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State & Fig
1114 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-1730

  • Category: Deli, Italian
  • Hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11am-4pm, Dinner: Wed-Sat 5:30pm-closing, Brunch: Sat-Sun 10:30am-3:30pm
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Fantastic - why is this place not always packed?
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
State & Fig is my hidden jewel. I'm always surprised that this place isn't packed. Went last night with a couple who had never been - they started making plans to come back for brunch at State & Fig on Sunday! The food is always great. Food seems simple yet full of complex and fresh flavors. Good wine and beer selection, not great or extensive, but gets the job done well enough. Good service. I hope enough people start coming so they stay open but not enough that I have to wait to get a table...

better brunch than jeannine's
Reviewer: RC from Santa Barbara, CA
last several times i've come by La Arcada on a weekend for brunch and seen a HUGE line of people waiting for a tiny table at jeannine's we've walked right past and had a better, cozier, and truly delicious meal at State & Fig. it's insane how people don't really know about this place! the food is spectacular... one of the brunch specials that day was a butternut squash and pork belly hash (NEED I SAY MORE?), and have had two different benedicts here on separate occasions, both with great combinations of flavor and everything seasoned perfectly. bottomless mimosas await if that's your thing too, and reasonably priced. give it a try - you won't be disappointed.

Excellent in every way
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
State & Fig is a true gem! I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there. Sandwiches, salads, burgers... everything has been spot-on. The service is also excellent, and on a sunny day you can't beat the patio seating.

Best burger in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Gavin from Carmel, CA
Sitting outside is a delight, reminded me of the hidden alleys of France and Italy. Fig jam burger simply the best decadent savory sensation! Eaten twice here for lunch, months apart and had the same charming waiter both times.

Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Try the Clucks sandwich. Really good. Can't sit inside when it's crowded though, way too loud. Good for them staying busy though.

Amazing food, wish wine and service matched
Reviewer: CWB from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I have been to State & Fig multiple times for brunch and lunch, and I've now been in twice for dinner. The food never disappoints. It's fresh, consistent, thoughtful and well executed - and the portion sizes are fair for the price. Two things that I would love to see improve; 1) wine list and 2) service staff. The wine list is middle shelf grocery store quality. The waitstaff is extremely friendly but isn't educated on the food or what's on the menu so it comes off feeling a little awkward and inexperienced. Not a huge deal when the food is so good, but it seems as though there is a lot of effort going into the food and little into the other pieces that make for a truly great, all around dining experience. All that said - I still recommend State & Fig for the food alone, and just pass along the caveats that you may want to bring your own bottle of wine and don't expect the service you'd get at some of the other places in town with menus of similar caliber.

Great food but service can be slow if they are busy
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Went back for 4th time, two couples. Sunday lunch 1:30 today. Place was full. Initial service was attentive, drinks arrived promptly, orders taken in a good amount of time. Then we waited for a bit for our dishes. It got to the point where I saw two tables receive their food, who had been seated after we had been. However the food was highly enjoyable as always. Three of the 4 of us cleaned our plates and the 4th had a few fries left. Pesto hollandaise on eggs benedict was a taste sensation I've never enjoyed before. Chips are made fresh, paper thin and dreamy. So if you have nowhere to be in a rush and want to simply enjoy each other's company over a nice meal, don't be worried if they look busy!

Solid Food - Tasty
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
I work across the street & have frequented the place both when it used to be the Whale's Tail & now as S&F. S&F is 5 steps up and delivers on flavors. Their salads could be a bit bigger for "to-go" but still really tasty. Their burgers and sandwiches don't disappoint! The owner and one of the servers (darker-skinned?) are super nice & very helpful. The others intend good service & are sweet but fall short due to just seeming confused or just not as experienced? I will return several times! Lastly, these people rocked at catering! I put an order in for a corporate lunch & they delivered promptly and we received very good feedback on the food!

Could be better
Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for brunch on a busy Sunday. Food was above average - ordered the pancakes - they were good though not fabulous for the price. Another ordered the pork sandwich - delicious. Service was average. Waitress came back to check on us only after we were almost finished with our food. Service was not outstanding which is typical in SB. One complaint - one server was wearing a short shirt which did not hide her thong underwear. That kind of show would have been appropriate at Hooters but not at a Sunday brunch restaurant in Santa Barbara. Tasteless to say the least!

Fab food
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Just finished a truely great meal with great service. The last reviewer must of been haviing a really bad day. It was totally packed [Saturday night and prom night in SB] the service was slightly slow but not enough to get get any ones panties in a twist. We were a party of 4 and each of us was raving about the food.

in light of it all
Reviewer: Tara from Santa Barbara, CA
In light of the State and Fig having taken over what was a landmark establishment (whale tail deli), and after having dined (reluctantly) at the newly renovated establishment, i can use one word.... heinous. The food was sub par, and the restaurant staff were unprofessional. i will never eat here again. Also, who brings a CHILD in while they are running a restaurant???? Total chaos.

Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for dinner Saturday night. Every thing was very tasty and imaginative.We will be coming back soon with friends. Also it was very a very good value

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