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Cafe Equilibrium
6549 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista

Reviews by the General Public

Decent food, borderline rude owner
Reviewer: Effy from Santa Barbara, CA
It's truly unfortunate this is the only place to get crepes around here. They have decent food but the owner can be quite abrasive, borderline rude and she tends to overcharge. Also, their pay machine is set up so you cannot order a plain crepe and add whatever you want to it (even though Extras are clearly listed); you can only order their prefixed crepes and annoy the employee with substitutions. Don't even try to give any suggestions to the owner. (Let me make this clear, I'm not trying to tell this woman how to run her business, I just wanted to give a customer's opinion about one specific menu item.) She will not listen to anything you say, get defensive, and cut you off when you try to get one word out. "Stop talking, it doesn't matter." Rude much? Let's just say that no one hangs out at this place for a reason.

Good Food, Nice Owner
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I think this is the only crepe place this side of Santa Barbara. Good stuff with sweet and savory including teas etc. They also have McConnell Ice Cream there. Owner is nice. Worth a try. Park at the IV bookstore after hours.

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