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Nicky D’s Wood-Fired Pizza
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-01 Closed: 2018-06

2840 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-2222

Reviews by the General Public

Hot Diggity!, 12/6/2016
Reviewer: EllieMae from Santa Barbara, CA
We stopped in one night after they first opened because the aroma was lifting me off my feet...I said to the Hubs, "I smell REAL pizza..." and I haven't been disappointed yet! We never have leftovers, which says a lot about the pizza. It's so dang good!

Order the Sicilian Style Pizza, 11/11/2016
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
We order here often but the key is to order the special Sicilian (thick) style pizza. It's as close as you can get to NY style pizza. Be prepared to order over the phone as it takes one hour to prepare (the dough has to rise). I just love their pizza!

Best pizza in the city, 4/6/2016
Reviewer: Charlotte Klein from Goleta
I usually come here a few times a month and I must say that hands down Nicky's is the best pizza in the city! HOWEVER.. you must eat it there and not let it steam in the box for anytime, or it will become very soggy. Which is a big problem for take away and delivery orders. Perhaps because the crust is thin?? I just eat it there when it's piping hot, with a cold, draft Stella. Drool!

Best of the best!,, 7/30/2015
Reviewer: Kathleen from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my second order, I live in L A and come every couple of weeks and believe this will be a regular order. The wood fire crust and the garlic infused olive oil raise this pizza well above the customary offerings. It takes me back to The New York of my childhood. Thank you

Nice try --, 5/25/2015
Reviewer: Quatre from Santa Barbara, CA
I like to make pizza, and hail from around New York -- this shop has pie that is reminiscent of stuff from back there, and that's what you want in pizza. Best I've found here so far. Take it home - there is zero ambience.

Rip Off., 6/7/2014
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
We have had Nicky D's pizza several times. It's ok pizza... still not as good as you can get on the east coast. Last time we got the pie delivered I was given one price over the phone, but when the rude, pissed off driver came to deliver the pizza he gave me a price that was $4.00 more than what I was originally quoted. I had to ask him why it was so much more. He told me I was outside the 3 mile radius so he simply added it on. If somebody had called or the driver simply told me that NEXT TIME there would be a mileage surcharge... OK. Sorry, but that big city crap won't fly in SB. You guys lost a good customer lastnight.

No Frills - Best Pizza in SB, 4/25/2014
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
Nicky D's wood fired oven makes a great pizza. The dough recipe is good, and the owner is usually there keeping quality high. There are a handful of gourmet pizza restaurants in town, a fresh pizza from Nicky D is as good or better than the best SB has to offer.

Bob is the best!!!, 3/13/2013
Reviewer: Mike and valarie from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything was awesome, food experience, atmosphere and employees. Bobbie made the best pizza ever!! Will always go back

Good idea, but misses the mark, 11/8/2012
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
Today was my second trip to Nicky D's. The first time I was in a hurry and just picked up a slice of pizza that turned out to be a soggy, and less than satisfying lunch. Today I tried the Capreses Hero which sounded interesting, but missed the mark. The bread was a mushy white roll, it had too much mozzarella, too little basil, ho-hum tomatoes, and the chef completely omitted the olive oil (listed as an ingredient in the menu.) Overall, my experience has been disappointing, and I probably won't be bold enough to try a third meal here.

Worst Pizza and Service in SB in 20 years, 9/12/2012
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Delivery Driver never showed, so we went and picked up. We were excited to try different pizza in SB. Pizza was absolutely awful! Crust on BOTH pizza's was burned and pizza's were soggy. They tasted like burned rubber. We are NY style pizza lovers... this ain't it. Bummer.

Horrible Service, 8/24/2012
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
They way over charged us for garlic bread and when we tried to fix the problem they repeatedly hung up on me and they wouldnt answer the phone. I finally had to drive there and demanded that they refund my money and not charge my credit card. The manager was extremely rude and blamed the whole situation on me. im sorry but how is it my fault you hung up on me several times.!!! I wouldnt recommed the place and i never even tried the food.!

Hands down, best pizza in Santa Barbara, 7/4/2012
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza is delicious - perfect thickness (or thinness, I should say) with just the right ratio of crust to sauce to cheese. Its the real deal! The service is also super friendly. I will definitely go back and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys NY pizza.

Best pizza in SB, 6/2/2012
Reviewer: A from Santa Barbara, CA
Best pizza in SB, best slice I've had since I left NYC! Definitely ordering again and again.

uuuuhmm..., 3/31/2012
Reviewer: prue from Santa Barbara, CA
hi stuart. i actually haven't tried nicky D's yet, but i too am from the east coast. i don't know where you were eating, but the pizza i used to eat was super cheesy. what's this "NY pizza isn't cheesy" nonsense?!! that is maybe "california-i-must-be-thin" mentality, definitely not east coast pizza mentality, lol. Gimme mah cheesy cheesy pizza!!!

The real McCoy, 3/29/2012
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally a pizza place in SB that bakes and serves real NYC style pizza. I grew up in the Bronx when there was a pizza parlor every two blocks. Nicky D's serves the closest I ve come to the real thing. Crust crunchy and fully baked, olive oil and tomato sauce, not overwhelmingly cheesy. In Cali it seems the toppings rule, in NY it's the pizza itself. Try the plain cheese pizza! Good lunch special: two slices, tossed green salad with real parmesan cheese, black olives, pepperiocinis and croutons with mixed greens. I liked it and will return often.

You gotta try it, 2/16/2012
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
FOOD: The pizza here is great--authentic thin crust with super fresh ingredients. I've had the salads here be hit and miss. Even when it's a miss, it's still way better than the salad you'll get from most pizza places. They make their own dressings. SERVICE: I love that the owner is on site, picks up the phone, and that they make batches of fresh lasagna that my kids love. I've always had good service. ATMOSPHERE: Don't come here for the ambiance. It's a pizza joint. The interior is clean, simple and small. This is not the Olio Pizzeria or Via Vai--which is where you want to go if you want great pizza, great wine and a lovely dining experience. Their delivery service is excellent. I use it regularly. It's a great place to stop and have pizza by the slice if you are out running errands with the kids. (If you're downtown, I recommend Gino's on West Figueroa.)

Not Very Good, 1/22/2012
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the chicken parm sandwich. Took them forever to make it and it was cold when I got it home. But the biggest disappointment was that the ingredients are second rate. Nothing tasted like homemade (canned?). Chicken was like the frozen stuff from Costco. Had high expectations, but was left very disappointed. Not worth spending top $$ on second rate food. Won't ever go back...

Just like Silverlake, 1/17/2012
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
I lived in Silverlake for 8 years and Nicky D's on Rowena Avenue was the best in the area. The only other better pizza was Vito's in West Hollywood and Joe's in Santa Monica (both are thin crust NYC style pizza.) And of course Pizzeria Mozza (Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's renowned restaurant in Hollywood), which is in a class of its own. The only issues I've ever had at the Nicky D's Silverlake location was the service often being spotty. But the pizza was always done correctly. It's well known that Santa Barbara isn't the best place for dining and is sorely in need of some top restaurants. But things are slowly changing and having Nicky D's here in SB is certainly welcomed. I think that SB residents have become complacent and their standards aren't as high as in bigger urban areas like LA and San Francisco. That could be why there are some of these negative reviews. When you get accustomed to bad food (and this is not a good pizza town), it's hard to distinguish good from bad. But Nicky's is more on the good side of what's available in this town in respect to pizza. I think it absolutely beats places like Rusty's which is no better than the Shakey's, Godfather's, Papa John's, or Domino's chain store pizza. All they do is pile up toppings. Pizza is about the dough, the sauce, the cheese, and how it's cooked. It's not about heavy toppings that slide of the slice.

Fresh Ingredients, 1/8/2012
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the Deluxe last night and it was excellant. I'm going to give their pasta a try sometime soon. Very well made and cooked pizza. I think the bad reviews are fake from the competition. You know who you are and I have not had one of your pizza recently because the ingredients were quite stale. Rusty's employees don't really care so they are out too.

Finally Good Pizza in SB, 12/15/2011
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried Nicky D's for the first time about about a month ago and loved it. I now go there about once a week and have always had very good pizza and even better service. I think it's great that the owner is making the food and greeting you when you come in. The crust is thin and flavorful and really makes the pizza. We usually call in our order, a large pizza with roasted garlic, and it is ready in about 20 minutes. Over the years I have tried all of the other pizza places in SB and this is my favorite. Give it a try!

COLD DELIVERY, 12/11/2011
Reviewer: Kae from Santa Barbara
The pizza we ordered took over an hour to be delivered and was cold. We were told that a driver went home unexpectedly. Should that be a reason to deliver cold food? Of pizzas from this place: I've had 2 great pizzas, one bad pizza with a soggy crust, and another bad one that was COLD (not warm) on delivery. They need some consistency if they're going to make it in Santa Barbara. Also, better customer service could go a long way toward keeping customers. Probably not me, but others.

Former New Yorker ordering BBQ Chicken Pizza?, 12/10/2011
Reviewer: Michael Stanton from Santa Barbara, CA
Sorry, I don't buy it. Nicky D owned a successful pizza joint in New York for years and brought something good to the west coast. It's one of the few good pie joints in town that can also be compared to NY style pizza and I doubt someone from NY would order BBQ chicken pizza (a west coast - CPK invention) to compare to NY style pizza. I don't believe Karen either. I've been to Nicky D's dozens of times and have never seen anything burnt, and to compare the crust to crackers is laughable at best, same goes for the sauce. If it was burnt they wouldn't serve it to you anyway because of their obvious pride in good food and service which they tend to make very apparent the moment you step in the door. Another two reviewers who probably work at or own a pizza place or are trolling fake restaurant reviews. They don't do day old pizza either. They make a large when they open and heat slices from that in the oven and make fresh ones as needed just like EVERY good slice joint does. Cheese is always going to be greasy sometimes so do what some people with half a brain that don't like grease do and dab your pizza off with a few napkins, duh.

Love., 12/7/2011
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Hands down. Best pizza in Santa Barbara. Try something simple, the crust won't disappoint. Don't walk out without eating at least one cannoli.

Most disappointing pizza I ever had, 12/4/2011
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I was born and raised in New York city and I don't get the comparison reviews. This was the worst pizza I ever had. I ordered the BBQ chicken and all the ingredients seemed to be smeared onto the dough. The dominant flavor was salty and the crust was tasteless and nearly burnt. The half star is on the optimism that they were just having a very off night.

Not good at all, 12/4/2011
Reviewer: karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Tasted like tomato soup with burnt crackers

Excellent Pizza, 11/11/2011
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I happened upon this place today. The pizza was excellent. I had a slice of the day's special which was interesting and very tasty. The owner was very friendly. I look forward to going back there soon.

Real Good Pizza, 10/22/2011
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
Haha rude owner my hiney there pizza is the BEST. Nicky D is so nice I work in that plaza and eat there pizza all the time he is like a instant friend the moment you walk in! Ranch cost money for him why is it free for you LMAO?! Why did you put ranch on your pizza? I'm original from New York where there a million pizza places and nobody does that don't do that. Yuk!!!

amazing pizza...rude owner, 10/20/2011
Reviewer: sam jones from Santa Barbara, CA
i have been to this place many times and i love the way NIcky's makes pizza BUT last time i dined in, i had to beg the owner for napkins AND pay extra for a side of ranch! i understand he just moved here, but if he wants to stay in this business, he gotta play nice!

The best I'v had in california !, 10/19/2011
Reviewer: andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm from Brooklyn New York and let me tell you I felt like I was home again...this places pizza is the best I'v had in california and compares to the best I'v had in New York! The place is small but the service is good and the pizza is simple great!

Meh, not that good, 10/14/2011
Reviewer: Marcia from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm no pizza connoiseur, I will admit that. But this pizza was soggy, limp, and greasy. I have a few favorite pizza places depending on my mood. This place isn't going to make the list. The greek salad was decent though and the service was good. They just need to fix the soggy crust.

Delicious, 10/11/2011
Reviewer: Robert Klein from Santa Barbara, CA
Absolutely recommend this place highly. Quick and efficient delivery service and pizza to die for. Rock on! Only reason 4 star service was because they were busy and seemed overwhelmed.

Mall Pizza at Gourmet Prices , 10/4/2011
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
For the money it's simply not worth it. I ordered a single slice of pepperoni and a soft drink which totaled over $8. The pizza is fire oven, yes, but it is NOT fresh. They do it the same way the mall does: They keep a day-old plain cheese pizza up front, throw on your toppings and re-heat it. Maybe if they made the entire slice fresh I could justify the price. Even then the pizza crust was paper-thin, soggy and the whole thing dripping grease (like nasty, ringing out a wet towel grease) $5 meatball foot-long at Subway would have been more satisfying...and I could have gotten way more toppings. Save your money. The search for good Santa Barbara pizza continues....

White Clam Pizza!, 9/15/2011
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara, CA
Try it. Enough said.

Pizza wars continue, 9/13/2011
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally cheated on Paesano's and went to Nicky D's. For comparison purposes, I want to compare it to both Paesano's and Gino's, since they are two of the most respectable pizza establishments in town. Anyone who's been to these 3 places will notice a big difference in the crust. Nicky D's, despite the nice oven, doesn't make a crust that's crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside like Paesano's or Gino's. Even though the pizza comes up short on that front, they make a nice pie, but not good enough to win me away from Paesano's, and if there was no Paesano's, it wouldn't win me away from Gino's. Service was good, price high (~$16 for plain large pie).

Simply not worth the price, 9/8/2011
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't review Nicky D's pizza, but I can say that for the quality and size of the calzone, it's simply not worth the price. $10 gets you calzone with no toppings, just cheese and sauce (as if anyone would actually order that...). One meat and one veggie gets you $16 after tax. Which would be great if it was huge, like most calzones in town (Giovanni's, Gino's) but it's really just not big at all, and just not that great. Hopefully their pizza is better but not sure if i'll be back. I also hate that I don't have a better reason, but the reason for the 3-star service review is that the guy was just annoying. Loud and trying to make funny jokes but just came off really irritating. Probably just his personality (so no offense) but still worth mentioning.

Fabulous pizza, BUT, 8/30/2011
Reviewer: charlotte klein from Goleta
The pizza was fabulous! BUT the one thing that was off was the soggy, almost wet crust! Oh what a shame! They have this fabulous wood burning oven, why not fire the pizza directly on the stone? When you get a pan involved with a thin crust w/ lots of toppings on it, well it causes a lot of steam, hence, soggy crust! Ditch the pan man! and the pizza hands down would have been a 5! The Greek salad was perfect (except the absence of cucumbers) nice Romaine (properly cut and spun) lots of Feta and Kalamata olives, ripe tomatoes and one of the best darn Italian dressings I've ever had! The guys behind the counter were very nice and actually seemed to care about our first time experience there. Be warned that the atmosphere is lacking. If the place got a makeover and draft beer (on tap) a few nice wines to choose from,some tables out side.......goldmine!

Best Pizza in Town - Check!, 7/28/2011
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza was sooo delicious it nearly brought tears to my eyes! The Pesto Bravo - delicate crust, just the right amount of pesto, goat cheese, sausage, and yummy chunks of roasted garlic - bravo! My husband devoured his Eggplant Parmigiana sandwich - I snuck a bite - OMG! Nick and crew (family?) were great hosts. Very affordable, clean joint ... We can't wait to share Nicky D's with all of our friends. The only problem, I can decide what to order next time!

Best pizza in town, 7/24/2011
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I've made an extensive survey, and this is the best pizza in town. Never mind that this is one of the worst pizza towns I've ever encountered--there are a few decent enough places and lots of travesties--Nicky D's could stand up against NY-style pizza from almost anywhere.

Best cheese pizza on the West Coast, 7/16/2011
Reviewer: William from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up in Northern New Jersey, moved West 9 years ago. I've been to Nicky D's in Santa Barbara five or six times now, and this is easily my favorite cheese pizza anywhere on the West coast. (I assume their toppings and other menu items are just as good, but I love cheese pizza and that's all I've had there). I wish I were a better reviewer, all I can say is that it reminds me of the best pizza I had growing up in the NYC area, might even be better since one tends to idealize old memories of favorite places. NYC actually has some terrible pizza places catering to tourists, along with many excellent neighborhood ones. Two of my favorites of the well-known ones were John's (several locations in Manhattan) and Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge (on the Brooklyn side of course). I think I like Nicky D's even better than those. The owner is an enjoyable character; I always "eat in" (like my pizza straight out of the wood-fired oven), and the times the owner has been there, I noticed him greeting regular customers from the neighborhood like old friends, which was nice, especially considering he hasn't been open long. The location is certainly unassuming, with just a few tables (it might be tough to squeeze the whole softball team in there but you could probably do it). It has a nice clean single bathroom. I think this place is a great addition to Santa Barbara.

Great Pizza, 7/9/2011
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was great. Best pizza I have ever had in SB.

This place is great, ignore the bad reviews, 7/7/2011
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't understand the bad reviews either--the pizza is delicious, their cannolis, according to my husband, are the best he's ever tasted, and the service there has been really attentive and friendly every time we've gone. The emphasis with which the bad reviews are written also sounds fishy to me. Try it out for yourself!

I'm 'horrified' your husband is a chef, 6/4/2011
Reviewer: Landis from Santa Barbara, CA
Your bogus "review" is so over the top, an obvious competitor’s hatchet job! You FAIL Rule # 1! You could MOVE to "NYC", and you still wouldn’t know squat about pizza, let alone authentic pizza, which Nicky D's certainly is. I lived pizza in the NYC metro area and ate I Nicky's pizza nearly 40 years ago (D.B.A. Eva's) located next to the Metropol Club in Times Square. I also wrote a 24,006 word study on the history, migration, techniques and reviews on scores of present day pizza joints, including an in-depth on De Fara's Domenico DeMarco in Brooklyn. Nicky D's is not only of the highest quality, but his ‘Pizza Napoletana Margherita’ would be the ONLY pizza in Santa Barbara that could qualify for the coveted Italian “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana” (AVPN) or “Pizza Napoletana STG” (European Union) in co-operation with the Italian Napoli standards. As of 2007 only 21 American pizza joints qualified and only two are in NYC. So please don't pass your con-job for a "review", EVERYTHING I have ordered from Nicky D's was on par with excellence and it will be the only pizza in Santa Barbara I will be ordering from now on! But do feel free to enjoy your ketchup on matzo cracker crust ‘pizza's’ or go have yourself a State Street wannabe NY slice and pay $6.00 bucks plus for the privilege!

real good pizza, 5/31/2011
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten the pizza here 3 times now and truly believe it's one of, if not THE best pizza in Santa Barbara. The crust and the sauce are good and fresh, but the quality of the cheese is what puts these pies over the top. Not convinced? Try a slice. Also, I found the staff friendly and genuine.

"my husband is a chef"????, 5/11/2011
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
If your husband is a "chef" than show a little respect...this site is for reviews that are constructive and truthful...If your husband is a "chef" I am sure he would not want somebody taking his food and bashing it with such a personal victimized attitude...grow up people, people in the food industry work their tails off to just get by at best...they take their jobs and career choices with care and would you like it if a site was created for all the other "jobs" that you have...and you were bashed as don't like the food, don't go back...offer some constructive "criticism" if you feel the need, otherwise get off this site, go find a life and make it good...hmmm? your husband is a chef? have him make pizza and stay off the street...or...better yet,call dominoes...they deliver Read the rules Use "constructive criticism" - Webster's Dictionary: "criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions" Don't be excessively negative - Reviews that are deemed to be excessively negative or dramatic will be edited or deleted. This dining guide's purpose is to offer ways to improve restaurant service. It is not to be used as a forum to punish restaurants that have upset you.

Agreed, 5/10/2011
Reviewer: Zoom from Santa Barbara, CA
I tend to think the negative reviews are from loyal patrons, owners or employees of other pie joints. I've been to Nicky D's a handful of times and never have had a bad experience. If you're taking a pizza home, it's steaming in the box so yeah, things tend to get soggy, no matter where you buy it and there are no magic pizza boxes. As far as "real ny pizza" goes, who cares if you lived in NY! Good pizza is good pizza. I think it's safe to say Gino's on Figueroa, Uncle Roccos, Nicky D's and Paesano's are the best bet if you want thin NY style pizza and places like Rusty's and Ginos and everyone else has their own style, some very good (Mesa Pizza for example), some not so great (Dominoes and Little Caesars) and some in between but consistent (Rusty's and Ginos). Nicky D's has such a nice staff it baffles me that someone wouldn't just tell Nicky himself or the nice people at the counter that their order wasn't so great. I'm sure they would be more than happy to make you a satisfied customer by remaking your order or refunding your money if you thought it was inedible. Instead, log onto a website and let everyone know about the horrible pizza experience that changed your life. Seriously. My honest opinion, I wish the bottom of the crust was a little bit crispier, maybe it's because they bake the slices on tin foil instead of straight on the brick oven. I'm not a pizza maker so what do I know but that's one thing I like in a slice. Aside from that, Nicky D's makes a great pie with great flavor and ingredients AND they make the only Sicilian in town!!! I'll keep going back.

Best NYC style pizza in SB, 5/9/2011
Reviewer: Evan from Santa Barbara, CA
I suspect that the long winded bad review recommending rusty's was written by a disgruntled rusty's owner or loyalist. Rusty's is ok pizza if you want round table or dominoes style pizzaria food. if you think that playing arcade games and huge fountain sodas are a part of pizza then rustys is for you. Nicky D's is the only pizza I'll eat in this town. The crust is thin and tastes like it did when I lived in New York. I'll admit that I've had better pizza in NY than at Nicky D's but the Pizza here is very good and I have no complaints. Try the basil and tomato with fresh garlic and peperoni. It's not on the menu but it is exceptionally good.

best pizza in sb, 5/9/2011
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
why such the bad reviews? I'm surprised because we absolutely love this place. The crust is the best in town. Thin and crispy. Last pizza we got (the margerita, I love their version) was so crispy I laughed when my boyfriend took a bite because it sounded like a he was eating chips! I have tried several of their pizzas and all are great. This is santa barbara for goodness sake not LA or even NY. As to compare it to NY pizza, no way, but it is the closest thing we have to it in SB. As everyone says, the service is fantastic. I have at least 5 employess (including Nicky and his wife, the owners) that I can think of that give above average customer service! I'm in the business and a huge foodie so this really means a lot coming from me. I will say however that they are getting busier, I notice when they are busy they rush things a little, which maybe is why the review below says it is soggy...i will say that their large pizza especially with watery vegetables on it like peppers and tomatoes if not cooked long enough can yield to a soggy pizza. My advise to the review below that threw away the pizza is to try them again and try something different. My advise for Nickys is to hire more peopleas you get more popular to keep the quality of the product the same. I love it and have become a regular there. Try it again, it really is worth it.

Horrifying!!!, 5/8/2011
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband (who is a chef) and I decided that on Sunday night we would skip cooking (because he's been cooking all week) and order Pizza - we had read so many great reviews of Nicky D's and it was in our neighborhood - perfect! Boy were we wrong!!! I have never had a more horrifying pizza experience...including those years when Boboli was big! The pizza (if you can call it that) at Nicky D's is so far from anything that resembles pizza, it's quite sad that they call themselves a pizza place. To even compare the pizza they are producing to anything that you can find in NYC (a place we visit 2x a year) is a huge insult to all the pizzerias in New York! Let me begin by saying that the young man who answered the phone was very pleasant and helpful - and when we went to pick up the pizza the staff were very friendly - all good signs. We ordered the pesto sticks, Nicky's Delux pizza and a Greek salad. The pesto sticks are supposed to be wood fired bread sticks with pesto and mozzarella melted on top - sound delicious - what we received was day old bread sticks, that had been microwaved to melt the cheese - any idea what happens to day old bread when you microwave becomes rock hard and inedible! The Nicky's Deluxe pizza also sounded great, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers - all makings of a great bad when we grabbed the slices of pizza there was nothing but soggy, wet, thin dough pretending to be pizza crust - there was nothing crusty about the pizza. The green salad wasn't half bad, hence the 1/2 star in this review - the feta cheese they use is delicious - and when it's really the only thing you're eating after spending $35.00 on dinner - it's damn good! But heads up Nicky D's - you should look out for rotten, brown, soggy lettuce leaves - those are the ones you don't want to serve your customers! Needless to say - we were super disappointed, we almost went and ordered Rusty's just to satisfy our pizza craving - we literally threw away an entire pizza, I would have preferred to just throw away my cash - it would have saved the trip. Nicky's D's if you want to redeem yourself - hand out coupons to Rusty's when people walk through the door.

Real NY Pizza? Definitely NOT, 4/21/2011
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
Being a native New Yorker and having lived in Sicily I was excited when I heard about Nicky D. Went last night for first and last time. Ordered an individual cheese pizza since they don't have small. It was the size of something you would serve a first grader in the school cafeteria cut into 4 mini slices. Taste was ok, nothing special. Price was $6.95 + tax. In New York this place would have gone Out-of-Business already.

Such a disappointment, 4/20/2011
Reviewer: JLC from Santa Barbara, CA
I was so excited to try a new authentic wood fire pizza place, but this pizza did not live up to expectations! The worst part... crust was extremely thin and soggy. Also, very little cheese and the amount of toppings were overwhelming. Although the staff was helpful, the pizza is atrocious. So unfortunate and disappointing. I was too embarrassed to serve it to I didn't - Whole Foods pizza; worlds better!

finally, a ny pizza, 4/15/2011
Reviewer: don henderson from Santa Barbara, CA
finally a great ny style pizza in santa barbara.look under the crust, its cooked in the oven just right, not like the other places that cook it in a pan and underneath the crust resembles a goodyear tire tread.and guess what, its good as its served so you dont have to kill it with ranch dressing.

DELICIOUS!, 4/14/2011
Reviewer: Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA
I would have to say, hands down, best pizza in Santa Barbara!!

FROM NICKY DS SB, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: christopher from Santa Barbara, CA
ARIGHT CITIZENS OF SANTA BARBARA... THIS IS CHRIS{CASHIER\ASSTCHEF}&NESTOR{head chef\management}...Thanks for giving nicky ds such great reviews over these following months weve been open.... We appreciate all the feed back and will take any opinions to action in order to serve santa barbara with reall New York Style Pizza... So get ready for very large portions of fresh itallian cuisine like youve never had before.. Thanks again for giving us a fighting chance.... from nicky ds SB we will guarentee satisfaction 100%....

Probably the best pizza I have ever had!, 3/30/2011
Reviewer: Christi from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, I must say I was a bit skiddish about yet another "New York" style pizza place but I just had my first slice and I am hooked! The slices are big and the crust is thin...PERFECT! You can tast the fresh mozzarella cheese too. Of course you are going to spend more than you would at Domino's but that is not pizza. I will definately tell everyone about this place and will be ordering again really soon! YUMMMMMMMMY

mmm, Sicilian..., 3/28/2011
Reviewer: K from Santa Barbara, CA
Had to try this place once I saw the reviews that said they have sicilian pizza (like, actual square thick crust sicilian). It was good! I loved it, my bf said it was good, but not great compared to east coast pizza. He did say it was better than most of what he's had out here, though. I thought the dough was really tasty, and the sauce was great. I'll be back, and can't wait to try a regular old cheese, and the blond bunny pizzas. And calzone, of course. Owner was nice, and the guy at the register was too. Sweet, home-town kinda people. Overall great experience.

so happy to have great pizza in the hood, 3/24/2011
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
All i can say is..."if you don't like the pizza here, you don't like pizza." The price is fair, the service is friendly, the pizza is awesome. Also, you have to like a restaurant where the owner "literally" stands behind his product. Most days I go in, it's Nicky D himself asking me how everything tastes.

Left not satisfied, 3/20/2011
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
They are trying...young help nice enough. But all of us thought the pizza was a little bland. Nice tasting crust, so perhaps they can refine their ingredients on top. Nice wood burning oven. Be aware their web site shows beer available, and it is NOT, at this location. @

MMMM MMMM GOOD!, 3/19/2011
Reviewer: Miss Ellie from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been on the hunt for great pizza...most of the pizza joints are mediocre at best. Although we have not tried Paisano's, that's next on the list. Nicky D's pizza was about as close to North End pizza as I've found here in SB. The Kid - who is the ultimate persnickity eater - dug in. He ate three slices. We're going back for more tonight!

complete overhaul?, 3/17/2011
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I think that is another pizza purveyor who is sweating the competition.

A complete overhaul is required!, 3/16/2011
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
Was looking forward to a true wood burning pizza experience, but what I received was a complete disaster from the point of purchase to what was produced. 1) Menu was changed without notice and cashier did not have a clue to how to proceed? 2) Attempted to order wood fired BBQ chicken wood fired, but they started to deep fry it and I had to ask them to stop and redo it back in the oven. 3) Ordered pizza with artichoke hearts and none were put on. Also offsetting pizza crispy at least 3 times, but got a greasy and soggy pizza (total yuk!). 4) Ordered side salad at $3.95 and received nothing more than a handful of bag greens from Ralph's next door! 5) Requested 1 extra Ranch dressing and was told that there would be an extra $.50 charge. How totally ridiculous and stupid as the 1 micro container that came with the salad was only a 1/4 full! Bottom line is that the dinner I ordered cost upwards if $50.00, and was by far the worst I have ever had in Santa Barbara. My recommendation to Nick is to close down, re-group your entire operation, feed potential customers for free until you can justify charging people's hard income for a night away from their own kitchen!

Good Pizza, 3/6/2011
Reviewer: Monica S. from Santa Barbara, CA
Been to Nicky D's a few times since they opened, I think my family is becoming addicted to this place. The pizza is amazing!! We have yet to try all of the other dishes this place serves, but we definetly will in the near future. The staff is very friendly as well,and that only adds to the experience. So if your in mood for great pizza and good people, this is the place for you :)

Great service - good pizza, 3/4/2011
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually go to Pizza Guru but lately the service there been terrible. This place will likely hold my attention until and unless PG pulls its staffing issues together - the pizza base here is great, properly fired with a good crispy/chewy/browned ratio. The margarita pizza is a little odd, with tomato and basil on top of the cheese but not really "cooked," but their super-unhealthy pesto cheese sticks are to die for. The pizzas are very reasonably priced, too. Only real downside was that living in SB we get spoiled and come to expect things like real olives (these are the canned and sliced type) and organic veggies, but maybe this can be fixed. Oh, and the SERVICE IS GREAT, the place is clean and you can't beat that.

Good Pizza, Service Ok, 2/23/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The pizza was good, reminded me ALOT of Giovanni's pizza. The owner was nice. Only nits are he forgot an order item and they only have bottled drinks, the ones you need a bottle opener for so I had to wait until I got back to actually open it and was not offered to open it nor napkin nor salad utensil. Place is small. Did I miss an area where they have utensils? In terms of NY style, best in town etc, hopefully you'll have tried most others NY style places in town by using John's guide for other places: Sal's, Ginos, Ginas, Giovanni's, Uncle Roco's and Paesanos(my current NY style fave) to make the best of or "only" claims.

Closest to NY style pizza in SB, 2/23/2011
Reviewer: Tracy from Santa Barbara, CA
The interior is quaint, probably 6 tables and they were all in use when we picked up our order. For 3 of us we ordered a large and it was plenty. We also had the meatball sub which was cheesy and saucy with crisp roll and huge meatballs! This tops my list as far as meatball subs go. The pizza crust was crispy, although there wasn't as much sauce as I like. I will definitely go back and have been recommending it to friends.

Great new pie joint and great owners!, 2/18/2011
Reviewer: Ted from Santa Barbara, CA
Extra star for service. Nicky is there taking orders and has a NY accent. Very friendly gentleman and I believe his wife may be the other one at the counter? The pizza is awesome and I think the only east coast comparisons are Gino's and Paesanos. Nicky's variety and that they have Sicilian makes it that much better. I've been a few times and the pizza and people there put a smile on my face :)

Real New York pizza, 2/16/2011
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
Nicky D's pizza is incredible! I love New York pizza and have been disappointed for years that no real pizza joint has moved into town. Only other parlor that is good is Geovannis. Met Nicky D. last night and ordered a calzone, real flavor. Asked about Silcilian pizza and he said coming very soon. Great job guys and good luck for your future!!!!

Decent West Coast Version of NY Pizza, 2/16/2011
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there last night to grab a quick meal. Very friendly folks. I think it was Nicky himself that took my order. Price was reasonable compared to others in town. Pizza was done rather quickly (I think it was a little slow since they are still new). Got home and my kids loved it. My daughter rarely eats pizza and she ate two whole slices. I've heard folks say it's kind of soft in the crust but that's NY style. You fold it like a sandwich and eat it. If I want firm crust, I'll order the cardboard special from the place up the street.

Best pizza in SB, 2/13/2011
Reviewer: Ted from Santa Barbara, CA
Nicky D's is my new favorite pizza in Santa Barbara. They serve a New York style pizza, with excellent crust, cheese and just the right amount of sauce. The pepperoni and bacon are great also. The husband and wife owners are very friendly, as was the counter staff. They deliver too.

Nicky D's has the real thing!, 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Vickie from Santa Barbara, CA
Just tried new pizza parlor, Nicky D's on De la Vina. If you know New York pizza, this is the real thing. I tried the Cheese Pizza, because I wanted to evaluate the basic pizza. It had thin bendable crust, tasty tomato sauce, deliciously stringy cheese. And it was ready in less than 10 minutes. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven that was shipped from Italy. Fabulous! Best pizza I have ever had in California. I hope he does well and is here for a long time, because I have a feeling I am addicted!

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