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Fresh & Easy Market - Milpas
No longer in business
Opened: 2012-06 Closed: 2015-10

336 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-4489

Reviews by the General Public

Very Disappointed, 5/12/2015
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd driven by the Milpas store several times, so today I finally stopped in. A man near the prepared foods gave raves, so I bought Beef Stroganoff for dinner. It was so tough and salty that we stopped eating at the first bite and threw it away. Unfortunately, I bought two more dinners. Although I might simply have made a poor choice, the $57 that I spent is the last I shall ever spend in this store. You get one chance. Self checkout simply means that the store does not hire checkout personnel. Someone is making money from this, but few local people are. The store is clean and fresh looking, but I've had my Fresh & Easy experience. A great disappointment.

have come to like it very much, 12/26/2012
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Update: After a few visits, I've changed my mind about Fresh & Easy. If you know how to use it, the model works well. Staff is sparse but very helpful. They have some great bargains, as well as prepared meals and foods hard to find elsewhere. Lots of international cuisines, plus enough staples at reasonable prices. Mix F&E with TJ's, TriCounty and Chapala Market - all an easy walk along the Milpas strip - and you'll find almost anything you want. I hope their corporate holders work things out because F&E is a real asset for the community with offerings unavailable anywhere else in SB or Montecito.

Just What I Needed, 8/28/2012
Reviewer: Drew from Santa Barbara, CA
The best part about Fresh & Easy is that it's a perfect combination of Trader Joe's and Ralphs. Lots of fresh, healthy options but I can still get stuff like Tide & other name brand items, too, so no need for two trips to two different stores. The pre-made deli has a ton of selections and everything I've tried so far has been tasty. Overall the prices on pretty much everything are more than fair. And even though there doesn't seem to be a ton of staff, every time I've needed something, they've been right on it. I just moved into the area and couldn't be more pleased that Fresh & Easy is my neighborhood store (Scolaris will NOT be missed).

I love this place!, 8/14/2012
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm so happy with this store. Super convenient parking (unlike Trader Joe's), easy checkout, and awesome prices. I love that they have brand names so you don't have to go all over town for different grocery needs. Plus almost every "Fresh & Easy" brand item I've tried has been awesome, especially some of their prepackaged meals. Their bread is amazing, baked fresh in the store, and super cheap. What is not to love?

Mostly Fresh & Easy!, 8/9/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I liked a review I read that its "like the love child of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that looks like a culinary Ikea." Food was mostly good. I like their wide aisles(unlike Traders), healthy choices and easy to see food. Their freeze dried chocolate bananas are recommended, their lemon squares are not. A good place to shop for something quick, unsure if shopping for a large family if this is your place. The self checkout is fairly "Easy". The food is fairly "Fresh".

disappointing, 8/4/2012
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Should be Easy & a little of Fresh. Very limited produce selection. Has the decidedly 'canned' feel of a 10,000 sq ft vending machine. Lots of ordinary frozen and house-branded prepared stuff, like Tescos in the UK. Small bakery section. No checkers, just robot self-service machines with a roving helper - not an endearing approach with so many people in need of jobs.

It's a supermarket, not a restaurant., 7/19/2012
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Ravi from Santa Barbara writes: "I had my doubts that a British owned store could provide tasty food & they were justified..." Ravi, it's usually best not to start off a review by revealing your own bigoted prejudices.

Not replacing TJs but already a weekly stop, 7/3/2012
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I am stoked that Fresh and Easy has opened here - these supermarkets are clean, and not stocked with dusty tins etc (like Scolaris was) or not-so-fresh meat. This is great for folks that live on the lower east side and want access to fresh fruit and veg, nice bread etc. However, just a few gripes: for me, good cheese is an essential, and the cheese here can't compete with Trader Joe's. It's more expensive and there are fewer choices. I haven't had a decent bottle of wine from this store. And, either have self-checkout (like most Fresh and Easy stores) or don't. The employees hanging around to "help" are a little desperate and make you feel like you are putting them out of a job if you don't let them operate the self-checkout on your behalf.

Bland, bland, bland, 6/30/2012
Reviewer: Ravi from Santa Barbara, CA
I had my doubts that a British owned store could provide tasty food & they were justified. It is a very small store. They have "outside" food from standard labels and the prices on that seems competitive. But their own brand is packaged cheaply and unatrractively. I tried an egg salad sandwich that only cost $2.99. Since I could only taste the bread, I think I got ripped off. I did not know it was possible to make an egg salad that has no taste at all.

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