were good and are good to mop up leftover sauce. Service has been good, attentive and nice, but not always the most knowledgeable. Will definitely be back and recommend to others.

Even after all that..., 2/16/2011
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
Took a friend to lunch at Killer B yesterday as I'd been raving about the food, the food was delicious and our particular waitress excellent at her job... but... the female bartender was having a bad day, something was wrong with a hose that hooked up for soda and she was shouting at back of the house staff that she couldn't figure it out. Really freaking out loud shouting. They were out of one of their type of ribs. We ordered cokes but never got them as the bartender couldn't get the hose figured out. I believe one of the managers was sitting at the bar observing all this without it bothering him. I asked the waitress how a rib place could be out of a type of ribs and she blamed it on the Valentine rush from the night before. No biggie, I will go back and hope for less chaos, but it's difficult to have a nice lunch with freaking out bartender, loud engine noise coming from somewhere so we couldn't really hear ourselves speak. And... they should have rolls of paper towels at each table like they do in the South, one napkin doesn't cut it. And the wet wipes are way to chemical smelling. There are non toxic wet wipes out there! Rents on State St. are high, and restaurants come and go, so I'd hate to see something as easy to fix as what we experienced ruin the chances for Killer B.

Good service, mediocre food, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
For all of you, like me, who thought maybe the Gods had smiled on us with this new restaurant, finally bringing authentic BBQ to Santa Barbara, think again. I went here with my roommates to check it out bcause I am a huge BBQ fan. The service was really good. The girls were really friendly and helpful and food came out without much wait. But that's the problem. The food. It's not bad (like Cities) but it's not that good either. It was ok. It's not a place you crave all day at work. It's a place you wouldn't mind going to, especially if someone else is treating. The Mac and Cheese balls were room temperature. The dipping sauce was good and that saved it. I had the ribs and they were pretty tender but not fall off the bone. The different sauces are quite good and I tried all of them. I think they are all distinct so it's worth a try. The sweet potato fries were COLD so it's hard to get an idea of how good they were. The onion rings were just ok. So what's the problem with good food, especially BBQ in this town? If the reviews below are any indication it's because the typical SB resident has a very easy to please palate.

Liked it, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
I love that there is now BBQ downtown and I think they are doing a decent job. My only beef (pardon the pun) is that new businesses don't seem to see the need to train their servers. I asked ours what the difference was between the Memphis and baby back ribs (top two on the menu). She had no idea. I asked about using the discount card and she knew nothing about that (they do accept it). My son had one and I the other. I preferred the Memphis, but thought they were both pretty good. Fries were excellent and I even liked the cole slaw. Service was quick and pleasant. Overall, a good experience.

HORRIBLE FOOD, 1/26/2011
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
I was very excited to try this place as there is really no good BBQ in SB...there still isn't. I tried the combo platter, which consists of all 3 of their ribs, bad! Tough tougher and toughest! Tried fries, onion rings, mac and chesse poofs... All soggy and disgusting. Even the ceaser salad was wilty. I do not recommend going here. I don't understand how chef can say he is a "certified BBQ master" he sure hasnt tried any REAL BBQ before. The BBQ sauce was horrible as well, one tasted like taco bell hot sauce, eww! A real dissapointment, what a waste. Get it together if you expect to last and pay for your high rent on top of having bad food!

Mac N' Cheese Balls Rule!, 1/24/2011
Reviewer: Tie Zen Davidson from Santa Barbara, CA
Let me start off by saying, if anyone knows good BBQ, it would definitely be me! Since we are talking about BBQ in Santa Barbara,I won't waste time rattling on about the BBQ from Texas, Memphis, or Kansas City (I lived down South). I have to admit I am partial to the ribs at Union Ale, which are amazing, but then I have't had them at Killer B's so I can't say who has the best. I spent the entire weekend listening to friends rave about Mac 'N Cheese balls at some new place on State St. After witnessing the NY Jets lose to the Steelers, someone invited me to Killer B's. Those little bites of melted cheesy goodness put the smile right back on my face, especially with the habernero dipping sauce! They were worth the applause. I also tried the pulled-pork sliders which were equally good. I will definitely be going back on a regular basis, especially since they are going to start serving alcohol this week. I've been talking about it all morning in my office. FYI...because a few people have dirty minds, Mac 'N Cheese Puffs is he appropriate name on the menu. I hope these guys stick around for awhile.

A fine new place, 1/23/2011
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried the chicken wings, french fried and caesar salad. The caesar was the best I've had in SB in a long time. Would go back just for it! The chicken wings were good, obviously cooked from scratch on site (rather than frozen ones bought from Sysco and deepfried)they had a flavor good enough to eat without the sauces. The french fries were okay, not the best but okay. Will definitely go back. There was a great crowd inside enjoying the football game, the outside area was a great place to be on a warm Sunday afternoon. Only needed a margarita.

Back again, more delightful, 1/22/2011
Reviewer: Michael Admin from Santa Barbara, CA
Was I missing something? What's with some of these other reviews? This place is simply great. Food, fun and friendly. Everyone has their old home town love. But the old haunts are remembered as better as time passes just as you're great high school football stardom! I think Santa Barbara is lucky that people who would risk lots and lots of cash to open a restaurant and strive to make it unique and perfect. Bravo! The BBQ sauces are wonderful but still let you enjoy the fall off the bone rib flavor. I find this place rather addicting and will certainly go once a week and not be bored. Nice big menu and there is always the eye candy as well. Glad to live in Santa Barbara and not KC or Memphis no matter how good the ribs are remembered to be. Bravo again to Killer B's.

Still dreaming about The Salt Lick, 1/21/2011
Reviewer: Mario from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't happen to agree with the previous reviewer who suggested that it is unfair to compare this place to non-local restaurants. However, if I were to limit my reference to the local, mediocre BBQ, killer Bs is doing above average when it comes to their food. I am not going to fib though, I was disappointed by Killer B's. I had high expectations about this place when I read the initial description of how they slow cooked everything in-house. I was hopeful that we were *finally* going to get a real BBQ place here in Santa Barbara. My friend and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and the brisket sandwich. Both sandwiches were fine, but they were nothing special. The brisket was not slow cooked ... or if it was, it was a speedy slow cook. The pulled pork was also nothing special. I would suggest the owners get on a plane for Austin and check out The Salt Lick. I think they will be inspired to do better ... because there is no reason why we should not have excellent BBQ here in Santa Barbara. It can be done and Killer B's should make the extra effort since it will pay off in the long run. Finally, I should say the service was excellent, the beer was cheap, and TVs were plentiful. I would recommend this place to grab a snack and watch a game, but don't have high expectations about the BBQ itself, or you will be disappointed.

Stop comparing to " non local" bbq!, 1/20/2011
Reviewer: Aaron from Goleta, Ca
Agreed, I've had better in far off lands, but this place isn't out of reach, and has some great stuff. Went for happy hour, wasn't disappointed. Got the wings (house & habanero) and pulled pork sliders (2 sliders $2.50, not bad). Entrees: brisket plate (very tender), brisket sandwich, and half order baby back ribs, all of which was great (I understand that some, including myself, have had better, but better then what? KC, TX? Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore! This stuff is right in our back yard!). Negatives: (directed at owner) 1) Need better durable napkins, maybe paper towels at the table. Current napkins shred as they stick to your hands. 2) No sauces at the table? Make sure servers offer them (seems they focus on meat flavor rather than covering with sauce, i appreciate that). Also missing really spicy sauce and wings (hard to distinguish between house and habanero wings). 3) I'm all for laud music but when eating with friends, I'd like to hear what their saying, Don't turn it off, just down a bit. Conclusion: Great bbq joint with a bit of SB style, right in our backyard (best local bbq), I'll be back.

Disappointing, 1/19/2011
Reviewer: Jack S from Santa Barbara, CA
They have no clue what BBQ is about. Went there tonight based on your write-up; very disappointed. Their sauce taste of liquid smoke. They only change the deep frying oil for the onion rings every other day, and they apparently have no idea what short ribs are like. We grew up in Kansas City where BBQ is a way of life. We ordered the short ribs and the St' Louis (Memphis style) ribs, what ever that is supposed to be, and they were exactly the same cut. Service was OK although we didn't get setups until after the dinners were served. Constructively they should travel to KC and taste real BBQ.

Wonderful!, 1/19/2011
Reviewer: Michael Admin from Santa Barbara, CA
Boy I read these reviews just being so mean spirited about a place that has been open just a week or two. Amazing what they have done! Lots of new and old restaurants would like to be in this good a shape so soon. Gone back twice now and it's great. 8 flat screens, lots of action and eye candy. (plenty to keep you entertained if there is a wait) Warm and cosy with a sort of club feel. The ribs really are special and generous portions. This place will have long lines before long.

It's About Time, 1/19/2011
Reviewer: Patty & Don from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I stopped by for happy hour yesterday and were pleasantly surprised. 1/2 off beer and appetizers. $7.50 pitcher of Stella and $2.50 nummies, you can't go wrong! The Mac'n Cheese Balls were amazing as were the Sliders Trifecta. Will never be Texas brisket, but that's ok, was still really good. Our favorite was the pulled pork. The chipotle honey sauce was the best! Our server was very attentive and offered up all of their sauces for us to try. Will come back soon for sure!!

Slow Service, So-So Food, 1/19/2011
Reviewer: Hunter from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked in on a Tuesday night for take-out - the restaurant was about 60% full. Ordered right away and then waited... and waited... and waited... From order to when my food came out was 32 minutes (I checked, I was annoyed). That seems excessive for some tri-tip and fries. Got the food home and it was not very warm (6 minute drive home so it shouldn't have cooled that much in that amount of time), suggesting that when it came out of the kitchen it wasn't at the right temperature. Taste-wise, it was okay. Not fantastic but certainly not great. Maybe this place will work for tourists that are already prowling State St. but as a local, I can't imagine going through all this hassle again for food that's just average. Really too bad, I was hoping for a great BBQ option.

Damn Good Food!, 1/18/2011
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
The worst thing about BBQ in Santa Barbara is that it brings out every Tom, Dick and Leroy who has a complaint that the BBQ in such-and-such town is sooooo much better and that this isn't really good BBQ! Blah! Blah! Blah!, STFU already!! Well, I'm not from Texas, Memphis, Kansas City or any other place that purports to make the "best" BBQ and I don't plan to go any of those places so who cares! I'm from Sana Barbara and I do care where there is good BBQ in this town and I can say unequivocally that Killer B is a great BBQ meal. Our group ordered pulled pork, ribs and a turkey burger and both the ribs and the pulled pork were excellent. Maybe the turkey burger wasn't fantastic but hey its a BBQ joint. I personally had the pulled pork and loved it. I loved that it was cooked with dry-rub and mildly seasoned and that I got the opportunity to adjust the level of BBQ sauce I wanted with the provided sauce. True, we were only provided with the "house" sauce initially (which I really liked) , but upon request we got a generous helping of the honey-chipotle sauce which was the favorite of two of my compatriots, though it'd be nice if they had them all at the table and you didn't have to ask. Service wise, everything was fine, cute young girls seem to be the norm and that's fine, they didn't know a ton about the product but its a new place so I won't hold that against them for now. Bottom line was they got our orders right and were friendly so what more do you really need. Good food, best BBQ I've had in this town, I'll be back. Regularly. T

Very Good , 1/18/2011
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake, CA
Good bbq ribs & beans. I look forward to trying the other menu dishes. The waitress was attentive & the owner was there to make sure everyone had a great experience. I love the new look!

Killer D's, 1/18/2011
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Read on about a new BBQ place opening in town so had to go, because Santa Barbara has been in dire need of a real BBQ place. I really wanted this to be a "killer" BBQ place with real, slow-cooked meats and great sauces, not unlike you'd find in in the south. Unfortunately I cannot say that this BBQ is any better then the other BBQ in Santa Barbara. The meats were not as succulent like you would expect from a slow roaster, the buns used were just so-so, my side of beans was good, and the sauce was sparse and didn't blow me away. I had read that the chef had made 4 sauces, so I thought I would be swimming in sauce choices at my table. However there was only a little sauce on my brisket, and I had to ask for extra and was not given the option to try more of the sauces. Not that Killer B's isn't a good restaurant, just don't expect this to satisfy your need for good BBQ and BBQ sauce. The service was great and the decor along with the bar and flat screen TV's makes it a nice place to go watch some playoff football. The waitresses were attractive and attentive. If you have non red meat eaters with you, I can report that the chicken wasn't well received by our party either, not the way it was cooked, but just the chicken itself seemed of lower quality. I'd return again thanks to the nice ambiance and decent food, but my vision of "Abe's" in Mississippi right here in Santa Barbara was crushed.

Great BBQ - Go Check it out!, 1/17/2011
Reviewer: Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went here on Sunday to watch football, and the food and service were both great. Homemade BBQ sauces were amazing, perfect fries, and awesome Tri-Tip and pulled pork/chicken/brisket. Great service and happy-hour specials too.

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