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No longer in business
Opened: 2011-05 Closed: 2014-11

428 Chapala St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 560-1348

  • Category: Vegetarian
  • Hours: Tue-Sun 11am-3pm, 5pm-9pm, Brunch Sat-Sun 9am-3pm, Mon 5pm-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

My favorite restaurant in SB!, 7/28/2013
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
It seems like the only people who wrote negative reviews about Adama are high-maintenance and like to pick out the flaws in things. If you are the kind of person that tends to look on the bright side and enjoy amazing food, definitely give this place a try. That being said, the food at Adama is my favorite of ANY Santa Barbara restaurant, and I'm not vegan. After eating a huge meal here, you don't feel gross and weighed down, you feel energized and nourished. Also, GET THE NACHOS.

the best experience, 7/4/2013
Reviewer: Kelly from Los Angeles
What is there not to like about this place? Great food, wonderful service, and such a great environment. even my teenager loved it. Most of all, the desserts are insanely decadent. Vegans and non-vegans would devour this food. Thank you Adama for sharing this food!

Amazing food even if you're a meat lover!, 7/1/2013
Reviewer: Shelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally tried this place a few months ago, and from the start, I loved it and became an instant regular. It took some doing to get my meat- lovin boyfriend to even try a restaurant with "vegan" on the sign but I finally convinced him. Now he wants to come every Sat morning and more, his idea - we both love the food and the atmosphere here. Parking lot always has plenty of open spots so that just makes the decision even easier. The food here is really delicious - the owner is a food genius! And I'm very grateful it is organic, GMO-free, Gluten-free so I don't have to even ask. For breakfast, I highly recommend the Chiquiles with a side of salsa, and the chai tea with coconut milk. The gluten free toast is simply ahmazing, way better than regular bread. For lunch, the jackfruit tacos are my favorite but there are lots of great options (who knew that cooked jackfruit tastes a lot like shredded pork?). For appetizers, the hot wings and/or curry fried onion rings with ranch are super yummy and decadent. And for dinner, I can't say enough about the "chicken" piccata and the vegan KFC (what is this stuff anyway?? Tastes just like chicken!) Had their fresh peach martini to start and the pecan pie for dessert - you can taste the love! This evening I decided to come alone - super warm and friendly service - one of those places that you feel comfortable being here by yourself. I really enjoy the homey charming atmosphere and music here - not your run of the mill current rock, but tunes from the past that you loved but haven't heard in years. Just something (or everything) about Adama - makes me glad I came!

One of the worst dining experiences I have ever had , 6/22/2013
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I were trying to decide where to eat a healthy yet flavorful dinner. We go to Sojournor so often and love the food but thought we would try something different. I am a big foodie and love to cook but it was one of those nights where we wanted to relax and have someone else do it for us. We drove by Adama and thought we should try it. My boyfriend warned that one of our friends who is also a mostly vegetarian eater went there once and didn't enjoy it then went again to give it another shot. Both times she felt the service was not good and the food was overpriced for the actual flavor and presentation. There was only one person eating in what is a fairly large restaurant which wasn't a good sign but we did it anyway. They sat us at a cute table and we were happy to have some time alone. The waitress asked what I wanted to drink, when I answered 'water', she just walked away to get the water without asking my boyfriend what he wanted. We thought it was a little funny but just moved on. When she brought back the water, we asked her what one of the ingredients mentioned on the dinner menu was. She answered by telling us there was an explanation of that ingredient on on the breakfast menu, as if we were supposed to read a breakfast menu before the dinner menu we were there for. I decided later I would have a glass of wine and was a bit annoyed to see I would pay $8 - $9 for som wines that are sold at Trader Joe's for $5 a bottle but that also I ignored for the sake of enjoying the night. The food was decent and seemed to be made of fresh quality ingredients but certainly lacked much flavor. After approximately 20 minutes, 10 of it with food, the waitress told us they were going to close early because the restaurant was so slow. She said we could keep eating but literally each plate would be cleared upon near completion of the last bite of food. They were closing windows and doors around us pouring my boyfriends final sips of beer just to take the bottle away which takes no time when cleaning a table and on an on. He wanted to say something but I was doing the 'reluctant to have confrontation girlfriend' thing. Eventually, it became enough and I had to say something. I told them that it would have been nice to know that they might close early and rush us out of a $65 before tip meal, that way we would have proper expectations or make a decision to go somewhere that would stay open later. To which the waitress blamed the owner, to which the owner blamed the waitress and in the end we ended up paying $65 +$12 tip for what felt like eat an run. The right thing to do would just simply say sorry, we should have told you, let me get your drinks or something else. In speaking with other friends about this experience it is apparent that this odd restaurant behavior and the mood of the owner was well known at her restaurant in Carpinteria

As a meat-loving dairy fiend: Still Wonderful!, 9/15/2012
Reviewer: Tim from Goleta, CA
This place is wonderful for dinner. Decor is a unique cross between modern and mid-century, the seating is nearly private due to the creative layout and use of small dividing walls, the service was very friendly and attentive, and food was outstanding. I went for the first time due to some gluten-free friends in town, which were catered to brilliantly, but as someone who rarely (or really never ever) eats vegan I have to say I was really impressed. The best two dishes of the evening were the lasagna and the portobello mushrooms -- both were light but offered rich flavors and nice textures. Delicious and well executed.

A Vegan jewel!, 9/10/2012
Reviewer: Dee from Oceanside, CA
As this was our first visit to Adama and it was also our 30th wedding anniversary I was a little nervous. However, from the minuet we stepped inside it seemed evident that this was a special place. The decor was charming and clean. Our hostess and co-owner was warm and friendly. The care and concern that these owners have for the food they prepare and the environment is apparent. I enjoyed the artichoke dish and my husband the shepherd's pie. Although we were to full we shared chocolate cake and homemade ice cream and managed to fight for the last bite. It was difficult to believe that this food was vegan. We were both extremely happy that we picked this restaurant for our special day. I cannot wait to visit Adama again. I just wish it was not 200 miles from my home!

San Diego diners---LOVED IT!!!, 7/7/2012
Reviewer: Jim and Gina from Encinitas, CA
We're up for the week from San Diego, a friend recommended Adama to us and we were very pleasantly surprised! The food was awesome, service was very friendly and the desserts, well, the truth is, we just left with a boxful and haven't eaten them yet but they look YUMMY! Can't wait to dive in (tomorrow). Highly recommend this restaurant! Jim and Gina

Super Comfort Food!!! , 6/2/2012
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have refrained from eating wheat, dairy and sugar for the past couple of years so it was really a treat to eat here! My friend and I split the quesadillas, lasagna & enchiladas.... food I have not eaten in so long.. so to taste those flavors again( and to have them gluten, and dairy free!!!) , well, I was delighted!!! Especially the lasagna!!! Oooohhhh! Tonight we tried the Shepard's pie with jackfruit... the potato crust was interesting.. and the filling was good, but needed a tad more salt.. And, the lasagna and quesadillas again..mmmmm.. The waitress was new, but wonderful and helpful and happy... Atmosphere was pleasant, as they put us in room that we had not been in before and it was right next to a jazz guitarist... he played pleasant music for dining... we had come on a Wed night too, while Susan Reeves was playing and she is Awesome!!! All in all , many great experiences, food and otherwise!! I will return and bring more friends!!! I LOVE the Comfort food here!!! Even in warm weather!!!

Yummy food if you're a vegetarian, 2/9/2012
Reviewer: Casey from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a picky guy . . . and I found nothing to be critical of for my first meal here tonight. If you want to have entrees that you miss having since becoming a vegetarian, you will find yummy replacements here. I had the enchiladas mole and my wife had the lasagna. No dairy, no meat. But generous portions with a great presentation and the food was very tasty. The place is clean, comfy, nice soft music; friendly staff and owner. If you like the Sojourner you will like this too . . . this is a step above the Sojourner. Yes, a few dollars more than the Sojourner, but you just might have a little food left over to take home for next days lunch. My wife said this is now her favorite restaurant.

Great Meal , 1/17/2012
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake, CA
This was my first time at Adama & the experience was perfect! The food was so good ... the waitress attentive ... the owner very nice & helpful. I loved my tropical drink with fresh fruit, the tomato soup & the yummy tacos. My friend said the shepards pie was the best ever. The restaurant is lovely with private spaces to enjoy your meal. It's quiet ... you feel like you're the only customer (& the restaurant is full)! I am not a vegan & I loved it!

A Touch Of Heaven, 10/15/2011
Reviewer: David Mueller from Camarillo,Ca.
The Best of Great People.Excellent Service.Magnificent and Beautiful dining areas, (someone put a lot of work into it). Food was very delightful. My first time there.Recommend to others for sure.Going back.

Excellent, well-prepared food, 10/2/2011
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA
First I have to say that I can't believe this place has been open for months and I never even knew about it -- for years I have been hoping for a high-quality vegetarian restaurant in SB along the lines of Native Foods and Real Food Daily. I have had one breakfast here only but I think I found what I have been seeking. The food is inventive and obviously made with care. I am definitely going back for lunch and dinner because the menu on the whole looks great to me. I am also going to tell everyone I know about it because it obviously needs word-of-mouth advertising.

Sandwiches need some work....., 9/15/2011
Reviewer: Vivvy from Santa Barbara, CA
The baked goods at Adama are off the hook!! The salads look good (I haven't tried them yet) but I have tried the sandwiches, and they sound amazing but the execution is lacking. I am thrilled that there are vegan joints opening in SB, but I want to constructively critique this place. I highly recommend that the owner(s) take a field trip to Mary's Secret Garden in Ventura and try the sandwiches on and off the menu - she has a BBQ sandwich that she'll make upon request that is amazing. Please keep on improving - I want to support local, and especially vegan eateries.

Delicious, first rate vegan restaurant, 8/25/2011
Reviewer: Ilene Kahn Power from Santa Barbara, CA
My son who is vegan and I who am not had a truly delicious meal at Adama and can't wait to return. The food was beautifully prepared and fresh. Tomato with fresh herb soup, tacos made out of a kind of fruit that were original and tasty, a hummus platter and salad. We had fresh juice and tea. I can't recommend this restaurant highly enough. I am really considering becoming vegan if I can find great food like this in our city. Lovely personal attention and surroundings. Easy parking. My only note: please serve glass waterglasses. The plastic ones didn't make it.

Excellent service, really good food! , 8/16/2011
Reviewer: Jaimie from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried for the first good! Will be back for sure! Had the hummus appetizer, pizza, meatball sandwich and the spinach salad... Everything super fresh...and flavorful! The bread that came with the meal was just out of the oven .... Just the way I like it! Large we took the rest home... My husband loved it and he never thought he would ever be into "vegan".

Contradicting foodie emotions..., 8/15/2011
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally had the opportunity to try Adama this weekend with a few friends visiting from San Diego. One was a vegetarian and the rest of us were eager to try out Adama's "vegan comfort cuisine". There were many high points of our experience and a few, I'll say quirks to it as well. First off, the atmosphere is beautiful - decor, warm colors, chic vibes, private dining booths - all wonderful. The staff were extremely welcoming, friendly and accommodating. Our waitress was spanking brand new I believe, and not very knowledgeable about the menu items/ingredients, frazzled, food stained shirt, but had a sweet disposition. She wasn't sure which milk would work best in cold iced coffee or if they served a side salad..little things like that. I find it strange that they do not offer a side salad as an option. That seems like a staple item to have on the menu. Chai tea with coconut milk was great. Our appetizers were fine - sweet potato fries and the potato knish. The knish was basically a large biscuit/puff pastry with mashed potatoes inside served with a spicy mustard sauce. I added some salt and pepper to give the potatoes some flavor - there were no chopped veggies/herbs/spices that I could tell. The pastry was kind of chewy and not flaky, but still tasty. Just not what I would expect from a puff pastry. Me and one friend ordered the special tuna melt sandwich which I believe is made from chick peas, and cheese substitute. I had mine on sourdough bread. The sandwich was great - thick toasted bread, rich and buttery filling. I would eat this anytime as an alternative to a real tuna salad sandwich. The salad was simple with a creamy peppercorn garlic dressing. My 2 other friends meals left something to be desired, which I hate to say because we all really wanted to love the food. One had the tofu ranchero which is on the breakfast menu. I would expect chopped up tofu with a hearty, aromatic ranchero sauce and fresh warm tortillas on the side. The plate came with slabs of tofu and a chunky tomato sauce with a soggy tortilla underneath it all. I think tofu is good when it's chopped and the flavors of your sauce get soaked in the tofu. Tofu is a common staple in most Asian diets and it is never served in large slabs. The sauce would have been nice more of an Italian type dish, but not a Mexican dish. It had no herbs you would find in a typical ranchero sauce. The beans and quinoa she had with it were standard. My other friend ordered the pasta with butternut squash. It came with a heaping plate of bow tie pasta, a disproportional amount of pesto and 3 thin strips of butternut squash and a TON of oil pooled at the bottom. For $14 that doesn't seem right. Definitely a carb intensive meal. You won't leave hungry so if you're looking for something light and refreshing this might not be the perfect place. It is hearty and large portions. I'm not sure if I'll return. It is pricey and I don't mind pricey if I know I will leave satisfied after each meal. I'll probably try it out again in a few months, but will be weary of their renditions of certain dishes. Also this may sound nit picky, but a restaurant should serve water in restaurant grade glasses not plastic glasses - but that's just my opinion.

THE BEST!!!, 8/12/2011
Reviewer: Adrienne Kligman from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow!!!!!! Been vegan for 37 years. THE BEST vegan restaurant I have ever been to in the U.S. or Europe! Superior food, service,and atmosphere. Great prices and extra large helpings. Food is homemade, authentic, gorgeous, and DELICIOUS!!! Will be back again and again!!

Great new place! Good food for everyone, vegan or not., 8/8/2011
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd seen Adama and looked at the menu, but had not found "lunch only" to be doable. Now they are now open for dinner. A intensely carnivorous friend told me how great it was, so he and I and two others went for dinner recently. I've eaten at many amazing all-vegan, all-organic restaurants in LA and SF (the best being SF's Millenium, followed by Gracias Madre, and Plant). Adama was very good. We ordered four different entrees and mine was perhaps the lesser of the meals, but still very good. Service was great and the owner was perhaps a little quirky, but very helpful and friendly. I'd eat at Adama often if not for the kinda crazy-high prices. Entrees average around $16, which outside of world-class Millenium are higher than I've seen for vegan elsewhere. I found the name "Adama: Comfort Vegan Food", to be a bit incongruous with the interior and pricing. Is it casual or upscale? Not that I really care, but I don't think vegans are looking for upscale and the "vegan" generally scares off the upscale foodie crowd. I think if they work this out and bring their dinner prices down to their lunch prices (and so forth), they will be a huge hit. A side note on the baked goods: very good. I'd love to say they are as amazing as Strong Hearts was, but SH were as good as baked goods get, and they were vegan.

Mock Carnivore? , 7/30/2011
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate at the chef/owner's previous restaurant in Carpinteria and LOVED the menu. We REALLY wanted Adama to be successful.Have a longstanding love of outstanding vegan cuisine. We both both would be vegans (as opposed to mere vegetarians) if we could find a menu that offered a balance of proteins/carbs that did not entirely rely on soy or gluten (both of which we became allergic to over a two year attempt at veganism). We just don't understand why a vegan restaurant would offer "mock" meat. Menu items like "meatballs" or "turkey sandwiches" or "shepard's pie" or "french dip" invoke a reference to flesh. Why would any vegan want a meal that "mimics" carnivorous menu items? I hate flesh. Don't want any "fake" flesh, and I don't understand a menu that suggests a "substitute" for such items. Santa Barbara needs a very clever vegan chef who can offer whole vegan foods that don't try to "apologize" for avoiding meat. What is wrong with great salads, or tofu scrambles (no "fake" cheese needed), etc., etc,? Why offer a "quiche" to vegans (and then have the wait staff unable to tell you what is actually in the item )? Service staff was unskilled. I ordered a decaf coffee and was told they'd have to brew a pot. Fair enough (even though it was breakfast). 10 minutes late the waiter brought me a coffee mug. I asked where the coffee was and he told me it was self service coffee. I wondered why they would bother to bring me a mug and then require me to walk all the way across the restaurant to fill that cup? Why not just bring the first cup filled and introduce the "refill" bar- or even just tell me where to get my first cup to begin with. Then, after retrieving my first cup of coffee myself and returning to my table, I noticed a different waitress refilling coffee at an adjacent table. I had to wonder who qualifies for coffee service and who doesn't. I decided to go get the decaf coffee thermos and bring it to my table, since I was the only decaf drinker among the three tables in the restaruant. And the waitress who served the table next to me immediately snatched it away. ~ So I ordered the pumpkin pancakes. I asked the waiter about my need for protein to accompany the pancake carbs. He had no suggestions and looked a bit puzzled, finally suggesting oatmeal. I noted that oatmeal was a carb, which seemed to confuse the waiter. So I ordered a side of pecans and a side of beans. The waitress (coffee pourer) came back twice to make sure I ordered a side of beans, seeming puzzled by the combination. ~ The beans were good. The pancakes made me ill. Don't have any idea what was in them, but they had a 'fake meaty" texture, which I suspect was gluten (an allergy of mine). This was breakfast. I have had diarrhea all day and eaten nothing else today and it's now 9:00 P.M. Needless to say, we will not return to this establishment. I CAN say the pastries are good, because I had them at her previous restaurant. Other than that, SB has not yet found a good vegan (or even vegetarian) restaurant. Too bad.

A New Favorite, 7/20/2011
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
I've now eaten at Adama twice, once for a late breakfast, and then again tonight to try their new dinner menu. Though the above hours do not yet reflect it, they are now open 5 pm to 9 pm for dinner (closed Mondays). The atmosphere is light and airy with high ceilings in a charming building with some lovely details and a slightly quirky layout. Tonight we were seated at a large circular booth with a view of the street and the windows open to the breeze. On our first visit, I had the tofu scramble with house-made cashew cheese and a knish. The scramble was gently and simply seasoned, which only works so well because of the quality of the organic ingredients used. They really seem to understand that simple comforting food of the style served here succeeds or fails on the quality of the ingredients, and in this instance they shine. Perfect example: Adama has some of the best toast I've ever had in my life. The bread is made from scratch on site (did I mention they have a fantastic bakery case?) and is far superior to most of the flavorless mass-produced stuff served at many places in town. Dinner tonight was the "vegan KFC" for my partner and a giant bowl of tomato soup with cashew cream and the frito misto appetizer for myself. We split a slice of cheesecake for dessert. The vegan KFC was amazing. The mashed potatoes were extra garlicy and lightly fried on the outside. The gardein was crispy-crunchy and satisfying, the coleslaw was tangy. The tomato soup was like summer in a bowl. Subtle, slightly sweet, with intense fresh tomato flavor (obviously not made from canned tomatoes), a little creaminess from the cashews, a little basil, and thinly sliced scallions for garnish. The frito misto - fried battered cauliflower with a sweet/sour sauce made with toasted Indian spices. The cheesecake - the best I've ever had. And I've tried a lot of vegan cheesecake. Intensely rich, velvety smooth, clean in flavor (unlike some non-dairy cheesecakes) with their own house-made biscotti crushed up for the crust. I'd come back again just for this dessert. My only gripe, the complimentary bread brought out before the meal was a little stingy. A single longish roll sliced into two halves dwarfed in a large bread basket covered with a napkin. We received more upon request, but again it was a single roll sliced in half. The iced tea on the other hand was freshly made and plentiful. I cannot abide instant iced tea, and theirs was obviously fresh-brewed. The prices were a bit high compared to places we normally eat - $16 - $18 per entree, $8 for desserts, $8 and up for appetizers. We'd eat here more often if we could afford to. However, I understand that the quality of the ingredients is very high (I see the owner shopping for her organic produce at the farmer's market, not to mention the amazing baked goods) so I know that shrinks the profit margin. I definitely want the owner to make a profit and stay in business. Overall, a very satifying experience.

I have fallen in love with a sandwich, 7/2/2011
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here twice so far, both times with my non-vegan teenage son willingly in tow. The first time we went, I got the quiche, which was very good, and he got the Gardein sandwich with artichoke hearts and chipotle mayo, etc., which I tasted, loved, and thought of daily ever since. He also loved it. We shared sweet potato fries and enjoyed them. Today, almost a month later, we returned and both ordered the Gardein sandwich which was at least as wonderful as I had remembered it from my one bite of his. I told him, "I could eat this every day!" :) Also good is the black peppercorn ranch dressing for the accompanying side salad. He had fresh apple juice to drink and said it was good. We got cookies to go the first time, nothing today. The peanut butter cookie was quite good but I was underwhelmed by the chocolate chip cookie that day. Service was pleasant both times. I am looking forward to when they open for dinner, and I am very happy they are here in Santa Barbara! (If I had to complain about anything, it would be the restroom. Men and women have separate stalls in the same room and they share a sink. Not the level of privacy we are used to.)

Good Food, 6/30/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Had the jack fruit tacos which were amazing. If you are vegan definitely a place to try and if you are not like me a great place to try for something different. The atmosphere was elegant, when they open for dinner it will be good, too elegant for me for lunch/breakfast unless you want that. A bit pricey but you are getting great stuff. Waitresses very nice. I never got a chance to try the chamomile cafe but I can see now why it was so popular. More laid back Alchemy Cafe is right next door.

A much needed addition to SB!, 6/2/2011
Reviewer: Anita from Goleta, CA
I have dined at Adama 5 times already and have been extremely satisfied each time. After becoming a vegan a few months ago I was really excited to see this restaurant open where I can order anything my heart desires and it is ALL good!!! The food here will definitely satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike. So far I have only had sandwiches (grilled veggie panini & Gardein 'chicken' chipotle panini) both amazing! Salads with lemon vinaigrette or peppercorn ranch, again, both delicious!! And the soup of the day which was a mushroom barley - TASTY! The service has always been attentive & friendly. I have met the owner & the manager whom are always very warm and welcoming... I am surprised at the review that said otherwise.... Makes me suspicious of that review as I cannot picture either of them acting in such a manner, especially in front of customers....

Adama Evolution, 6/1/2011
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
I was excited to give a new vegan restaurant a try as an alternative to take visitors to. The first surprise is how much different it is inside from the old El Presidente, which was a dark meat eater place that looked like a spot where people went to make shady deals with people they didn't want to be seen with. It is now bright and light and totally transformed. The second surprise was that the air was filled with an acrid smell that I thought must be an electrical fire. The server explained that no, it was the cooks searing chiles in the kitchen. It was choking, and we were only able to breathe by opening up a window and drinking a lot of water.... this at noon during the lunch rush. Why they would choose to do this prep activity when customers are present baffles me. They get points for bringing an actual pot of boiled water for hot tea. They lose points for refusing to allow us to get a split side of the kasha and rice so that we could sample them. I told the server that our group would just like a split side to taste, so we'd know what we'd want to order on our next visit, since we were here for our first time. The server insisted that simply couldn't be done, then left and came back saying the Owner said no. That we'd have to buy two full sides, which led to us buying none and I don't get that level of inflexibility. The food was tasty enough, the portions small for the price, but I left with the opinion that I would ONLY patronize this restaurant if my companion was a truly picky vegan or vegetarian.

Best Vegan Restaurant within 25 miles , 6/1/2011
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
Aside from the spectacular vegan experience of Millenium in San Francisco, the food at Adama in Santa Barbara is as good as it comes for us vegans craving quality food. I would not say they are overpriced because most or all of the ingredients are fresh and likely organic, so of course you're going to pay more. But that is to be expected for vegans who care about taking care of the human body. I love the Quiche! The Pumpkin Pecan pancakes are perfect and very hearty (good luck trying to finish the two). They'll soon be open for dinner. But go get some fresh pastries. You will be fooled if you think they're not vegan. You can walk in and order anything on the menu without worrying if there are any animal products. I recommend taking some carnivores there and showing them how good the food is.

great food complimented by sweet staff, 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been a regular customer at Adama since it's opening 2 weeks ago. The food is the best I have eaten anywhere. If asked what my favorite menu item is I would say all. No matter what you try, you will not be disappointed. The wait staff, although all on a learning curve, are well trained and make your entire dining experience relaxed and pleasant. Through the atmosphere at this restaurant, it is evident the owner and staff truly enjoy what they do and enjoy passing that on to the customer.

Great Food, Great Service, Great Atmosphere, 5/26/2011
Reviewer: Ben W from Santa Barbara, CA
As a frequent diner at the former Chamomile Cafe, I was thrilled to hear of the opening of Adama in Santa Barbara. This last weekend I was able to enjoy my first meal at the new restaurant. I must say that I had a very pleasant experience. The service was first class, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was great. The restaurant is divided into various rooms, allowing for a private dining experience for your party. I came to the restaurant with a group of five people, so I was able to sample a number of the dishes on the menu, and I really enjoyed each one of them. I can't wait to come back again!

Food is good, management not so much., 5/25/2011
Reviewer: Lisa N. from Santa Barbara, CA
OK, the food is tasty, I'll give them that (albeit overpriced). But the staff seems undertrained and overworked, and I watched in horror as the owner was caustic to one girl for making a very minor mistake. Whenever I saw the owner out in front she seemed to constantly have an unpleasant attitude. It made me uncomfortable and I don't think I'll be attending again. I have heard that this lady was notorious in Carpinteria at her previous restaurant for having the same attitude problem (usually she's referred to by a word that can't be printed here). Sounds like the restaurant business isn't for her. I feel bad for the poor staff. I suggest if you want to try the food you get it to-go.

Great Food, Nice Place, 5/17/2011
Reviewer: Avon from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally, a place in Santa Barbara where I can eat anything on the menu. I've had breakfast and lunch there and everything was great. The quiche was amazing, the squash soup delicious and I donít know when I last had a quesadilla, it was great. The portions are satisfying, I think anyone would be pleased.

Yay -- Santa Barbara Has Its Own Vegan Restaurant!!!, 5/17/2011
Reviewer: Hannah from Santa Barbara, CA
Comfort food is right! Adama serves up incredibly tasty vittles -- one morning, in the mood for a quick, savory bite, I ordered the potato knish (comes with a side of mustard) and an iced tea -- I was in heaven. The next day, I took my mom and husband for lunch. We had: meatloaf sandwich (to die), meatball sub (scrumptious), and quiche (very yummy to my tummy). All the flavors were amazing, including the peppercorn salad dressing, and the portions were generous. BUT WAIT...I've never had a brownie, Vegan or otherwise, as good as theirs...despite the menu warning not to keep asking if everything is REALLY Vegan, I did have to ask... it was THAT good. The chocolate cake was also the best of its kind ever tasted... Can't wait to try the whole menu...again and again and again... I wish for them (for our sakes) prosperity and longevity.

You have got to try this place!, 5/15/2011
Reviewer: Owen Dell from Santa Barbara, CA
We just had lunch there and...WOW! The place is beautiful, the staff is a delight, and the food, oh the food. It's really pretty much as good as it can get. I had a gardein sandwich on focaccia with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, and cashew cheese. It was totally scrumptious, and the side salad with sesame vinaigrette was very nice too. My sweetie had the Aglio e Olio, pasta with olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, and butternut squash (and plenty of moist, chewy bread to soak up the juices). for dessert, a chocolate cupcake dripping with moistness and covered in luscious frosting. And an apple streusel tart for the lady. The restaurant is broken up into little rooms, each a little different and all cozy and wonderfully furnished. The staff is attentive and friendly and very good looking to boot. I know this sounds like an ad, but I really couldn't wait to get home and share our delight with others. This is an out-of-the-way location, so their success will come via word of mouth. I'm doing my part. I urge everyone, vegan or not, to give Adama a try. I think you'll seriously love it. And no, I don't have a stake in the place. It's just that I'm thrilled with what they're doing and want them to succeed and be around for a very long time.

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