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Ca Dario

No longer in business
Opened: 2012-02 Closed: 2014-11

413 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-8388

Reviews by the General Public

Burger is out of this world, 8/30/2012
Reviewer: Carin from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Pace twice now and both experiences were fantastic. The grilled cheese sandwich with basil soup is delicious, however I would highly recommend the burger. The beef is amazing and topped with avocado, thick bacon, cheese, and spicey onions. It rivals the burger at Hungry Cat. Menu is limited, I would love to see them do a pulled pork sandwich. The service here is great, very friendly and attentive staff. It takes a little extra time to get your food, but they set this expectation on the menu as they make everything fresh. We enjoyed the ambience of the live music too. Prices are reasonable and we will definitely be going back.

Unfortunate Decline or Just a Bad Night?, 6/30/2012
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
We been regulars since Pace opened, and loved this place despite a limited menu and harsh acoustics. The fresh-ground burger is particularly yummy. But last night things were off. The homemade mushroom soup had a nice earthy flavor, but was overly salty and served lukewarm. The Halibut special was overcooked, and served with a too-sweet pineapple sauce. Finally, this was the first time I ordered fish tacos, and while most elements were great (battered Halibut, avo chunks, homemade slaw) the homemade tortillas, while having a nice corny flavor, we're served cold and stiff. With success comes the challenge of maintaining high quality at a hectic Pace.

just my bad luck?, 6/25/2012
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Gave this place a try Sunday afternoon. There were 3-4 open tables, so not very busy. I ordered the burger med-rare. After finishing a beer, I began to wonder what was taking so long. After about 30 mins, the food came (I think the waitress forgot to place the order) and the burger was very rare, perhaps because they rushed it after not ordering it? The food was good, but I probably won't go back.

Hard to believe, 6/14/2012
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
How fun it is to go to Pace. The chicken picatta was as good as I've had in Italy. And the family is so wonderful. It is not fine dining, it's like the Brewhouse used to be. My new favorite place

Great food and great people!, 6/6/2012
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been here three times so far and have always left happy. There's a wide variety of options on the menu and everything has been very good. The calamari fries, fish tacos and burger are really great. Usually the people cooking at casual restaurants in town barely deserve to be called "cooks", not "chefs". But here they put real skill and care into preparing their food. Everything is fresh, flavorful and well seasoned. It's really a big step up from almost anything else in town at this price point. The draft beer selection is always very good too, usually with at least a couple west coast IPA selections plus couple other microbrews. The service is friendly, genuine and efficient. The only complaint I could make is that the live music can be pretty loud sometimes. It's a small space, so even acoustic music can make conversation difficult.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE.....this place, 5/23/2012
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
If you have yet to visit make it a point to do so! Thee of us dinned on a busy Sat night and all three of us agree it was one of the most enjoyable meals out in quite some time. Had the fish tacos, prime rib, and New York steak. Everything was terrific and the prices are so reasonable for excellent fresh quality well prepared food. What makes this place so special is the incredible friendly service by this family. Five stars Two thumbs up, check it out!

I love this place, 5/21/2012
Reviewer: Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
Three of us on a Saturday night. Had fish tacos and the catch of the day (halibut). All of it was outstanding. They have great microbrew beers and a decent wine list. I might suggest adding a tequila list. Service was great and charming.

Tasty & original, 5/18/2012
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
This new addition to the Santa Barbara food scene is an intimate setting with no more than about a dozen tables & an interesting collection of art on the walls. Our group was there for the first time for lunch, we had the Papa Burger, Fish Tacos, & the Chicken BLTA. The burgers were enjoyed by all the meat was fresh, tender and flavorful and the buns, which we were told are made fresh daily, were soft and tasty. The Fish Tacos while small were pleasant but not inspiring. The verdict on Chicken BLTA was good. The freshly squeezed lemonade was refreshing, sweet and not too tart. All & all a good experience and we will be back to try other menu choices.

Radical., 5/9/2012
Reviewer: Emmet from Santa Barbara, CA

Good find, 5/5/2012
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
I was referred to Pace by a co-worker and went there at 4 in the afternoon. I had the burger and fries, and as I sat there waiting, took in a few things. Real cloth napkins, no salt and pepper on the table (sign of the chef's hope that you'll taste the food before you season it), and I'm glad I did. Truly the best hamburger around, they grind the meat in house and make the buns too! The owners are chef and hostess. I can't wait to go back and try the fish tacos.

Wonderful, 5/4/2012
Reviewer: Ms B from Santa Barbara, CA
Just awesome. We very much enjoyed our meal here. We had the NY Steak and Hawaiian Chicken after the Poki appetizer. Yum! Great, welcoming staff too! I hope they have a very successful run here in SB and we definitely plan on visiting them again!

Our group didn't think was good, 4/28/2012
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, all of us thought everything here sounded so good....and the decor IS NICE. Menu SOUNDS excellent. However,-ALL the dishes we shared were poor...except the fish tacos. Rock Radio blaring in the background. Ruined the atmosphere. Perhaps it was an off night...but it was not that busy. Make up your own mind...but was not good this time, and wanted you all to know.

Great New State Street Restaurant!, 4/26/2012
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
A friend and I tried out Pace for the first time yesterday, and it was a great decision! The food and the service were both incredible. The staff are extremely welcoming, and obviously passionate about food. I'm looking forward to their new happy hour, and trying out Ben's Tostada that we heard about.

Best service experience I've had in SB , 4/20/2012
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
We called about 5 minutes before closing and they said to stop on by. They were extremely welcoming and conversational. We didn't feel rushed at all despite showing up basically after closing. I had an awesome halibut special with rice pilaf and green beans (YUM!!) and my boyfriend got the pasta. Both were excellent! We even got some amazing live guitar from one of the friends of the restaurant who was hanging out. We tried Pace on a total whim, and I'm glad we did! This was a really special experience. We will definitely be back!

Pace is the place, 4/18/2012
Reviewer: Ryan Heavyside from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is all time .. Great food ,good atmosphere ,cool art , and amazing family service . A must see!!!!!!!! All food on the menu is outstanding, but the burger is top notch .... Get in there .

Some of the most quality food and people on earth., 4/12/2012
Reviewer: Johnny from Seattle, WA
I was in Santa Barbara for three days and ate at Pace four times. The Snyders are some of the most fantastic, warm, welcoming people I know. The food is absolutely unbelievable and is priced very comfortably. The service and engagement every guest receives is not easy to find anymore, and this along with the amazing food will undoubtedly bring success. Every staff member makes you feel like you're part of the family! You better believe every time I come back to SB, I'm B-lining it for Pace!

New favorite place in SB!!, 4/8/2012
Reviewer: David I from Goleta, CA
This place is spot on. Great food cooked in front of you for a great price. Some may think its expensive in comparison to the places that have been here for the past few years, but the quality have increased tenfold and cannot even be compared. So far I have been here twice in two days. First I had the in house ground beef hamburger. Mmmmm Yummy. Cooked exactly how I asked, and was indeed one of the best burgers Ive had in a while. Only complaint was that the grilled onions were listed as chipotle grilled onions and I couldnt taste any of the spiciness. I like this place so much that I went back tonight for a bowl of Cream of Broccoli soup and the salad. Soup was made fresh in front of me and even comes with toast (certainly a best value at 4.95). The salad was perfectly dressed, thank goodness as I HATE overdressed salads, and had blue cheese and basic fresh ingredients. Its a family owned business (which I love as I can see where my hard earned money is going to), and they are very humble nice people. Their beer selection is impeccable and they even have virgils root beer on tap! Ive enjoyed finishing my meal with a 5oz shot of it as a pint is way too much for me. This place is a easy sell as to what a good restaurant should be and I hope they are here to stay. I know the location has been a revolving door for many years, but am glad to finally see a different format being used for the beautiful space. Viva la Pace!

Really Good Food At Reasonable Prices, 3/20/2012
Reviewer: Dick T from Camarillo, CA
I actually have eaten dinner there twice. First time I had the Pork Tendrloin and it was fantastic. The second time I tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu and it too was great. It's a small resturant with a really great atmosphere and staff. The meals are priced right and so is the wine. I'm in Santa Barbara every couple of weeks and this is where I'll probably eat becasue they said they plan on changing the menu with a couple of new dishes every few weeks. That's great so I don' have to order that same old thing time and again and I believe whatever they serve up it will be good. All in all, my kind of place.

Best Fish Tacos on State, 3/13/2012
Reviewer: Meg from Santa Barbara, CA
Great service - and, like I said, great fish tacos. The homemade tortillas and beans and rice were excellent. Decent prices and homey atmosphere make this a much-needed new option for lower-state street dining. Only drawback - not many vegetarian choices for those so inclined.

Amazing menu and friendly people, 3/10/2012
Reviewer: Bryan Snyder from Carlsbad, CA
I am honored to have my art in this restaurant. I have known the Snyder's for a few years. They are amazing people and very supportive of everything local.

Great Food and Service, 3/8/2012
Reviewer: Clark Wilson from Camarillo, CA
We were served and treated like family. I had the Halibut Fish which was cooked just right. It was my first time and I will make it my resturant of choice when I am in Santa Barbara.

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