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Sushi Ai
7020 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 571-6452

  • Category: Japanese
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9:30pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

good food,perfect price:}
Reviewer: Ros from Santa Barbara, CA
I like this place, price and food are good..

Great Priced Sushi
Reviewer: Jacquie from Santa Barbara, CA
The prices are quite low, so this place allows me to have sushi on a graduate student's budget. It's not the best sushi ever, but it is just as good as anywhere else in town (that is not super expensive). I like getting orders to go...

Disappointing deterioration in service and atmosphere.
Reviewer: Paco from Goleta, CA
Have eaten here before at lest 20 times. Will never go back again after tonight. Discourteous young woman taking our order Spoke poor english with thick accent, not oriental. Had to repeat my order several times. Service was poor and they forgot our Miso soup until 10 minutes after we finished our hand rolls. Had to remind waitress / order taker, about our soup. Dynamite roll never showed up, so we went in and reminded them of the Dynamite roll. It was as if we insulted them reminding them of something we ordered and paid for. Roll finally came, delivered by a young man with gang tattoos and a confrontational attitude. Roll was loaded with green mustard like never before. inedible.. Really unpleasant experience. Have noticed over the last 5 visits that service and overall experiences were deteriorating and tonight was the straw that broke the camel's back. Too bad, used to be a good restaurant, with responsive customer oriented service. All done, thank you!!!

Reviewer: Fran from Santa Barbara, CA
got take out. The food was barely edible, threw most of it away. Ingredients in the vegetable sushi smelled bad, tasted spoiled. The miso soup was just water with a faint miso flavor. The chicken in the teriaki bowl was gristly. The udon bowl was watery, noodles rubbery, and the broccoli was yellowed and not fresh, green peppers overcooked and mushy.

Great Sushi
Reviewer: Tiana from Goleta, CA
Being a vegetarian, it's hard to find good sushi that isn't just lettuce. I ordered the Vegetable Tempura Roll and LOVED it! I recommend it to any fellow vegetarian searching for some good sushi.

Great Service!
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here a couple of times and my last visit was better than ever! cashiers were extremely informative and organized. I went in for the Monday hand roll special and was greeted by two very helping and extremely polite girls. Love the music and atmosphere of the entire establishment. very inviting. food wise was amazing .. shrimp crunch roll is great.

The loud, awful music might keep us away
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
The cooked items are pretty good, and the value is decent. We like the family boat with its teriyaki and tempura. The sushi does not seem promising. Mushy raw fish is not appetizing and is a bit worrisome. Miso soup was barely lukewarm. Tempura was excellent and chicken teriyaki was very good. This place has promise, especially if they can freshen their sushi offerings, but the thing that will discourage us from returning may be the music. Club electronica dance music turned up loudly... Management: this music is utterly unnerving to your customers and is so incongruous with the rest of the decor and atmosphere.

Yummy and affordable!
Reviewer: Alyson from Santa Barbara, CA
I really like the food and it quite affordable. They give generous portions and the sushi rolls always taste fresh.

Just Plain Awful -
Reviewer: Gavin from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I were at Costco and decided to grab lunch at Sushi Ai. The girl at the counter misheard my wife and rang us up for the sashimi salad instead of just the sashimi. No big deal, things happen. The young lady voided the order and corrected the mistake. When she brought the food, a chicken tariyaki bowl, California roll and the sashimi, she brought sushi in place of sashimi. The chicken was colder than the salmon and the roll was warm gooey. Your sushi should not be like a fresh baked cookie. We couldn't eat any of it. I will never go to this place again.

Reviewer: Barry from Santa Barbara, CA
Surprised at how large the rolls are. Surprised at the quality and taste. Will return.

It's great for Camino Real Marketplace!
Reviewer: Valla from Santa Barbara, CA
If you are starving - get the Family Boat for $19.95, it's a great deal with meat, tempura, a cali roll & hand rolls, 3 miso soups, 3 bowls of rice, salad - good stuff! Seriously, this place is a great little Asian place! There are also other delicious options surrounding it, but if you're looking for quick sushi close to home, this is the place to go!

Mushy sushi
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara, CA
Generic general experience - most recently while order was placed before family of 4 - my simple order for 1 was served after the family and a request. Had been there a number of times for teriyaki chicken, gyoza and the such, all fine for a quick meal (although the miso was a little salty). However, recently tried the sushi and that will be the last. The fire roll had tuna on top and the texture was a mushy texture without flavor. Inside looked a little stale (discolored avocado) - will return to the cooked items to avoid future disappointments.

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