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Italia Pizza & Pasta
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-06 Closed: 2013-09

149 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 845-1000

Reviews by the General Public

Don't go for the Italian Sub, 3/5/2013
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd like to try their pizzas and pastas, but I'd never been and for a quick lunch today I grabbed their Italian Sub. I think they were attempting to use garlic bread as the bread for the sandwich, which sounds like it might be tasty - but it's not when mayo and mustard are slathered all over it to make a deli type sub! The meat inside was OK but I couldn't eat the sandwich, as a sandwich. The garlic bread/mustard combo was not good. I will go back to try other dishes, the place smelled really good. And if they do use garlic bread on say their meatball sub? Now THAT sounds delicious!

Nice Surprise, 2/28/2013
Reviewer: Jason from Goleta
This is not a sit down and order restaurant as you can tell from the pics, but an order-at-the-counter place, which means a different expectation for service and food quality. But was very surprised overall. Server/Cashier suggested a pasta special to me which was spaghetti with garlic bread and side salad. I upped the meal to include meat sauce. Was a tad "brothy", not a thick marinara, but was full of flavor and piping hot. Biggest surprise was the larger than average "side" salad which was actually quite large and contained very crisp, very fresh mixed greens with homemade croutons (and a good caesar dressing). Service was very fast too (although seeing other diners, it seems the fresh-made pizzas might take a bit longer); the pasta and salad were served very quickly. I would recommend to a friend.

Pizza Margherita, 9/15/2012
Reviewer: Lil from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a lovely Margherita pizza here the other afternoon. Great, friendly chef in the kitchen and the prices are very reasonable.

Great Lunch . . ., 8/20/2012
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the lunch special - mini pizza with one topping, salad and drink for $6.99 The salad was fantastic. Spring greens, arugula, home-made croutons and dressing. Pizza was the best I've had in a long time, better than Giovannis and Taffy's by far. Will definitely go back for it again. I forgot to mention I have had the Bruchetta before and it is the best I ever had.

False Advertising - No Delivery, 1/22/2012
Reviewer: Nancy Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
I called to request an order for delivery. A girl answered and was pretty rude asking how large my order would be. When I asked if there was a minimum delivery amount, she was vague and said I'd have to order at least 'a couple pizzas.' When I mentioned the website said they delivered and that I was within the delivery range, she said that they didn't have a driver and I'd just have to come in. I am going to order for pick-up this time, but am pretty miffed at the service, or in this case, lack thereof.

Great Food Great Price!!!, 11/5/2011
Reviewer: Miguel from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been meaning to write for quite sometime, as I have gone to Italia quite a few times now. I have nothing but great things to say about this place. The food is flavorful with fresh and quality ingredients and have a clean presentation. The staff is friendly but still seem a bit young/new. I recommend the Chicken Piccata, Calzones (great!!!), Pizzas and the Salads/Antipasto. Their prices are very fair for the portion and leave you very satisfied. Having that I'm a Goleta local, I hope they decide to deliver soon. (Hint, Hint!!)

Excellent find, 11/1/2011
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We are locals who hang out at the nearby Starbucks very often. We finally decided to try a pizza at Italia and we pleasantly surprised. It was absolutely delicious with wonderful fresh ingredients. We enjoyed the antipasto too. Now we need to try everything else on their menu. Also they are not too expensive and perfect for a hearty family meal. Italia is a valuable addition to this part of Goleta.

Great Pizza!, 10/20/2011
Reviewer: Melodie from Goleta, CA
Place has a great selection for pitchers and the pizza is really great. My friend ordered a calzone and it looked delicious, I wished I had also ordered one too. Will definitely be back. So far best pizza in town!

Wow, excellent pizza!, 9/12/2011
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, excellent pizza. Just the right proportions of crust, sauce, cheese, and topping. The pepperoni is not the usual kind, it's cut from a larger chub and packs more flavor. I think they might saute/fry the canadian bacon a little before putting it on, because it's a little crispier. The other food that we saw come out of the kitchen looked pretty tasty-- subs, pasta. The owner and staff seem friendly. We'll definitely be back.

Very good food!, 8/31/2011
Reviewer: Hugh from Santa Barbara, CA
My first time here. I had to have the Chicken Parm sandwich. Something I can't really make at home but need to eat now and then. Very clean interior and friendly folks behind the counter. I really liked it; the bread and cheese they use are excellent. The sauce and the amount was also near perfect but the chicken was superbly crispy, tender, juicy, and well seasoned. A half filled me because it also comes with a side. Either a green salad or potato salad. YES the awesome German Potato Salad served here for years. The red cabbage and schnitzel are long gone but the potato salad is a choice with any sandwich and that made it especially good to me. I'll try more things in the future but having a really good chicken parm sandwich nearby has brightened my outlook. Give this new place a try!

had me from the first minute i walked in, 7/12/2011
Reviewer: Jessie from Santa Barbara, CA
As soon as I walked in I could smell the bueatiful Italian food be prepared. I didnt even know this place existed until I went to search Goleta Italian eateries. I am so glad I took a chance with a new place. I had the raviolis and they were great (and I got a lot in comparison to other places). MY boyfriend had the calzone and he said it was wonderful and compared it to his favorite Italian place as a boy. It is a small space, but very welcoming. I could tell many of the cashiers were new, but this place has only been open for about a month i think. Patience and a smile will brighten their day. Give them time and they will be spot on. Cant wait to go back!

Good Giovanni's style family run place, 7/6/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This was really close to a Giovanni's style in my opinion. Pizza really good, owner and family are running the place and the owner looks like he is meticulous in making sure the food is prepared correctly. The kids are maning the cash register, I assume they will actually hire other people, it looked to me like a minor was pouring/serving beer that is on tap which I think is against the law? If so they will have to fix that. Worth a try, what is neat is you can go to this little area and decide if you want Panda, Chicken Ranch or Italian then the family can have a meal together in the outside tables which is what we did! The family running it were nice, the owner is the son of the European Deli owner previous to this place.

Best Calzone Locally!, 7/5/2011
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Calzone was prepared perfectly. Crispy thin dough and really fresh ingredients. Much better than Petrini's, Gina's and Giovanni's. The antipasto salad was so fresh and tasty w/ a good variety of italian meats. They've got a few bugs to work out service wise but they're only a week old. Great prices as well. Will be back a lot!

Excellent Food, 7/2/2011
Reviewer: Paul W from Santa Barbara, CA
Give this new place a try. I took the kids today and they absolutely loved it. They rated it higher than dominoes and rusty's.

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