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O Street Truck
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-04 Closed: 2013-01

Mobile - see web site for locations
Phone: (805) 966-1630

Reviews by the General Public

Yummy pork , 4/26/2012
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the O Street Truck at Earth Day 2012 and it was really delicious. I had the bbq pork banh mi, and it's a contender for best bbq pork in town for sure! The cha cha sauce it amazing too. I would buy a bottle of it if I could. After eating there for Earth Day I decided to like them on facebook so I can see where they go from now on. I ended up eating there again for lunch yesterday. My only gripe is that the sandwich is $9. I'm not really complaining about the price being unfair (I pay nearly that much for a not-as-tasty sandwich from other places in town). I'm mostly just sad because I won't be able to eat there as often as I would like because I never really have such a large lunch budget. Maybe they could offer half sammies?

A Great Find, 12/31/2011
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the O-Street Truck at the 2011 Goleta Lemon Festival, and wow, was I impressed. I tried the Banh Mi chicken sandwich. The bread was delicious and fresh, and the cha cha sauce gave it great flavor. The veggies in the sandwich provide a great crunch texture, and the chicken was perfectly cooked. I ate at the truck last week and it was awesome. Tried the french fries with cha cha dipping sauce, and the garlic dipping sauce. Fries are seasoned well, but a bit overly salted. That being said, I still LOVED the fries. Also ordered the banh mi taco; it was good, but I prefer the bahn mi chicken sandwich. This truck is awesome!

Best Wedding Food Ever! , 11/16/2011
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously O Street Truck is fabulous for lunch, but I CANNOT recommend their catering service enough! Molly and Liz have been outstanding since the early planning stages and their food and service for our wedding this weekend blew us away. From last minute menu changes to providing place ware, menus, pop-up tents and buffet decorations, they simply rocked. And the food...oh how our guests raved about the food. Their top picks: killer 4 cheese macaroni, jalapeno corn bread muffins, french dip sandwich, and pomme frites with cha cha sauce. As promised, it was delicious and memorable. Book them for your holiday party or wedding ASAP!

Not Authentic, but Still Tasty, 9/26/2011
Reviewer: SL from Santa Barbara, CA
SB is a total bánh mě wasteland. Besides this truck, I don't think anyone in all of SB is serving anything that could remotely be called a bánh mě. If you're familiar with bánh mě you'll see what O Street Truck is serving is a bit of a re-imagined non-authentic version, but it's still a tasty sandwich. Typically bánh mě run in the $2-3 range, but here it's $7-8, but they are a little more hearty than what you get at a Vietnamese shop. While tasty I really wish they included some of the more traditional toppings like daikon, chile peppers, and pâté. Also kind of strange is they use pulled pork for the pork version instead of the classic charbroiled pork. They are also putting out some of the best fries in all of SB. As far as service the owner is awesome, super friendly and gets the job done. Her staff works hard and is also nice as well. Hopefully they stick around as they have offerings that no one else does in SB. Until someone finally opens a true bánh mě shop this is the closest thing we have to get your fix.

Great food and great service!, 9/11/2011
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
I am addicted to the O Street Truck's chicken banh mi sandwiches. The pastry crust pizzas are also excellent. Check out their website for a daily schedule of where they'll be parked, and give it a try!

It's all about good food and customer service, 8/20/2011
Reviewer: Leonard Todd from Santa Barbara, CA
Let me share what customer service is about. Am a fan of O food truck. Frequent it every now and then. I was so hungry after the gym, checked the truck's schedule, and they were going to be at the Saturday's farmers market at 11:00 am. I was starving but decided to wait a couple of hours and get my banh mi sandwich at 11:00. Was there at 11:00 am and no I found their phone number and called. A women (Liz) answered and I asked where the truck was and she apologized and said their website schedule was wrong....they weren't going to be there today. But instead of saying I'm sorry and hanging up, she was so apologetic and invited me to the company's kitchen...close by...and said she'd make me a sandwich!!!!....and I did take her up on the offer...hungry here. Now folks, that's customer service!!!!!! As always, loved the sandwich! Thanks, Liz....what a business women.

The Banh Mi should be called BUN ME, 7/13/2011
Reviewer: Shereen from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a chicken banh mi sandwich the other day and was not impressed. It was kind of dry and a lot of bread. The frys were pretty good though with wasabi mayo..

First time at food truck....Wonderful, 6/18/2011
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
Been reading about the food trucks in finally had a chance to try O Street Truck at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Had the Banh Mi chicken tasty, spicy. Loved it. And the other reviewer was right...the pommes frites are the best...freshly made, salted perfectly....not sitting around getting soggy like other places.

O so sad...but will try again, 6/13/2011
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara, CA
I was thrilled when I first learned about O Street Truck and the French-Vietnamese sandwich that I haven't found on a SB menu and greatly missed. Service was very pleasant and fast. To my disappointment though, the baguette wasn't fresh or toasted, the veggies weren't julienned like the tru Bahn Mi and there wasn't any cilantro. The ChaCha sauce is tasty and carried me through 1/2 of the sandwich before I gave up on the unchewable bites of beef. On the positive side of things, this truck might make the best pomme frites in town. Served HOT, salted perfectly, and as my coworker described, "Rediculous!" I'm hoping today was just an off day for the Bahn Mi. It's difficult to find on a menu and it's one of the best sandwiches if prepared right. Please use fresh, quality ingredients that are truly represented by your website photos.

Fairly Good Food/Service, 6/9/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Chicken Banh Mi good(also spicy). Interesting history on that with the French occupation of Vietnam area creating that food, French baggette with local Vietnamese food inside of it. Think Vietnamese torta. I am not sure I'd call the prices "cheap" as the fillings were small. Owner seemed nice but seemed like those in the truck were too stern. Limited menu. Pommes Frites are Fries with dipping sauces, they were Ok. Taco was small like a taqueira taco. They could add more filling to both taco and sandwich but they are trying to make a buck so understandible. I would try to catch them near a business over IV unless you are a student down there as basically no parking where they are at.

Delcious Banh Mi and Pommes Frites, 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I was bemoaning the lack of banh mi in SB when I stumbled across the O Street Truck. It's absolutely delicious, and the pommes frites (fries, for those of you francophobes) are amazing, crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. I especially recommend trying the frites with the chacha sauce and the curry ketchup, both delicious.

Unique Taste, Reasonable Price, 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm loving the food truck explosion here in SB, but many of them are higher priced than I would like to spend for my daily lunch. The O Street Truck seems to have kept costs in line, but the servings are still big enough to satisfy. The soup was very tasty although I wish they offered it in a smaller serving. I would suggest spliting it between two people. An ideal meal would be to split a serving of soup and get two tacos, which I think would come out to $6. Tacos were great and had a unique flavor, which I am not qualified to describe very well, not being a foodie. Companions said the sandwiches were also very good, and I tried a bit of the steak and it was scrumptious. Was served pretty quick and the people were friendly. I hope more of these trucks pop up out here in workerland.

Chase this truck!, 5/26/2011
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here once and loved it. A simple menu is the way to go for food trucks (fewer choices - line moves faster) and I sampled a sandwich (juicy barbecued chicken, be sure to add lots of chili mayo), the French "pizza" (pastry with grilled vegetable topping) and the delicious soup. Recently these guys have either run out of food before I got to the Farmers Market or not been there at all, which sucks, because I want to make it a regular Saturday treat.

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