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On The Alley
117 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6315

Reviews by the General Public

Great Job!
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
We've brought our kids, relatives and friends. Fish tacos are great, tuna melt, fish and communal seating and great food to go!

CALL BEFORE YOU GO! Were closed twice before 8pm
Reviewer: Harry from Santa Barbara, CA
GREAT FOOD, just one thing CALL BEFORE YOU GO. They were closed before 8 on Monday. We went again tonite, Tuesday at 7:25 and CLOSED AGAIN! So obviously they need to correct their hours of operation here!

Add it to your list
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
First went here a month or so ago and ordered the pulled pork sandwich. After a bit the guy came out and delivered a sandwich. I took two bites and realized it wasn't a pulled pork but a crab cake sandwich. I mentioned this to the guy, so they made me the pulled pork, but since they couldn't take back the already-bitten crab cake, I got to eat that too, on the house. Both sandwiches were quite tasty. The pulled pork is the real standout --- hefty and filling, with very flavorful sauce. I've gone back to get it again. I haven't tried any of the Brophy's stuff yet but no doubt I will at some point. Prices are reasonable. Each sandwich is about $8.50, which includes homemade potato chips. I'm not a big eater of plain potato chips, but these are pretty good, they're thick and have a down-home feel. Seating outside faces the eponymous alley, which is fairly nondescript, but of course you can take your stuff around the corner to the beach, breakwater, etc. An excellent place to have around.

Great New place and food!
Reviewer: Scott C. from Santa Barbara, CA
While I miss the old Minnow Cafe and the "greasy spoon" walk up menu with all kinds of goodies, OTL is a great new addition and replacement. The menu is really creative and toned down so you don't have to choose from a zillion things. I highly recommend the crabcake sandwich and that sinful ultimate grilled cheese (with bacon and avocado!!!). I have yet to try those sinful homemade pastries and cakes in the window with a latte after my morning run along Cabrillo! This looks like another slam dunk for the Brophy's clan for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Well done!

A Real Find!
Reviewer: Bart from Santa Barbara, CA
We discovered this by accident. There isn't even a sign up yet! As usual, the wait at Brophy's was interminable, so we wondered around back and saw a few picnic tables with people eating outside an unnamed place. (We had to ask the name.) They have a limited selection of Brophy Bros. items, mostly fried in batter. My wife had the fish & chips. I had the pulled pork sandwich. They take your order and bring you your food. Both were excellent; less than $20 with tip. Service was fast, and the young folks are nice. For an informal bite any time, at this price, the food can't be beat. It's not a pretty view, and commercial trucks drive through the alley, but nothing stops you from taking your food elsewhere. (Ask for a bag.) For locals on a hot day or just when you don't feel like cooking, it's a bargain, eat there or take out. Unfortunately, I expect there will soon be a long line here as well, with or without my review.

Nice People, Good Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good stuff here. I thought the pulled pork sandwich was great. I also had the Brophy Bros Clam Chowder which is always good. I would say if you are craving this go here if Brophy is too crowded. Same outdoor setup as Minnow and a couple of indoor small tables. Workers very friendly there. I like their wide variety menu for something quick. Neat look to the place. A great addition to the Harbor. They should work out a deal with the fish market next door to cook fish for you.

Casual, Harborside, Delicious
Reviewer: Grace from Lake Ariel PA
I was driving down the 101 wanting to stop somewhere to eat in Santa Barbara that was good and had a waterfront feel. Went online and read the great reviews about On the Alley. It is very easy to get to from the highway! We were not disappointed! Great harbor atmosphere! We ordered our food inside from the varied mouthwatering menu. I had the Vegetarian Wrap. Delightful! The Shrimp Wrap and Pulled Pork sandwich were equally impressive. We ate at the large family style picnic table in front. Casual, quick, DELICIOUS, great service, reasonable prices! I highly recommend it!

A little gem that is already getting ahead of itself
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is so good it has already out-stripped its new facilities, so that is the sole complaint to register. No place to sit and enjoy the very fresh and tasty items we all selected - a hit were the fish tacos - light, wispy, crispy, fried fish chunks of something in a soft taco shell that actually held up under the savory extras and the fresh salsa topping to stay intact until the last bite went down. Very good, served with chips. Nice selection of unusual sodas, the real things though the addition of Bundaberg Ginger Beer would add to their other off beat soda selections that add an extra depth to this unique fast food gem. We were there on a Sunday noon so did hit it probably at its peak busy time, but what a treasure for locals to enjoy when things quiet down in the middle of the week. Calamari and fish and chips also got high marks. And everything we looked at others eating looked equally good too. The clam chowder looked velvety so they could also be the winner spot for this badly neglected treat in this town, but that will have to wait for another visit. Lots of happy other customers .Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and were willing to share the few small tables.

Perfect summer lunch spot
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my new favorite lunch spot! I love the simple menu. The homemade potatoe chips are scrumptious! I had the veggie wrap and it was very good. Everyone in my group was very pleased with their food. The service is friendly, the place is clean, and the location is great. I like the big family style table outside (outside seating only). Of special note is that all of their utensils, plates, and so on are compostable and they participate in the City of SB Foodscraps program. It's nice to see a restaurant making an effort to reduce their footprint. All around great place!

Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I thought I would miss the Minnow, but this is so much better. The simple menu is great, the fruit crisp with ice cream is AMAZING, and you can't beat the prices or the location. $8.95 for fish and chips is a deal, with the fish fresh and perfectly cooked and the batter crisp but not greasy. The food is good quality (sure, it's not all healthy, but there are healthy options on the menu) and has been well thought out, and the decor is good too. This is already on its way to becoming a family favorite and will probably supplant Brophy Bros in my affections...

Reviewer: Tracy from Santa Barbara, CA
I've tried a few items on the menu and all of them were delicious. They offer a handful of things from the Brophy's menu such as fish n'chips, clam chowder and a few more. The OTA burger is thick, juicy and saucy, yum! The wraps are fresh and I love that they serve the whole menu all day. The menu is the kind where there isn't too much to choose from but you want to try everything. I have yet to try the dessert so its next on my list. Service is fun, you order at the register and they bring the food to you. The only down side is that seating might fill up on a nice day.

A local's DREAM!!!
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been wanting to try this place out and finally did. I went for breakfast at 7:30 and got the chorizo breakfast sandwich. A little pricey at $7 but really, really good!!!! It was prepared on a hamburger bun with sesame seeds; I was expecting a brioche bun --- that's the only thing I would change. It was a lot of food, I could eat only half. The place was very clean and the young lady at the counter was friendly and happy. She said the entire menu is served all day!!! I think that's awesome. I have a feeling this place is gonna be very successful (a good thing, but I secretly wish it could be kept a hidden gem for the locals only!).

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