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Spudnuts - Goleta
5718 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 845-1888

Reviews by the General Public

Great donuts
Reviewer: Areli Gonzales from Santa Barbara, CA
i love that the donuts are made from potato, they just added blueberry scones Yum. :)

Reviewer: heidy from Santa Barbara, CA
the place is a good and donuts but the lady in the mornings are rude when i go tuesday thru sun ,, they should have nicer ladys like the ones in the afternoon there really nice and have good costumer service i enjoy better going in the afternoon.. heidy from SB

Goodland Donuts
Reviewer: John from Goodland
wow, I can't believe we didn't have this here earlier. Went there recently and the donuts were fantastic. Nuff said.

Sat outside to study with student,got donuts once.2 Heavy
Reviewer: Ann Ostrowsky from Santa Barbara, CA
WE Live in GOLETA, NOT S B !Very hard to find the one out here in Goleta. Seems like a "hole in the wall". Some have said they can't even find it when they go back. Don't know about any sandwiches. The write up says something about $10.00 ??Seems way out of line with the "Fast Food" restaurants nearby.Actually it was my husband who went and gave me a report. Unfortunately I did eat 2 donuts, got indigestion. Do not usually eat that" type of stuff." Understand the business lacks aesthetic ambiance. Picture looks very stark and bare. Maybe some creative artist could decorate with some sort of "on the walls" pleasant painting ? Or perhaps inside of windows. Know there is always graffiti around. Too bad. Location not listed in phone book. Found site on GOOGLE for phone. Otherwise seems to be "word of mouth" advertising from resident in old town Goleta

Ok Food/Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Went twice. This place is owned by the Carillo shop over the Upper State shop. The donuts were pretty greasy, scone was decent. I enjoy Milpas Ellers better. I am not a big fan of Spudnuts though others in town seem to swear by them. Its interesting that they use potato flour in their donuts. Apparently the parent company went out of business but you can still buy the "mix" for making the donuts. The servers have the same poor English I found at the Carillo one which makes it hard to communicate what you want/what they have. The Upper State one is much better in customer service and the ladies are really nice there though the food is still so so there. Tried the sandwich which was Ok(did not get that opportunity at the Carillo one awhile back as they said they were out of things but I read more that they did not want to go to the trouble).

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