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No longer in business
Opened: 2011-03 Closed: 2018-06

509 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 770-2760

Reviews by the General Public

I suggest everyone treat themselves to Cadiz!, 2/26/2014
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
As a long term hotel concierge, I pride myself on having quality taste in the restaurants in SB. Cadiz is at the top of my list! The atmosphere is impeccable with heated indoor/outdoor seating and a wonderful bar set up. You can have a light fare tasting with their tapas small bites (I highly suggest the bruschetta) or do a full meal (my favorite is the Pomodoro and Shrimp Scampi). They have a nice wine list and their desserts are to die for. The wait staff is very accommodating and attentive without rushing you through each bite. I would suggest a romantic evening or a casual treat as the quality is high but the prices are not nearly as high as some others in town. All in all a wonderful addition to SB and a new favorite of mine.

Great place, 1/22/2014
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here many times, every experience has been a good one

Very poor service, 1/23/2013
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined at Cadiz with friends on a Saturday night to celebrate a birthday. The service was extremely unorganized and unprofessional. A hostess was the one to finally take our order. About 10 minutes later, our waiter appeared and asked what he could get for us. He was inattentive the rest of the evening. A third staff person brought us our food. The food was fine, not good, not bad. I won't be back. It just wasn't worth it.

Going Strong, 1/9/2013
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here on Saturday Night. Our third or fourth time and had another excellent meal! They have maintained their high standard! The place was buzzing, owners are there nightly ensuring the high standard. We had the risotto, chicken skewers, lamb meatballs and scallops, each was amazing and very unique! Great Tapas and atmosphere!

Unfortunate, 9/26/2012
Reviewer: trish from Santa Barbara, CA
Dinner on a Saturday evening 7:30. Staff not friendly, service slow, Patio seating just as loud as inside. Unfortunate because we were looking forward to this. Apparently forgot to turn in our dinner order... it took an hour to get it. Appetizers were served promptly. Food was good once we got it, but the mood had already been set. Would have been nice if staff was more pleasant and attentive

I don't see this lasting much longer, 9/10/2012
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Overpriced, too tight, small portions, disappointing service, just to name a few. The restaurant shifts to a bar/club and it's quite awkward for such a tiny little space. Like so many others, this place just won't last. What a shame.

An Off Night, or..., 9/4/2012
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
It had been a while since we last visited Cadiz, but fond memories were triggered by the beautiful atmosphere and friendly host, who seated us immediately on a busy Friday night. Unfortunately, fond memories would be sullied by new experiences. The opening dishes were fine, but I found the silky smooth risotto to be a little more chunky than last time, and the mixed drinks weaker. The main courses, however, both had to be sent back - the linguini with clams being way too salty, and the fries with the burger salty and luck warm. While the staff wanted to be helpful, they were also disorganized, and we ended up having to explain the problem to three separate people (this is one of the problems when the waiter does not take ownership of his or her tables). Then there was almost a 10 minute delay between the time my remade dish and my wife's remade dish arrived, making for an awkward wait. Finally, feeling a little bit embarrassed, I simply wanted to pay and leave, but first it took a while to get the check, and since we turned down the comp'd dessert, we ended up paying the bill in full. We will go back anytime soon? Unlikely... :(

Some good some great , 6/3/2012
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
The main course was good and the tapas were great. I think I will order just tapas next time. Nice staff and comfortable place. I was surprised they didn't have more business on a Saturday night @ 7:00. The margaritas are very small for $12.00.

Great Dinner, 3/17/2012
Reviewer: Barrett from Santa Barbara, CA
FOOD: The food was very good. We had a variety of tapas which were very good and very easy to share. I highly recommend the scallops. SERVICE: Service was fantastic. Water and bread was refilled before we ran dry every time. Natalie was our waitress, and she was perfect. Just the right amount of conversation, answered all of our dinner and restaurant questions, and give us a great set of recommendations for the evening. I wish she were our waitress every time we go out to eat.

Highly recommended, 3/15/2012
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA

Astonishingly Great Time, 2/22/2012
Reviewer: Krista & Tony from Goleta, CA
My wife and I found ourselves downtown fairly early (5:30) on a mid-week evening and we decided to pop into Cadiz for happy hour. Well, we discovered the best kept secret in happy-hour dining in all of SB! Their whole drink and tapas menu is HALF-PRICE from 5-6:30!!! Now I know some folks have had some issues with the portion size/price ratio but let me tell you that at $6-$7 the tapas are a fabulous deal. We sampled 4 of them: beef skewer, chicken ka-bob, lamb-albondigas and the gnocchi. All were Superb! We were both blown away by the great flavors and perfect preparation of all four, these were simply leagues beyond what you get at even the better restaurants in this town. Now, granted, we were there early and the place had just opened so there was no pressure on the kitchen but the food came out in a timely manner and our server, a wonderful and exuberant young lady was just fantastic (and full of information and accurate recommendations). Even at the full prices the food here seems worth the price but at half-price its an absolute steal. And, lest I forget they have a nice selection of original and creative full strength cocktails, also at $7 for happy hour. (Beers are just $3). Bottom line is; you're crazy to eat anywhere else between 5-6:30 on lower State! T

new place for us, 1/7/2012
Reviewer: Susan Smiley from Goleta, CA
My husband and myself have been there twice now and both times a great experience so I have no reservations in recommending this place to others. My husband and myself have been to Spain twice now and enjoyed the tapas there, Cadiz is the only place in Santa Barbara that we can honestly say feels like a place in Spain, and we have tried other places that say they have Tapa's. I recommend anyone that enjoy eating out try this place at least once so that we can keep this restaurant open.

Great Service Great Music, 11/16/2011
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
The music is what brought me in. I'd been hearing mixed reviews, but a walk by one evening demanded that I see for myself. Went to the very crowded bar and was immediately helped by a very cute cocktail waitress... nice boots girlfriend ;) She sat us, and came back quickly with fairly weak drinks... bummer... however, the atmosphere and music was amazing and made us happy to stay. Once we were about half-way finished with drinks, she came back with more drinks that were twice as strong, apologizing, and saying she had made a mistake... Awesome! These were obviously better... 1.5 drinks for the price of one? I'll take that... the music only got better... and although it was crowded, the energy was very fun. I'll definitely be back.

Uneven experience, 11/8/2011
Reviewer: Sue C. from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything about this restaurant was uneven for us, from the hit or miss food to the mediocre service. The only thing truly pleasing was the lovely decor. And the wine was quite good and inexpensive. We waited 25 minutes for our stuffed dates, which had obviously been made in large batches much earlier in the day. I assume our order was lost. We then had 4 more tapas. The only one we really liked was the risotto with mussels. And the albondigas were good, but at $3.00 per very small meatball, a bit pricy, as was most everything else. We left still hungry.

Inventive and well serviced, 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Mrs Flustyu from Santa Barbara, CA
The outdoor space is pleasant but noisy. The food was delicious, well prepared and demonstrated a modernist (but modestly so) creativity I haven't encountered at other SB restaurants of this caliber. The cheese plate was excellent. The wait staff provided excellent service. While the food is not inexpensive, it is comparable to what I expect to pay at a similar restaurant in LA or SF. The reviewers complaining about price seem to be confusing this place with Wahoo fish taco next door. We will definitely return when we feel like splurging!

OMG! Is this Love?, 4/22/2011
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
I was there recently for a birthday bash where we ate dinner in the front, then headed to the back into the pillow section. The service was phenomenal from start to finish. Natalie-your a dream. The food was great, I had the Kobe Beef. Can. You. Say. Amazing. The beer (Estrella?) was delightful and in the pillow area, things got crazy with a little bottle service. All in all a great night. The only thing I can negative thing i can say is that it does get loud and cramped after about 9pm. so get there early.

I love restaurants with good ambience , 4/19/2011
Reviewer: Cathya from Santa Barbara, CA
great restaurant, excellent food and very good,friendly service. Amazing tapas and entrees!

Absolutely Beautiful !, 4/12/2011
Reviewer: Erik from Santa Barbara, CA
So happy to have this place in Santa Barbara.....the design and architecture are stunning (feels like you are on vacation) the staff was excellent and the food was nothing short of phenomenal ...i can't say enough.

Where is the meal?, 4/12/2011
Reviewer: Fatima from Santa Barbara, CA
Very excited for a new restaurant, but excitement turned to dissapointment when our drinks arrived- Then followed with the smallest portions I have ever seen. Not quite what we had in mind...

Spend a lot, get a little. , 4/12/2011
Reviewer: Tina L. from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything is very pricey and very small. $12 for a margarita that is literally served in an oversized shot glass?? The flatbreads are tasty, and the server was very nice and very accomodating (especially when it came to splitting our check - that was fabulous!). But the whole experience was very slow and very expensive. Stick to Zaytoon for Mediterranean food at a much more affordable price.

Great place for food and drinks., 4/7/2011
Reviewer: Jonathon from Santa Barbara, CA
I was very excited to try this new restaurant and was astonished by the food and drinks. It was an absolutely amazing atmosphere with great people. Everyone seemed to be having a splendid time along with myself. Nothing like I have ever seen in Santa Barbara.

Too Expensive for What You Get, 4/5/2011
Reviewer: Nirasha from Santa Barbara, CA
The restaurant is gorgeous. They really did a great remodel. I dined there last Friday with four other foodie friends. We had reservations at 6:30pm. We were seated immediately and greeted by a very young and a little nervous male server. All of us loved the menu and were excited to try many of the items. Between the five of us we ordered about a dozen different dishes to try between all of us. I am not sure if it was because it was one of their first Fridays open but we waited about 25-30 minutes for the first courses to arrive. The cold cucumber soup was huge and refreshing but too much for that type of soup. It tasted like liquid salad because of all the acid it had. The small cheese plate was one of the best cheese plates we had ever seen! The cheese was great and large portions, while the pink lady jam made a great pairing. The two beef skewers for $11 were about two bites total. Way too small for the price and they tasted good but they didn't wow us. Same thing goes for the chicken skewers. The gnocchi was pretty tasty but the parmesan crackers on top were soft and mushy. We loved the spinach puree underneath the gnocchi though. The octopus salad had literally two pieces of octopus and the rest was small filling of beans and veggies. Our entrees arrived late and I was not impressed with the boar ribs. The whole top layer was fat that wasn't grilled or seared. I am all for pork fat, but in moderation and cooked so you enjoy the flavor of fat but not the soggy, chewy texture of an entire bite of it. We ordered one of the flat breads with cheese and serrano ham and it was good, but it too didn't wow us. The one entree we loved was the roasted Corvina. It was seared to perfection. Finally we tried three of the desserts and they were just ok. After we tallied what each of us owed on the bill, the server took another 20 minutes or so to get back to us. We left the restaurant about 9:30pm... three hour service! All in all, us foodies thought Cadiz was over priced for the portions, the service needed help for the amount of staff on the floor, and the food was just ok. Maybe we went on a bad night, I don't know. I might go back in a few months for one more shot. But the first thing we said after we left was, "Where should we eat?" (because we were all still hungry).

Great food, 4/5/2011
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a fun new place with some tasty food. The lamb meatballs were great, and the Corvina was the best fish I have eaten in SB. I think it is worth giving the place a try. Since the place is new, the service still needs a bit of work. We had 4 people and ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter poured a sip to sample and it was too small to taste. Then he filled our 4 glasses making sure to empty the entire bottle...a little training of the staff should solve these problems.

Best New Restaurant!!!, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: Meghan from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Cadiz twice now and both times I had a great experience. Their food is wonderful, the service is spot on and the decor is amazing! It's great for either a nice dinner or to gather with friends for drinks later into the night. I would definitely recommend everyone check it out, you will not regret it!!

Excellent Food, Everything Else Needs A Whole Lot Of Work!!, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: Barry & Olivia from Santa Barbara, CA
Heard the buzz, wife and I went there last night. First thing we noticed, patio area was about half full, noise level awful. Approached hostess podium, restaurant half empty, stood there for 10mins. lots of management types looking at us from behind bar, no help. Sign of things to come, again many management types behind bar, we had table next to bar, but terrible service, ask for bread repeatedly, water glass empty nobody cared. Noise in interior dining area as bad as on patio, half empty restaurant, couldn’t hear word we were saying. Even worse, the layout, all tables are for 2, stacked next to each other, when folks sat down next to us, were 4 inches away, nothing intimate, like eating in cafeteria. And “our” table, right next to the sideboard where water, computer, silverware were, literally 6 inches between us and many buttocks in our faces all evening, except for few wait staff who just reached over our heads to access items. The food was excellent, entrée menu needs some expansion. Oh, the drinks, ordered a martini and cosmo, by the time we received them they had sat in the shaker so long that it was 50% water.

cadiz, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: justin from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is awesome! The people are amazing and really good looking. I highly recommend this place.

Great idea, food, with one big problem, 3/28/2011
Reviewer: Marlene & Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
We were excited to have a new option in town, and tried out Cadiz for their opening week. The place is absolutely beautiful with wonderful details. And the drinks, appetizers and dinner menu all looked tempting. I actually was very impressed by how well the wait-staff was trained for an opening week (usually, you expect confusion and service to be a little off.) Cadiz seems to know what it's doing, with one exception: And I hope this isn't standard or common in kitchens, but I couldn't help but notice the chef was tasting the food with the same fork over and over and not grabbing something new everytime. While I expect a chef to sample his work, I don't expect or want to know the same fork is dipping over and over into everyone's dish. It was so blatant and common in the short time I was watching in the back that it made me not hungry as I went back to the table. Maybe I am being over-sensitive, but it just seemed like a big issue that should be corrected. Otherwise, Cadiz has the potential to be here for many years.

Finally...a great new restaurant opens dowtown!, 3/25/2011
Reviewer: pamela from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was amazing in this revamped space. Attentive service, beautiful setting & interesting flavors. Looking forward to going again.

Try it; you'll like it!, 3/24/2011
Reviewer: CC from Santa Barbara, CA
What a delightful addition to SB's dining choices. Food, service, and decor are all first class!

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