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Ca Dario

Chocolate Opulence
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-08 Closed: 2012-09

819-A State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-6060

Reviews by the General Public

Oh my!, 3/29/2012
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
The chocolate is good, my favorite is the chili one, but of course like others mentioned a bit pricey. Forget about the chocolate though, the French macaroons are where it's at. They are sooo good. Try the salted caramel and pistachio ones... oh my! They are also very friendly here.

Good Chocolate, 2/21/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
As was said pricey (over $2 a piece) but tasty. I like duCalibressan better put this is pretty good and their later hours are good too. I would imagine rent at Paseo Nuevo is not cheap. For cheaper pieces try See's in the same mall and for places with chocolate samples try duCaliBressan. Person was very nice here. The mother store is in Santa Monica's 3rd Street area where I think the chocolates are made.

Pricey, but not bad., 11/9/2011
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
I got the groupon/LS deal, and was pretty darn impressed by those chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, they were expensive at $4 a piece, but they were LARGE strawberries, and they were tasty. The chocolate coating was softer than I thought it would be, but it was good. I bought chocolates, the strawberry & a chocolate covered madeline. The madeline was really good. Strawberry was fantastic. And the chocolates were a mixed bag, mostly good. I thought the pumpkin was ok, and the lavender was simply too strong. All the other chocolates were fantastic. Overall, very pricey chocolates, but good quality. Service was good (a little "too" attentive for me, but I'm picky about that). Not sure why the last review gave them such a low score for service. They were perfectly nice when I went.

Ridiculously Expensive and Mediocre , 11/2/2011
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped by this place a few weeks ago. There is a nice selection of chocolates however I only sampled one and it was forgettable. I bought a cup of sipping chocolate and two chocolate covered strawberries...the total was over $10! Seriously. The cup was tiny, I mean tiny as in ity bity paper cup (normally used for samples of something). I get that sipping chocolate is meant to be a smaller portion as it is decadent, but almost $11 for 2 oz of chocolate and two strawberries is insane. To top it off it wasn't anything special. The sipping chocolate was heavy but the rich complex chocolate flavor I expect from such a drink just wasn't there. Just tasted like heavy chocolate milk with extra cocoa. Not impressed. The strawberries were the same...just ok. Nothing special just two medium small sized strawberries with basic chocolate coating. If the total had been $5 I would have been ok with it, but for that price I expect the absolute best and this was not it. They have another location in Santa Monica so I guess this is just another business looking to cash in on the locals and exploit the tourists. Good luck.

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