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801 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-8770 x1615

  • Category: Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 9am-7pm
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Reviews by the General Public

Greatest and most personable baristas in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
The drinks are always perfect, and the staff go out of their way to make sure yours is just how you like it. The baristas/cashiers here make it a pleasure to visit even when I'm not craving coffee. They are very sweet, personable and have smiles on their faces, always! The ambiance is terrific, the seating is comfortable, the drinks are delicious and the staff make it a must visit.

Great spot for coffee!
Reviewer: Tammy from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit this spot often on my way to work for my caffeine fix! :) The service is great and the staff is very personable. My favorite drink is the Mexican Coffee. This has been a great addition to the Paseo Nuevo Mall, we needed another coffee spot, the others are always so busy and one cannot always get it & out in a timely manner. Thanks.

SB's New Coffee Destination
Reviewer: Matthew Jensen from Santa Barbara, CA
I just added this place to my list of daily rituals. My breve late was outstanding, danish was delicious but what stood out the most was the atmosphere that the employees provided. They really appreciated me being there. Michael not only greeted me with a smile but stopped by my table to chat and made sure that I was doing fine. This place gets it.

One of the best blended drinks I've had.
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
I was at Nordstrom's Cafe for lunch the week the Ebar opened & was offered samples while on my way to/from lunch. The sample of a cold pumpkin drink was amazing, and I had to go back to get one. It wasn't on the menu, and since it was seasonal, I don't know if they still offer it. But it was fantastic. The two girls working were very nice, and the drinks came out quick enough. Definitely worth another visit, and I don't go to coffee places too often. Oh, and the dessert bar I had (something with chocolate & coconut) was really yummy, too.

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