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The Pan
No longer in business
Opened: 2012-02 Closed: 2014-01

18 E. Cota St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-3825

Reviews by the General Public

False advertising, 3/31/2013
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
When I clipped The Pan’s ad from the Independent that says “Nothing Fancy. Just good food.” I thought, “finally” (wait for it…). Firstly, the food was delicious. We had 4 “sandwiches” - the Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, NY Style Dog, and Reggie’s Veggie Burger. All were delicious. However, the ad says “Burgers” “Sandwiches” etc., It does Not say that all of these are sliders (1/4 sized sandwiches), and they were not “Nothing Fancy” as each was seemingly delicately constructed, in miniature. Again, good food, but certainly fancy and pricey (i.e., $4-5 each; you can get four sliders elsewhere [eg. Mel’s] for that price). Left feeling kind of ripped off by some slick advertisers. Oh, and service was good.

More attention to detail, please, 9/17/2012
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
After missing out on trying Gene's new spot for quite some time due to the limited opening hours I finally remembered to stop by on a Friday night. To cut to the chase, The Pan is a real mixed bag and seems more a quirky, experimental idea than an eatery with long term plans. While the portions are small as everyone notes, the food is filling, probably due to the nature of the grub (sort of greasy). I started with a great chocolate milkshake, a bit pricey ($4.50) but am glad I opted for the added malt, a nice touch at .50 cents extra. The cheeseburger was acceptable but came with plenty of mustard and nothing else. A juicy ripe tomato slice, some fresh shredded lettuce and a dab of mayo and relish would've been much appreciated. The fries were fine although not as tasty as The Brewhouse (probably the fry champ of SB). The onion "rings" were basically a very thinly cut deep fried pile of onion which we didn't finish. My friend's pulled pork sandwich was fine but certainly nothing to write home about. Bottom line is that some flourishes of fresh veggies and condiments, not to mention presentation, would make all the difference at The Pan.

Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
I am always leary of an establishment that says HAMBURGER, CHEESEBURGERS, KOBE BURGER etc. etc. on the menu and SPECIALS board and they bring out small sliders.

Fun new discovery, 7/7/2012
Reviewer: Josephine from Santa Barbara, CA
Sat out back on the small patio (away from the blaring music) and had a great dinner: champagne, turkey slider, spinach salad, fried chicken sandwich, truffle fries and berry crisp for dessert. Yummy.

Interesting Concept and Good, 4/17/2012
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Small plates with nothing over $6. "American Tapas". Friendly bar tender and good drinks. The food was very good. Excellent salmon burger, chili dogs and fries. I hope they extend the days they are open.

Excellent!!, 3/31/2012
Reviewer: CC from Santa Barbara, CA
I could not be happier about this new addition to downtown SB! Every single dish I have tried is excellent, although I do especially love the brisket sandwiches and the cheeseburgers. Everything is á la carte and around $5, but do expect smaller portions. The sandwiches and burgers are about the size of a slider (but don't call them that!!), which is an excellent excuse to sample a couple different options. There is a full bar and some outstanding special drink concoctions, such as the Cucumber Lemonade Chiller, or for a special treat - spiked chocolate malt shake.

Average, 3/19/2012
Reviewer: Lex from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was pretty good, but very overpriced. I knew they were tapas, but the portions were tiny. Each person would need to order three tapas to be satisfied.

What a Surprise, 3/14/2012
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
After a bit of skepticism hearing that Cafe Luck was becoming a burger joint we went this past weekend and were extremely impressed with the unique concept and the quality of the food. The Pan is comfort food tapas with nothing on the menu over $7 and most around $4. When was the last time you could have a meal consisting of a cheeseburger, chicken pot pie, chili cheese dog and a pulled pork sandwich? The quality of food is excellent, the selection of american delights is outstanding and the ambiance is perfectly low key. With a full bar, The Pan is a great place to dine and hang with your friends. One of our new favorite spots!

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