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Presto Pasta - De la Vina
2830 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-6937

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here with my sister and her little granddaughter for dinner. We had 2 orders of chicken picatta, served with fettuccine alfredo, and garlic bread. The combo came with a salad and fountain drink. 1 had the salad with ranch and the other had the Ceasar, both were fresh and crisp. The chicken was hot and fork tender and the pasta was hot with no water in the bottom of the dish, a good thing. The place was clean and people were friendly.

Listening skills need to improve
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We are regulars at Presto Pasta. We like the food. However, recently I have received wrong entrees. It seems that staff taking orders are not listening carefully to customers and wrong entrees result. It's happened more than once to me. This is a training issue and not the fault of customers.

Reviewer: karl from Santa Barbara, CA
Great atmosphere. Great food. Very affordable for families. The pear salad is really good but we frequently get spoiled lettuce. Keep your eye on the leaves and send it back immediately if you have a problem..We eat there often in spite of this because the food is really good. The owner is frequently hanging around which shows pride and he is always so friendly..

I like it
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I have tried chicken piccata at every restaurant in town,,,,Presto Pasta's is perfect for me....and always enough for lunch the next want Oslo Buco?,,,go to ca Dario,,,,,anything else ,,Presto Pasta,,,,

A neighborhood gem!
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
After trying this place once a while back, and not being too excited by it, I let some time pass before going back. But in the last couple of months, Presto Pasta has earned a spot in my regular rotation. I love the chicken parmiagiana, the fettucine alfredo, the hot subs, and the Caesar salad. The young people working there are courteous, attentive, and very pleasant. I normally get take-out, but on my way in and out have noted that the atmosphere is very nice inside and the staff provides table service with fresh-grated cheese to top your meal. And the prices are extremely reasonable: a generous portion of chicken parm with pasta on the side is under $9, and a hot sub with salad is under $6! Truly a neighborhood gem.

Great pizzas, great value
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to frequent the Presto Pasta on Calle Real and was disappointed when it closed. I tried this Presto Pasta shortly after it opened and didn't think it was as good as the Calle Real one. After waiting a year or so, I've given it a try several times recently and think it's great! It's not a fine dining experience, more upscale fast food. The staff are pleasant, and my order has been correct each time-dine in or take out. I like their pesto pizzas with a side of marinara for dipping, very tasty!

Pleasantly surprised again
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
I hadn't been here for almost a year. And since I was in the mood for pasta, this restaurant came to mind. You order at the counter. The staff was very pleasant. And really what good prices...pasta, salad, garlic bread, drink..about 8$. Pasta done perfectly and tasteful. Caesar salad tossed just right.....yummy. And the place looks very clean...something important to me. Glad I revisited this restaurant again. Back soon

Pleasantly surprised
Reviewer: Len from Santa Barbara, CA
Wasn't expecting much from a 'fast food. Italian restaurant, but have eaten here twice and I must say the food is very good. The Caesar salad was tossed nicely with flavorful dressing. The angel hair pasta with marinara sauce was done correctly. I was expecting it to be overcooked and it wasn't. And the staff is very friendly. Nice surprise overall.

Well that was a waste of time...
Reviewer: Morgan C. from Santa Barbara, CA
Maybe I just came in on a bad night, but the rest of these reviews have got to be fake. Don't be fooled by what appears to be a modern, comfortable atmosphere--upon closer inspection, the people on the walls don't even seem to want to be there. The boy who took our orders at the front was less than knowledgeable about the food, and said I couldn't substitute alfredo sauce for Cajun alfredo. Considering that the difference is a few spices and that I was willing to pay extra, it was pretty annoying. He was also not very courteous. They tried really hard to have an upscale atmosphere, but it shouldn't look like you're trying--especially when you can't even keep silverware on the tables. I began with the soup, which was lukewarm by the time it got to my table. It was nothing special, practically minestrone from a can. As for the pasta, I've never had to salt a dish so much in my life. Olive Garden could do better than this, and I'm tempted to start supporting big franchise restaurants in Santa Barbara if this is the Italian we have to offer. Petrini's is right up the street--you'll spend less and get much more.

Fabulous Pizza from their new European oven
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza is our passion and hobby...traveling to Europe a lot over the years and experiencing a lot. Quite frankly, the Margarete Pizza was amazingly authentic. The right slight burn on the crust...the deep flavor of the dough...delicate puffing on the edge..high quality cheese(please keep it the same)..we were floored. Don't know how this guy got it so right. If you love pizza, just $6.99 to try it... They also had tasty European Red wine for only $5.50 -we are hooked big time. What could be improved? Toast your meal bread on BOTH sides...and have the option to leave off the over garlicked stuff on top!! Please! Perhaps a little more chicken in the Chicken Picatta...but it was tasty.

up scale look
Reviewer: Miike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
The place looks great. Good food, good value, nice staff and I will go back

Price is right, food is decent, atmosphere is good
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
This new Presto Pasta is on my walking route to and from work, so I decided to stop by for dinner one day on my way home. I got the spaghetti and meatball combo. Note that that's meatball, singular --- you only get one. It also comes with garlic bread and soup. The garlic bread was pretty unimpressive, basically just a slice of ordinary bread with a thin vaguely garlicky substance on top. The spaghetti came with a meat sauce and was pretty good. Nothing to write home about taste-wise, but did the job. The meatball was tasty, but it's not that big and you only get one. The soup was the surprise bonus: a minestrone that had a nice spicy flavor and a good mix of vegetables and stuff in it. All things considered the meal was average in taste, but the amount of food was pretty substantial, and it came it at less than $10 including a drink. It filled me up to the brim. That's a pretty good deal. The most interesting thing about the place is the atmosphere. It's clearly a casual, order-at-the-counter-type eatery, but the decor and ambiance is a bit above what you'd expect from such a place. They have nice red booths, a couple secluded booths with curtains to close them off, and a really long, high table made from a single piece of beautiful rough-cut wood.

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