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Sides Hardware and Shoes
2375 Alamo Pintado, Los Olivos
Phone: (805) 688-4820

Reviews by the General Public

Amazing Burgers
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
Yup, my #1 favorite burger in Santa Barbara area. Its cute inside, the staff is friendly and the food is amazing. While all of the food looks delicious, I can only speak to the burger, and it is so good I can never bring myself to order anything else. The fries are also delish!

Oh so good!
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara, CA
Started our day of wine tasting here with a Sunday breakfast and it was just perfect! The food was oh so lovely, we can't wait to go back! Ingredients were fresh and tasty. The homemade biscuits - yum. The bacon steak was a unique treat (expect more of pork belly than traditional bacon). Only downside was they got so busy that they had to end breakfast service early as they were running out of ingredients ... good to be proactive, good to be busy, but hopefully I won't be the turned away one in the future!

Here again!
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
So happy that I had to go to Los Olivos today so I could have lunch at Sides. The fish tacos were made with lightly seared melt in your mouth ahi with guacamole and salsa verde. It's just an amazing restaurant!

Great Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Really Great place to go. The food is amazing. Try the lamb sirloin, melts in your mouth. The fried chicken was delicious. The atmosphere is quaint and rustic. The service was great, we got free dessert on a special occasion. Its pricey here but worth it. Not a place you really have to overdress for to get good food. Starters and dessert were good too. My only suggestion would be to drape the front door at night in something for night car headlights.

So good it's hard to believe
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Sides the second time in a week, drove from SB and had excellent dinners both times. Went with chefs both times and they couldn't say anything bad about it. Why can't all food be done so well?

A great addition to the Los Olivos scene!
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
We had dinner here this past weekend. The menu is limited, but very creative. The wine list is, as you'd expect, excellent. Many of the serving and wait staff came over from Brothers' at Mattei's Tavern, and their experience and professionalism made the dinner special. I had the "Hammered Pig" - a pork tenderloin that had been pounded and battered - sort of like a schnitzel, with red cabbage, green apple strips atop, wonderful spaetzle (tiny dumplings), and a lemon-caper sauce. Stay tuned for a new addition to the Brothers' restaurant group!

Best Eggs Benedict
Reviewer: gabrielle from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten alot of Eggs benedicts in my life time, but they have that wonderful Beacon Steak on there best I ever had. I could just eat the beacon steak. Good homemade hollandise sauce. I can't wait to try lunch and dinner too. BEACON RULES !

Does Sides uphold the Brothers standard?
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
In a word: yes. I finally got a chance to dine here, a leisurely Sunday lunch, and it was amazing. The wait was a mere ten minutes and we seated inside what used to be an old hardware store (?). The decor is a mix of new and old and reminds me of a bar you'd find at the turn of the century. There's a small but well equipped bar in the back, near the kitchen. The menu had a great selection and even the seemingly simple dishes were full of small details. Take, for instance, the chilled cucumber soup we ordered. It was refreshing with a small amount of salinity. To counter this, it was served with a small quenelle of dill sorbet that gave a strong sweet finish to each mouthful. My friend ordered the fish tacos which came with albacore tuna that was seared briefly, keeping the interior rare. This is a welcomed departure from the fish you normally find in tortillas (tilapia, yawn). I had their burger. Let me preface but saying I've had some amazing burgers an consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the topic. It was perhaps one of the best I've ever had. If not, definitely Top 5. My only complaint is the meat was overcooked. There was not a hint of pink anywhere in the center, something I would have preferred. The service was good though they were a little too eager with wanting to clear the plates. Sitting inside for a lunch was a nice repreieve from the streets crowded with tourists and the 85 degree heat outside. I want a little bit of time to relax, and not feel like I was being rushed. I can drive 100 miles to Father's Office in LA, or 45 minutes up the pass and have a similar unami experience. The choice is clear.

Only ok
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
We had lunch at Sides on a Sunday over Memorial Day weekend. Ordered the Brander Sauvignon Blanc, fish tacos and chicken salad sandwich. Wine was brought to table at room temperature instead of chilled as it should be served, although they did bring an ice bucket. When I asked to get a chilled bottle, we were told that all the wine is stored in the same place, at the same temperature...I think this is odd, especially for a restaurant in wine country. Evidently, the deal is to have white wine chill at the table. The waitress did try to correct the problem, but there wasn't really much they could do beyond the ice bucket so the wine wasn't really chilled by the time the food came out, which was promptly. Fish tacos were very good, chicken salad sandwich was ok. The temp for the wine would have been fine for a red, but I think the owners should make arrangements for whites to be served at the correct temperature.

Best turkey sandwich ever!!
Reviewer: amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for lunch with a friend and we shared the white cheddar and carmelized onion tart, amazing!! Then got the Turkey sandwich, not your average sandwich! this had homemade rosemary foccia bread, roasted turkey breast, pork belly bacon, butter lettuce and guacamole and sweet potato fries all for $14!! Can't wait to try breakfast and dinner!

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