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Eureka Burger
601 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 618-3388

Reviews by the General Public

My favorite resturant by far!
Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
Eureka always deliver amazing food (Their Bison Burgers...! WOW) but the service can vary a little. Most of their servers are great, funny and does a great job. But after eating there +30 times, there has been some bad ones too. Eureka is super busy so plan your visit and avoid it on busy days or around after work. Their happy hour is amazing and their food is so great I can help but returning over and over again. My first choice any day!

No Change Available
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
We visited Paso Nuevo Eureka because we wanted to enjoy the Sb environment. We have been to Eureka in San Luis so we know it was a good place. It was St. patty's day yesterday and it was busy. Jasmine G was our waiter. Our group ordered food and some drinks , she mixed our food up and not what we wanted but didn't complain. When it came time toboay she told us card or cash and we each had our own bill maybe $14 dollars each. When she came to pick up the tab Jasmine G said we had to give exact change because she didn't have time to give change. I understand they are busy but why could you not have time to give change? You has time to take our money and stand at the register and ring it up. Not many people carry lose cash and we had more 20's so we had to leave her our change as a tip. So upset we didn't say anything to her but she could have told us before we even sat to eat she didn't have time to give back change. Be ware of Jasmine G at Eureka this was not right of her she kept all the change as a tip and didn't even do that great of a job.

Top notch
Reviewer: T.M.M. from Santa Maria, CA
Came to this restaurant over a month ago for lunch, delish...went back same day for happy hour. Visited again this past Friday, hostess remembered me and even tried to sign for me(I am deaf) the bison burger was amazing and had peach whiskey drink(farmers market special)fantastic! Erika our server was so nice, friendly and experience completely positive!!!

Pretty good food - not so good service
Reviewer: Charles from Santa Barbara, CA
After going to a Sunday afternoon movie in SB, we went to Eureka Burger for some good food. Yes, it is loud, but then it's a BAR - hello. We were promptly seated; drinks were served fairly quickly. My son is a culinary arts student at SBCC and had never been here before, so we ordered the original burger. After 10 minutes, the waiter told us they had run out of meat, so we ordered oysters instead. Another 10 minutes later and the waiter came back to say they had run out of oysters. We ordered a strawberry salad; then the manager came by our table and said they ran out of strawberries, so they would comp our meal. The burgers did finally arrive, but they said they had to send someone to Ralphs market to get more ground beef. You could taste the difference between Ralphs meat (and I'll never shop at Ralphs again either) and their usual organic beef. We have been here before and the food is always good; service is very lacking. We have also been been to the Eureka in Redlands, and that one is outstanding in both food and service. Redlands, however, is a little po-dunk town not really worthy of a good gourmet burger place. Santa Barbara is an upscale town and the service SHOULD be more in line with the town, but it isn't. I guess it's a management thing. Get with it, Eureka. Don't just cater to the tourists; locals eat here, too. (Oh, and BTW Dr. Dre, if your head's too big for your skull, get a bigger one, or just pinch it together, if you are smart enough for that. Onion rings aren't made of steel.) Other than that, the food is really good.

Great burgers and family friendly!
Reviewer: Abby from Santa Barbara, CA
My family (two adults, a toddler, and an infant) has been coming here, on average, once per month pretty much since the place opened. We usually go on Saturdays for lunch. The burgers and fries are great, and the service has continued to improve as with any new business; I think it's good now. They also offer a very healthy kid snack of watermelon and avocados, free of charge, while you're waiting for your meal. And the generally bring out all the kids food earlier than the adults by several minutes. They are a great addition to our local restaurant scene in my opinion!

Overpriced food with subpar service
Reviewer: Dr. Dre from Goleta, CA
I have wanted to try this place since it opened as I am always searching for new "Burger" places that are a little on the gourmet side. I wasnt too concerned about the price, as more of the quality. My wife had the regular burger with fries and I had the Cowboy with onion rings. We ordered lemonade to wash it all down and while being hot, I sucked mine down rather quickly. Waitress walked by 5 times and several of those, as she walked by, she looked at the table and i was in hopes of getting a refill. NOPE. I had to ask another server for a refill which she quickly brought. Food arrived and looked appetizing, and was ready to dig in. 3 onions rings where the batter which would literally fall apart when you took a bite. the spicy ranch cup was only about 1" round to dip a 3" onion ring, lame. Burger was decent but lacked seasoning and hardly any "maybe a dollop" of BBQ sauce when this is a "Cowboy" burger, nothing else but meat, cheese, onion straws and some bacon, rather dry and flavorless. Wife couldnt even eat her burger as tasted like eating air. Fries tasted old and like they had freezer burn. On the other hand, decor was nice, good selection of beer and whiskey and manager did a lot of walking around not checking on the guests to see if "everything" was ok. First and last time, was really hoping for a new spot to eat downtown. I'm not a food, but if I am going to spend $30 for two burgers and a fountain drink, I expect more. Chubbies is less than half the price and twice as good.

Food not good enough to compensate for poor service
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara, CA
Food wasn't bad but it wasn't outstanding for the price. Drinks too - an $11 margarita, no salted rim in a tall glass (lots of ice), no vodka options, not memorable. But the service, totally disappointing. Our young girl server was sweet but after being asked, neglected to bring: appetizer plates, ketchup, and a second round of drinks. Manager/hostess seems annoyed we got up to ask for all that was never delivered after 15 minutes. Food was slow and then apps were stacked on meals back to back. They'll stick around due to location I'm sure, but I would not recommend.

Up-selling servers, Bad service,
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
After arriving at Eureka! the server was quite helpful in helping us with our beer selection. From that point on things went downhill fast. Upon taking our orders the server tried to up-sell every item we ordered. We even brought it up to him thinking it may deter him. It did not. My wife ordered the fish tacos which turned out to be jerky fish tacos (not good)small chunks of over cooked fish, I had a blue cheese burger. I'm not a big meat eater so I thought to substitute the beef for turkey. Big Mistake. Our sons burgers arrived and looked great. My turkey burger was easily 1/3 the size of my sons burgers and over cooked. The service was ok. Severs were not friendly, more like sharp and to the point. The final slap was my wife did not want fries with her tacos so asked for salad instead. A small amount of salad was substituted on her plate and they charged her for a side salad. This place is already expensive for what it is and they are still trying to squeeze more out of you. Not me. First time was the last time. The Good, Beer Selection.

Please fix your service
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
Holiday weekend- dined at eureka today around 3:00. We got seated and ordered right away, but after we got our food we were in a black hole. Even though we were right by the servers' station, we never got refills on our drinks, let alone asked if we needed anything else. 3-4 servers were ringing up a table of 15-20 with separate checks. And after we finished our lunch we sat at our table for 20 minutes without being acknowledged by anyone to clear plates, etc. and the manager even walked by several times. We finally got his attention and explained our problem to which he said "I'll talk to the server". Generally I would blame it on the holiday weekend and the 15-20 separate checks chaos, but this is the third time I have received similar service.

I ordered fish tacos, not cabbage tacos.
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
Got the fish tacos, and while the flavor was very good, there were two small bites of fish in each taco. Not two strips of fish. Two bites, AKA two very small (no joke, the size of a quarter) chunks. The rest of the taco is stuffed to overflowing with loads of filler: cabbage and mango chunks. Pretty disappointing. Everyone else in my party got burgers and it looked like they, at least, got their money's worth.

beer heaven-burger bliss
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
My first visit to Eureka won't be my last. Have past it before but never stopped because of the crowd. Finally gave in and had a fantastic meal and some great beers. Loved the goats cheese on the burger. Will probably become a regular destination.

Going DOWN?
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here a few times and I hope I can continue because it's a nice place and the burgers are OK. (Of course they should be at the price.....) The problem though is like so many restaurants.....the service just seems to slide as the place ages. I've been there 5 times...and I can honestly say that the service got worse each time.....and the last time the food was cold to boot. I had waited a L-O-N-G time for the meal...and; you guessed it...the reason obviously was that it had been left sitting without waitress pick-up. It's a shame because they have a ton of $$$ invested in there....and the problems are sort of minor. But....still.....

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