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Sugar & Salt Creamery
Mobile - see web site for locations
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Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: karen from Santa Barbara, CA
My family was so excited to try this. We woke up on Saturday morning and headed downtown to the farmers market to get our ice cream (it was the only reason we went down there). My kids were so excited and had even chosen the flavors they had wanted. We walked up and down the isles trying to find the truck. When I finally found the booth they were supposed to be in, they informed me that they were busy and didn't make it today. I looked it up on their website and it still stated that they were at the market. I had 2 disappointed kids and we were extremely frustrated. If you are going to have a food truck with multiple locations, update your website as to where you are going to be. I have no desire to try and track them down again.

Extremely good sorbet, worth every penny
Reviewer: Kellyn from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped by when Sugar & Salt was at Butterfly Beach and was very happy with the quality, flavor, and customer service. The sorbet is superb (it is important to note that they make sorbet, not ice cream). Their serving size is perfect: small enough to feel like a good, healthy dessert portion, large enough to feel satisfied. Their flavors are phenomenal. I tried the Nutella flavor and my friend tried the peanut butter and jelly. We are now both loyal fans. I'm happy with the price point ($4), and I think any less would be unfair to Sugar & Salt. Most importantly, talk to the guys serving you, they will be more than happy to tell you all about their business. Bottom line: good people, good product, happy customers.

Reviewer: John Marshall from Santa Barbara, CA
The ice cream is awesome! I had the Nutella and my wife had the thai tea, completely different styles, but both really great. Follow them, book them, whatever you need to do to get this ice cream.

Good, but EXTREMELY overpriced
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
The ice cream was really good (we got the maple/bacon), but when the guy handed over the tiny cup that it came in we both started laughing. It was $4.75 for two heaping tablespoons of ice cream (this is not even close to an exaggeration). I guess this is why there wasn't anyone else buying, and we won't be again unless the price comes down. Isn't one of the benefits of a food truck 'low overhead' and keeping prices reasonable comparative to a fixed location?

Finally got to try it!
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
I am so impressed by the quality and orginality of the ice cream. The strawberry is so good I couldn't believe it. Find them, eat the ice cream!

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