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Your Cake Baker by Wayne Kjar
No longer in business
Opened: 2010-11 Closed: 2018-12

2018 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-5519

Reviews by the General Public

Love, love, love, 9/10/2014
Reviewer: Arlene from Santa Barbara, CA
We always get our cakes for work events from Wayne. We have never had a cake that wasn't moist and delish. Info to the previous poster - it's not imitation banana flavoring, it's banana liquor, which is what one uses to flavor things....

Blah Cake, 8/30/2014
Reviewer: mary from Santa Barbara, CA
Disappointing. Constructive criticism: Use bananas instead of imitation banana flavoring if your making "banana cake."

Very Moist Cupcakes, 8/29/2014
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Probably the Moistest Cupcakes around, like eating wedding cake. Really good. Nice people.

YUMMMMMMMY, 3/18/2014
Reviewer: Irma from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered the Lemon Bavarian Cream and can I say it was FABULOUS!!! Everyone loved it and the recipient was not sharing the any of the leftovers LOL! This is my new cake place.

BEST Cake Ever - Your Cake Baker...Wayne Kjar, 7/18/2013
Reviewer: Nellie from Santa Barbara, CA
We had the most wonderful cake this weekend for my friend's 50th birthday! It was the BEST cake I have ever tasted. My recommendation to everyone: Just go to to Your Cake Baker...Wayne Kjar! The Bakery is cute, smells wonderful and the staff is pleasant and very attentive. This is the only place I will buy cake! Very Delicious!

Reviewer: Kae from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the fresh cupcakes and cakes from Wayne Kjar. He and his staff really have more than customer service in mind--it's more like customer delight. The bakery is clean and the shop well taken care of. The cupcakes and cakes are super fresh and truly scrumptious! Super variety. It's a Santa Barbara JEWEL that locals frequent. I've been here over 20 years and this is the best bakery I've found anywhere! Cake, yum!

Cupcake mediocrity, cream puff heaven, 6/26/2013
Reviewer: Tracy from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried 3 cupcakes and a cream puff. Lemon cupcake was the best of the three, the frosting had nice strong kick of lemon zest and the cake was light and fluffy. The red velvet cake was very dry and lacking in flavor and the white buttercream on top tasted too much like shortening and not enough like butter. The carrot cake had a nice carrot/walnut flavor but the cream cheese frosting was too sweet, needed more cheese flavor. The cream puff however was a delight! Filled with both whipped cream and pastry cream, both were only very lightly sweetened which let the flavor of the cream shine nicely. The choux pastry was crisp and fluffy in all the right ways. I won't be back for the cupcakes (too much shortening in frosting!), but I will certainly return for more cream puffs!

Eeehhhh, 5/28/2013
Reviewer: Jimena from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to order a cake from this place. The girl who took my order was very sweet. The owner in the other hand was not inviting at all he was rude. He got up set there was a issue with the register. The cake was okay nothing special . a little over priced if you ask me.

Best cakes ever!, 8/24/2012
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
Wayne Kjar's cakes are superb. He uses the very best ingredients and has a Master's touch. I wouldn't go anywhere else for cakes and other bakery items.

Reviewer: Brandon from Los Angeles, CA
Thank you Wayne for delivering an OUTSTANDING & DELICIOUS wedding cake! Our guests loved the cake. Many people raved that it was the best wedding cake they have ever had. The service was excellent and the design of the cake was beautiful and the taste was like no other. Not often the guests actually finish the wedding cake but our guests couldn't get enough! Best Baker in Santa Barbara hands down!

We're not big 'cake people' BUT..., 6/2/2012
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
WOW. The cake created by Wayne was so perfect. The staff was very helpful. We are ready for more!

Fabulous cakes and cupcakes!, 1/9/2012
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
The cakes and cupcakes here are delicious and amazing, and the prices are reasonable. The service is always great. I think they are related to the Koelsch's (probably spelled wrong)--Kjar's is just as good as those delicious cakes from 30 years ago!

Fair prices and great quality, 1/8/2012
Reviewer: Carolyn B from Santa Barbara, CA
Even though the price jumped up a bit not long after they opened I LOVE to treat myself to a Sarah Bernhardtt cookie. I go for the larger size they offer and it is so delicious, such a satisfying sweet when I feel like splurging. I have also had the sugar cookies and cupcakes too. I appreciate their pricing (even when the Sarah Bernhardtt went up) because I feel they offer quality for a very fair price, especially compared to other bakeries. I wish them continued success and would definitely suggest using them for specialty cakes,which based on the displays reminds me of the great cakes we used to get at Koelsh's Bakery when I was a kid. I bet I spelled that wrong but old time SB folks will know the place I mean! And service is always prompt and friendly.

Reviewer: Judy from Santa Barbara, CA
Wayne makes the best looking, best tasting cakes in Santa Barbara! Usually birthday cakes are more just for show, and don't really taste that great. Not so with Wayne's cakes - they are always delicious with very moist cake and frosting that is not too sweet. For my son's birthday cake I wanted to have a picture of a shark on it, so I sent Wayne a picture by e-mail; he reproduced it in the most amazing detail I have ever seen. For years Wayne did all my cakes at Henning's; now he's at Wayne Kjar Cakes, and I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else!

Birthday Cake , 7/11/2011
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake
Ordered a chocolate cake for a birthday party ... it was perfect. Creative design (we asked for a nascar theme), moist cake & the filling/frosting were so good. I will recommend them to all my friends!

Good cupcakes/service, 5/6/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Cupcakes were good here and cheap as mentioned. The quality was a bit lower than other "cupcakeries" on this site though(my fav is Enjoy Cupcakes followed by Crushcakes and Whodidily) but better than what you might find at a grocery store. People seemed really nice here. In the same location as the short lived Hot Cookie place.

Don't have to drive to LA for cakes Anymore, 4/27/2011
Reviewer: Roy from Carpinteria
I use to drive to LA for cakes for special occasions, but not anymore. This place makes the best cakes in Santa barbara county and a bag of chips. I tell all my friends about this place, their 20 20 deal is great and I like how everything is not made with too much sugar like most other places. You gotta try this place

Best cupcakes in sb!, 4/26/2011
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything I've tried from here is exceptional both in quality and price. Cupcakes that are heads above anything else around and for 1/3 the price. There cake is soooo much better than all the other cupcakeries. The best!!! Cream puffs are also great, I can never leave here without a few of each and my family is so thankful every time.

Cupcakes!! , 4/18/2011
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried 3 different flavors today 1) Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and buttercream frosting 2) German chocolate 3) White cake/standard frosting. The first two were amazing (better than the other cupcake place in town by leaps and bounds) and the third one was average. The quality was great and the price certainly can't be beat. It is refreshing to see reasonably priced ($1.25!) baked goods that still allow me to get chubby in a bad economy.

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