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Recipes Bakery
604 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-3335

Reviews by the General Public

Delicious and Friendly!
Reviewer: Camille from Santa Barbara, CA
I currently live on the East Coast but love coming home to some of my favorites. Recipes is now definitely added to that list! The cinnamon rolls are delicious and the perfect size for someone who just wants a quick treat after a farmers market expedition. I love their Chai Latte especially since they have every type of milk under the sun (including my beloved Almond Milk!). I have gotten breakfast there a few times and was underwhelmed by their eggs but absolutely loved their oatmeal that is made with fresh market berries and agave. I love the cute atmosphere and friendly staff!

Best cinnamon rolls ever!
Reviewer: Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
The people are so friendly, the cinnamon rolls are freshly baked and warm. They will even put a little extra frosting on if you ask! I wish they had more seating. I would live there!

Unique Place in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Lucila from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved this place from the moment I walked in. It is originally decorated, all the pastry is made at this kitchen and they use organic ingredients for everything. You can walk in and get the BEST coffee in town (very European), a variety of original pastrey like the cinnamon rolls, bacon and cheddar scons (my favorites!), blueberry with goat cheese, smoothies, and breakfast is served until 3 pm! They have gift basquets with goodies from all over the world. These a great place with a retro but also modern (they use an ipad for ordders) look and a super friendly staff. I am regular client now!

This is a bakery, not a B and B
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
I had such high hopes! How can you go wrong with fresh cinnamon rolls? Here's how. When someone with 2 small children asks how long of a wait it is for the rolls, be honest. I was told 2 minutes. It took 20. As for the rolls themselves, not enough cinnamon gooeyness, no crusty outer pieces, and just kind of "egh". I don't understand all of the goods for sale. Purses? At a bakery? The women working there were very nice, and aside from leading me astray with how long it would take, the kitchen/counter atmosphere was good. Loved the shiny red and marble. But this whole operation needs to be streamlined.

Sub-par product
Reviewer: Jeff Ross from Santa Barbara, CA
The two ladies running the place are very courteous. The building is clean and new. Now only if they could develop a product worthy of their effort. The roll was hot but small,doughy and lacked any crispness.It was a grandmothers recipe from long ago when they didn't have convection ovens. If they don't alter their approach to product improvement and delivery(who waits 7 minutes for a roll to cook?)they will be another casualty of business's relegated to the bone yard of failed ventures.

Reviewer: Ruth Kyes from Santa Barbara, CA
The cinnamon rolls are small and not baked enough and too expensive.

Overpriced & underserved
Reviewer: B Can from Santa Barbara, CA
Looks really cute from the outside, drove by a couple times before putting in the effort to stop by on our way to work this morning for what we assumed would be their specialty, cinnamon rolls as it is emblazoned in obnoxious pink on the outside of their building into foot high letters. Upon arriving instead, again, it's very cute, everyone was very nice but cinnamon rolls are nowhere on the menu and the products on display were so minimal I wasn't sure if they were some sort of catering business or an actual bakery for the public. We ask about cinnamon rolls and they say that it takes 7 minutes to bake it fresh. Hmm, ok, fresh baked sounds pretty good. We wait. The people are very nice. It comes out and the cinnamon roll is about the size of one you'd get out of a Pillsbury tube and sadly, it's about as tasty too AND it cost $3.50 for this tiny thing?!??!. Truly, you can go to an airport and for the same price get a bigger, better cinnamon roll at a Cinnabon. If you want to try this place out, go there soon as I don't see it lasting much longer. God bless the sweet well intentioned people who run it but they clearly invested a lot in the decor and skimped on the meat & potatoes of actually delivering what they advertise.

has potential!
Reviewer: Alelia from Santa Barbara, CA
I want to love this place so much...the decor is great, and it's right around the corner from my office. However, the cinnamon roll that I tried needed a little more kick. Maybe just some more salt to give it a little punch? Perhaps a bit more butter in the cinnamon mixture? I do love that the cinnamon rolls are baked to order (though I imagine this is problematic on Saturdays with market traffic). Just a little tweaking of the recipes and this place will be great! I hope that they serve lunch one day too!

Reviewer: ME from Santa Barbara, CA
Delightful experience...felt like I was going home to my Mother's kitchen, friendly staff and many great and tasty choices...wheat and gutten free...Yea!

An instant Santa Barbara classic
Reviewer: Byron Elton from Santa Barbara, CA
One of the highlights of my week is my Saturday morning visit to the Farmers Market on Chapala. It just got better with the opening of "Recipes Bakery" kitty corner from the market on Santa Barbara Street. The experience starts with the magnificent restoration of the run down, historic home that occupies the spot and continues inside with an incredibly warm, friendly staff and some of the most delicious baked goods i have ever tasted. In an age of franchised coffee houses and bland bakeries, this spot is destined to occupy a top spot on the Santa Barbara Hall of Fame. I can't wait til next Saturday! Perhaps I will just go down right now.

Charming & Delicious!
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
Recipes is very warm & inviting and the staff is genuinely friendly. It's a refreshing change of pace from chain & indy coffee houses/bakeries. You can taste the quality of the ingredients used in these fresh & unique treats. I loved my latte and ginger scone. (that's saying something since I am very picky about my coffee). My kids LOVED the hot chocolate and cookies. There's a good variety of baked items....not your run of the mill goodies, but also has traditional standards that taste great. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, this is it!

Yummy for my tummy!
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
I was so excited to discover this fabulous new bakery. So cute and charming I couldn't wait to try the goodies. W O W- I loved, loved, loved the cinnamon rolls (signature dish). I brought a box of assorted treats back to the office and everyone was raving. I plan to make it a regular Saturday morning stop before I cruise the farmers market.

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