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The New Black BBQ
No longer in business
Opened: 2011-11 Closed: 2013-01

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Reviews by the General Public

Good to Ok food, 6/28/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Did not blow me away. The brisket was good, pork Ok, all the sides were very average. I think you could get similar things elsewhere. Maybe they need a Newer Black BBQ. Owner was nice though. Their sauce was good. Place not as good as Killer B's.

Best BBQ in town, 5/15/2012
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
Sous vide BBQ on a truck?! Awesome. You don't have to understand how brilliant this is to taste how good it is. Simple menu. Never gets old.

Delish!, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the kurobuta pork sandwich and it was very good! i also shared the beans and the coleslaw and loved them both! VERY good place!

Delicious!, 2/17/2012
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
I am from the Southeast, where barbecue styles and sources invoke great passion from the populace. I'm happy to report that the sandwiches I've had from this truck were really tasty, and the meat seemed very high-quality. I've had the pork and the brisket, and I've often asked for extra sauce. I would recommend asking for more sauce if you don't want it a bit dry. I do wish Twitter weren't the only way to keep up with these folks; a regular schedule (and menu!) posted on their website/Facebook would help. Nonetheless, it seems to me like the best food truck in SB so far. (Sorry, Burger Bus, but the BBQ truck seems a lot less messy and more tasty -- pork marinated in thyme, hello!)

Good but to much $$$, 1/25/2012
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried them out the other day before the lunch rush hit. They were very nice and friendly. The sandwich I ordered was good and made well just not much to write home about. The bread seemed to be just basic store bought french rolls, a bit of meat and little sauce and seasoning. For paying $9 I felt like the bread should be higher quality or the sandwich should contain more meat. Overall I would say it was probably a good $5-6 sandwich. Figure I can get a cheaper, tastier sandwich at brick and mortar locations (SC Deli, Plaza Deli Etc...), always thought the food truck was supposed to be cheaper with the lower overhead.

Can you cook the beans...Please?, 1/24/2012
Reviewer: Taylor Evenly from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate at the food truck during the Oreana winery fundraiser last weekend. The chicken sandwich was... o.k. I wish it had some hearty BBQ sauce, but the disclaimer on the menu states that it is served relatively "dry" and they aren't joking. As for the beans, they were completely uncooked. Literally hard and I could barely swallow... They really need to fine tune this truck. I love the concept.

Overpriced, low quality, 1/8/2012
Reviewer: Mark Brenner from Carpinteria, CA
Food trucks should be affordable. Too much money, no real BBQ. Where's the smoke man! They park in carpinteria by the brew co. Way too expensive, too loud music, not necessary. Clean up your act, make real BBQ in a smoker and then come back and try again.

I refuse to be a twit, 1/6/2012
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I look forward to trying the BBQ if I never run in to them but if they continue to use twitter as their only location advertising than forget it. Get a real website! Twitter is for twits.

Great little food truck..., 12/31/2011
Reviewer: Josh from Goleta, Ca
I Picked up some of their BBQ Sandwiches several weeks ago and forgot to give a quick review. First off, all 3 of their sandwiches were well received. The Brisket was terrific: well (but not overly) seasoned, not too dry, not too sweet etc. The same for the other two (pork & chicken). The beans looked great and smelled great (unfortunately, I didn't order them!) The potato salad was the only let-down. I really wanted to like it, due to its unusual texture/makeup. Unfortunately, the potatoes themselves didn't seem to have soaked up much flavor. What this meant was that there were several small chunks of slightly-sour potato flavor floating in a slightly-too-strong tasting 'sauce'. Didn't rate service as there really isn't much required or asked of a food truck... They were friendly and fairly talkative, but as there's no table service (or indeed, a table...)

Literally left a sour taste in my mouth..., 12/29/2011
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Just finished eating 1/3 of each of the trifecta of sandwiches offered by NBBBQ, and I am not quite sure what to think. The chicken was dry, the pork was well seasoned but a bit dry, the kobe brisket was by far my favorite...but still just ok. The bbq sauce was put on sparingly which actually worked with subtlety of flavors. The coleslaw and potato salad literally left a sour taste in my mouth. I would say that the potatoes in the salad could be cooked a bit longer too, were a bit crispy to the bite. But maybe that is the intent? Overall, it's worth a try if you like BBQ food, stick to the Brisket, but be prepared to be a bit underwhelmed.

Great BBQ and Great Personality!, 12/26/2011
Reviewer: Tyler Moyer from Santa Barbara, CA
Have to say that TNB has some of the best bbq sandwiches I have ever had( and i have had a lot of amazing bbq form all over the world)!! My wife and I both had go back for seconds! The ingredients are such high quality you would think you are at a fine dining restaurant! The staff was super nice and enthusiastic about their product! It was an all around enjoyable experience. Hands down not only the best bbq but best food truck I have ever eaten at!

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