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Le Crepe Shoppe
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-04 Closed: 2012-08

15 W. Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-5555

Reviews by the General Public

Hours???, 11/30/2011
Reviewer: Suzanne Ollie from Los Angeles
Had some great crepes at this joint before, last month we got there at 11 am for late breakfast and it was closed? Last Monday 11/26/2011 got there at 9 am for breakfast, it was closed. I am done trying, this is not the way to run a business. To bad, this place will go out soon. Suzanne and boyfriend.

Cute place, 11/13/2011
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
I took my kids there last Sunday afternoon and they went bananas! They chose the blackberry/strawberry and lemon and sugar, I had a savory ham and cheese. The crepes were terrific and fun to watch the girl make them. We were the only people there, so waiting was not an issue. I would get a few more crepe irons instead of just the one. If that place got a rush they would be in the weeds with one iron to work with! The bonus is that Chocolate Maya is next door! The best chocolate I've ever had!

Open at 8am?, 7/12/2011
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Went with 2 friends to get crepes this morning. We arrived at 8:25am and the door was locked and we could see someone in the back who just stared at us. We looked at the sign on the door that said open at 8am. So we took our business next door to backyard bowls. We saw another couple do the same thing. Not very professional.

could be something great, 7/3/2011
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I was looking forward to the opening of Le Crepe Shoppe - while we do have Pacific Crepes, we don't have anything like Le Crepe Shoppe - the format of order at the counter and then sit down and eat, It felt like something very classic French. Kudos to the owner who did a great job with the decor, it's truly a charming place to have breakfast/lunch or brunch. I do agree with a few other reviewers that having only 1 plate to make the crepes will be challenging down the road. I don't think I would ever go there with more then one other person and it's tough to wait so long for a crepe...especially when she is churning out delicious delights right in front of you! The chalk board could use some cleaning up - even someone with better penmanship, so that it's easier to read would be better. All in all, I'm looking forward to going back to try more items from the menu, but I hope they expand a little and can do more then one crepe at a time in the future.

Pretty Good Food, 7/1/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not really a crepe connoisseur(think thin pancake with stuffing) but it was something different. The menu could be cleaner to figure out what they have. It was confusing on the chalk board and I did not get much help from the owner as to suggestions nor do they have a website/menu. They do make the crepe in front of you which is neat to watch(did not really take long!) and the owner is nice. She is the niece of the Chocolate Maya owner and they share a kitchen in the back.

Get Smart! Buy a Sandwich Instead., 6/17/2011
Reviewer: Rick Cipes from Santa Barbara, CA
Was all excited to have a new crepe place on the block as an alternative to the very unfriendly woman owns Pacific Crepes, but Le Crepe is seriously weak, with expensive crepes thrown together on ONE crepe maker. That's right, ONE crepe maker. Meaning, if you come with six people for lunch, yup, you're going to have to wait a while to get served. Advice: buy a sandwich from some place else, much better bang for your buck. This place closes within 6 months. They should at least go try and steal some recipes from Pacific!

Yummy crepes!, 6/11/2011
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally was able to get to the shoppe to enjoy my first nutella crepe. I've had such crepes before but this was really yummy. I know this sounds funny but it was a bit heavy on the nutella, which was fine. I'm just not a real sweet tooth. I look forward to trying a savory crepe. FYI - Their shop hours are 8am-4pm daily.

Wonderful!, 6/7/2011
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is great! We started ordering large orders for our office and the owner is so friendly and accommodating. Plus the food is delicious! I have a French coworker who agrees this is the real deal. They use all fresh ingredients and they make the crepe right in front of you. I'm sure this place will stick around and do great!

Cute, friendly, delicious!, 5/21/2011
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to the crepe shoppe this morning with our 14 month old daughter and were so pleased! The crepes were delicious - the bacon lettuce avocado (gluten free buckwheat crepe) was surprisingly good, and the lemon and sugar (sweet crepe) was simple and clean.The couple who run the place were super friendly. We really enjoyed chatting with them while they made our crepes right in front of us. The only downside is there are only two tables in the place, but we'll be back for sure... It's nice to have another friendly place to grab breakfast downtown.

just like paris, 5/15/2011
Reviewer: don henderson from Santa Barbara, CA
made in front of you. nice selection. very tasty. seating could be a problem.

Crepes For Everyone, 4/29/2011
Reviewer: Tie Zen Davidson from Santa Barbara, CA
The girls in my office came in with something that smelled so delicious, I had to ask what it was. It was the ham, cheese, basil, and red onion crepe from Le Crepe Shoppe. Not wanting to be left out, I dashed over (our office is right around the corner) to check it out for myself. I am so glad I did! Loved it!

Rhubarb, 4/28/2011
Reviewer: Maya Schoop-Rutten from Santa Barbara, CA
Rhubarb and strawberry crepe, the best, yes Jill is my niece but it does not matter, she is a great crepe expert, niece or not!

Great Crepes and local food, 4/26/2011
Reviewer: Jeremy Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been waiting for this place to open for months and it was all worth it. I ordered a chocolate and banana crepe and a lemon sugar, both were great! You will definitely be seeing more of me here soon!

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