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Rudy's - Calle Real
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-09 Closed: 2013-11

5764 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-0766

Reviews by the General Public

Old Rudy's New Name, 12/4/2013
Reviewer: Cate from Santa Barbara, CA
Extremely disappointed with new restaurant. Same owner, same menu. Prices have gone up and the quality of the food has gone down. Ambience the same. I have eaten here probably at least 30 times and I will never go back. I guess people will go for the full bar. We will always miss the old business.

Sunday Brunch, 6/23/2013
Reviewer: Don from Goleta, CA
We have been eating at Rudy's on Calle Real since moving to the neighborhood about a year ago. Recently we were pleased to note that they had begun Sunday Brunch service, something Goleta is seriously short of. We went last Sunday for the first time and had a generally good experience. The wait staff was unfamiliar with the menu, something we attributed to the newness of the situation, but the breakfast was good and we decided to return today. Unfortunately, we may never go back. Although there was only one other table occupied in the restaurant, our food service was slow and our meals arrived cold and missing items. We had to wonder if the cook had even read the menu. I had to ask the waitress for the eggs that were supposed to accompany my chiliquilles, and, when they did arrive, they looked as if they had been scrambled in used motor oil. Why can't we in Goleta have a decent breakfast spot?

Food is consistently very good, 3/19/2013
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
I have seen all of the negative reviews and just had to write to say that my family and I have eaten at Rudy's many times, and have gotten take out many times. The food has always been excellent, and we have high standards. I'm not giving it a 5 as the food is basic and not fancy, but does taste great. The service is hit or miss and could stand some improvement. The ambience is nice and the prices reasonable.

Figure out the difference, 3/16/2013
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
I have ordered to go orders of a Grilled Chicken Burrito twice and both times I received nasty wet (non-grilled) chicken. I even mention it twice and say make sure it is grilled chicken. It doesn't matter, I get back to work have nasty runny wet boiled chicken. Gross, will not be going back.

Like the others...very dissappointing., 3/12/2013
Reviewer: Alyssa from Santa Barbara, CA
I actually was surprised to see the negative reviews but now I understand. Unfortunately, never eating here again. I use to crave their burritos wet style, until I just had this terrible experience. Went in at 5pm for a pickup. First off...they have NO KIDS MENU??? What? I had to pay $6 for a HUGE bean and cheese burrito my daughter didn't even eat. I asked for a side of sour cream..didn't get. I asked for extra cheese...didn't get it. They were not busy at all and had 5 young guys working who gathered and were talking at the counter. As I was watching this, a gentlemen in a wheelchair who was in the restaurant side had to physically come over to the counter to ask for a spoon! Needless to say I was annoyed just watching the scene unfold. When I finally got my order, which was incorrect, I said "thanks" and the manager, Luis, responded saying "YUP." Really?? "Yup" and you're the manager?? I hope the GM or owner reads this. You need to break up the 5pm boy fest you hired. Food was terrible and expensive. Never coming back. It's really too bad because their margaritas are great. And, it would have been nice to have another sit down place in Goleta. PS..Get a kids menu.

Love this place!, 3/8/2013
Reviewer: MamaPajama from Santa Barbara, CA
A great casual place to watch the game and have some great Mexican food! I have eaten here 3 or more times and the service was always fast and friendly. The food and drinks are great too! OK for the kids too!

Very disappointed..., 10/22/2012
Reviewer: Tina from Carp
I used to be a huge fan of Rudy's but I just had lunch here and was very disappointed. I could just be this location, I hope it is anyway. It seems like they are making up for their move to a larger location and sit-down style restaurant by making smaller portions and charging more. I had an iced tea and a chile relleno a la carte and it was $10! Not only that but the chile relleno was not very big and it had no cheese sprinkled on top like it used to. not very appetizing looking. Granted it tasted okay and the salsa is always good. I won't be back to this location though.

Waste of time, money, 10/10/2012
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow. I'm a pretty patient patron but this place is unreal. Went in for a takeout, waited nearly 40 minutes for a straightforward order, and got home to find the food wasn't worth eating. Nachos were literally chips with cheese (nothing else, and not much cheese either). Burrito was stone cold and bland. Other item was unrecognizable and side orders were forgotten. While waiting for takeout, saw plenty of diners wondering where their food was and one table of four receive entrees ten minutes apart. Used to come here often for quick burritos etc, but there is enough competition that I won't need to waste my time coming back.

A disappointment, 10/5/2012
Reviewer: Wally from Santa Barbara, CA
If you like Mexican food and value good service, this is a place to avoid. We were a group of eight, which one might expect them to be able to handle. The menu lacked such staples as chiles rellenos. The dishes were delivered two at a time with a half hour between the first and the last. The food was uninteresting and bland. A mango shrimp salad lacked the mango. Their specialty is huge portions, which most of us were unable to finish. If that's all you want, you might be satisfied.

they don't listen to your request on take out!, 4/14/2012
Reviewer: jean Oslen from Santa Barbara, CA
I like Rudy's food. it is gernally very acceptable . But the take-out servie is not up to par. The take out person should check your order before giving it to you. I have been to the restaurent, at the old locaton and now the new... dozens, if not hundreds, of times. I have ordered take out about 10 times or more from the new location. Three of the last four times, they have forgotten to put in extra enchalada sauce that I request. I always leave a tip on the take out order also. if I do not check my order ..which I did not tonight ..because I was in a hurry..usually it is not included. The enchalada is dry if you do not have extra sauce. There is no phone number on the check bill. I think they should have to deliver the sauce to you if they forget. I think it is either very bad writing on the order or the person taking your order is not doing his/her job of checking. Obviously, I am not going to drive all the way back for sauce. I am about to give up on this new spot.....maybe they just don't care! They are obviously making a lot more on the bar! .

not so special, 3/14/2012
Reviewer: Sandra from Santa Barbara, CA
I came to Rudy's on Calle Real the other day and have grown up eating a the other locations so was a little disappointed with what I walked into. I may be particular because I have worked in a restaurant and know what to look for but there was salsa on the wall next to the table I was seated at, the salt and pepper shakers were grungy looking and had very little salt and pepper in them. Also the hot sauce poured out because the plastic part that is supposed to be on the top had been removed. As for the wait staff, they were nice but didnt seem like they really wanted to be there. When my friend who I went with was not happy with her salad, the waitress just took the salad back and brought a new one but never apologized or offered to discount the meal in anyway. As for the food both my friend and I got the Tostada Grande, and it was almost like a soup. The chicken was very scarce and other than the lettuce and the taco shell there was no texture and the beans were very liquidy. Not the best experience.

All around pretty great, 12/16/2011
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is consistently good, prices can't be beat. Service has gotten better since they opened, but is still not perfect.

Hit or miss!, 11/17/2011
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
We has a superb meal the first time we went to Rudy's! The shrimp tacos, Ceviche, Beans, rice, were all worth going back. So I ordered the same thing again and it was a completely different, it was inedible! The Ceviche was rubbery and the shrimp tacos tasted microwaved, not grilled like previously??? What! And my husband's Shrimp/ Poblano Bisque was NOT strained! So this lovely soup was inedible because the shells were still present! Doesn't anyone TASTE what their making??? So I sent it all back and got a comped Margarita and an Enchilada. Our waiter was fabulous and handled the situation perfectly. He got the owner involved and they both seemed to genuinely care....I will be back for the same thing, just curious if they've learned by their mistakes...I'm hopeful.

Good Addition to Goleta Food Scene, 10/29/2011
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I ate at the new Rudys this past weekend. Upon arrival, we were seated immediately. The space is nicely decorated, though with the bar immediately next to the dining room, it does get loud. We had the enchiladas verdes and steak nachos. The nachos were very good though more cheese would have been nice. The enchiladas verdes were very tastey, though they could have used more verde sauce. Service was great, except the servers clean the tables using Pledge, which is very odd. Pledge is a furniture polish/dusting agent, not a cleaning product. It does not seem appropriate to spray Pledge near food being serve. Overall though, Rudys is a great addition to the local Goleta food scene. Worth a regular visit.

Our new favorite spot in Goleta!, 10/21/2011
Reviewer: Krista & Tony from Goleta, CA
My husband and I have been to the new Rudy's in Goleta several times now and we just love it! Service is always prompt and friendly, and the food is fresh and tasty. The specials dinner menu is a nice addition and we look forward to that menu expanding some. The specialty margarita's are the bomb, although we have experienced some inconsistency depending on who is behind the bar. And you can't beat the happy hour...great idea for an early dinner or to wind down after work. It's about time Goleta got a great Mexican restaurant with a real bar!

Best Mexican Food, 9/24/2011
Reviewer: Pete and Rosa from Santa Barbara, CA
We love Rudy's food and especially the delicious drinks it makes you want to come back again and again, Thank you Rudy for serving Goleta and Santa barbara great Mexican food for so many years..

I want the old Rudys back, 9/20/2011
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Prices increased and food just wasn't the same

I like the new Rudy's!, 9/16/2011
Reviewer: karen from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Rudy's, and it is nice to be served and also to have a nice margarita with dinner. The menu prices didn't change, which was a nice surprise. The service needs to work out a few kinks, but they make up for it in enthusiasm! Nice people. I'll enjoy going here, and I think I'll love happy hours!

Same good food, atmosphere service needs tweaking, 9/14/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Its the same good food here as other Rudy's. Atmosphere was not perfect with two TVs with different things on them and with mexican music playing = too loud. The bar is nice though but if you are going there for a nicer dinner date its not quite there. Guy behind the register was a little wet behind the ears and needs to step up his game but overall nice. Not really sure what they are going for here but should make some money off the bar, hard competition from Zodo's across the street though.

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