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Itsuki Restaurant
7127 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-1838.

Reviews by the General Public

Great affordable food keeps me coming back, 1/10/2018
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta, Ca
They had a rough opening but any service issues are long resolved and the staff is great. I adore their noodle soups on a cold night, they pack the to go orders very well and there are a few combinations with nearly free tempura, always perfectly fried. Great lunches include delicious fried gyoza, for dinner their bento box is hard to beat on price and there is usually a special. They are always busy there, a good sign and open until 10pm a plus for late diners like me. I love they have soft instrumental jazz in the background and a very comfortable decor.

Better than before
Reviewer: Vic Tanny from Santa Barbara, CA
Dined here Saturday and must say the service was vastly improved over the last few visits. And the sushi is very uniquely presented and by far the freshest in Goleta. The Halibut and Sea Bass sashimi were melt in your mouth fresh.

Clueless service
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
Our first time, but we left after waiting far too long for someone to take our order. There were lots of waiters, but we couldn't catch anyone's eye.

Best value in sit-down sushi in town - and authentic too
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all I have to say: I have no idea what the reviewers below are talking about in regard to poor service. I eat at Itsuki with my family an average of twice per month and our service is perennially excellent. That means always great, for those of you with no dictionary. The food's top-notch too. Don't just go here for sushi - they do good sushi, with fresh fish and interesting specials - but make sure you also try the other items on the menu. As far as I know this is the only place in town to get takoyaki, for example... and who doesn't love eating octopus balls? (I can hear you now: they have those? Yes, they do. Try them.) Itsuki also has amaaaaaazing okonomiyaki, which is about the best thing ever on a chilly November night, especially with a nice cold beer or maybe some sake. See you there! Don't eat all my takoyaki.

food is fine, please improve service!
Reviewer: john from Goleta, CA
sometimes I feel Itsuki is daring me NOT to come back. the food is good. I go to get my charsu ramen fix. lately they have improved customer seating, they finally have a host managing seating on busy nights. no more "sign" in and hoping someone will see you waiting in a crowd by the door. unfortunately, after requesting the check had to wait over 20 minutes before I finally just went to the desk to pay. the staff are friendly and good natured, but most tend to be young and I think need some guidance. again, the food keeps me coming back. Itsuki, could be the best japanese option in Goleta, the service just needs some fine tuning. regarding the previous review describing the staff as "oriental looking". really? does anyone say "oriental" anymore. and could it be the staff in an asian restaurant looks asian because... they're ASIAN. yikes! this is 2014 right?

Food fine service lousy
Reviewer: Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was okay have had better in downtown Santa Barbara, but the service was horrible. I have visited twice, both times there were not many people there but plenty of waiters, but even so we had to wait for service which makes no sense. My husband asked for the cleaning cloth that they put on your place be heated in the microwave but we never saw it back. One would think with so few people that the person waiting on us would have time to check up on us a lot but no we had to wait. My suggestion to management is that they train theirs waiters better, and also keep an eye on them because if they do not I believe that they will not last long at this location. It seemed to us that management where more interested in hiring oriental looking students rather than experienced wait people.

Beef curry or curry with beef?
Reviewer: casb6969 from Santa Barbara, CA
i was there the other night and order beef curry .Totally disappointed. Very few tiny chunks of beef loaded with curry sauce! I wouldn't mind paying more if there is good portion of beef. It's not worth the price.

Great food; more staff needed
Reviewer: Deb from Goleta CA
We love Itsuki's new location. The food is still great, but it seems like they need more staff to accommodate the larger space. We were there on a busy Saturday night and the staff were clearing tables and seating people as fast as they could, but there was still a back-up. If they can get the staffing shortage worked out, there will be nothing to complain about!

disappointed customers
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Itsuki tonight with my husband and our daughter for dinner. It was about 830 on Sat night, and the place was half full, with several clean empty tables available. There was no host, just a wait list on which you personally wrote down your name, something I hadn't encountered before. We sat there by the front door for more than ten minutes, without a single word or acknowledgement from the multiple staff members who repeatedly walked by a few feet away. None made eye contact, said hello, smiled, or told us how long it might be, as we started to become uncomfortable. We've been to Itsuki at its old location, and really enjoyed it, so we were happy to see them reopen in Goleta and looking forward to some good food. Eventually we left and went to Little Saigon for noodles. Might give it another try someday, but with so many other places to go that make us feel welcome when we walk in the door, it won't be at the top of our list.

New location retains its quality, value and personal touch
Reviewer: Hiro+Caroline from Santa Barbara, CA
Itsukiís new home is sleeker and a little less homespun than its predecessor, but the extensive menu offerings and reasonable prices remain. In addition to a wide variety of sushi, there is a tasty selection of hot entrees and noodle dishes (both hot and cold.) Not to be missed Ė Itsukiís okonomiyaki (a scrumptious sort of Japanese frittata) that can serve as a meal in itself or would be great as a shared group appetizer. Health conscious diners may choose between white or brown rice and vegetarian options are available. Service can be a little slow, but is always very personable.

Okay, but not the best Sushi
Reviewer: sylvie from Santa Barbara, CA
I was hoping this restaurant would have decent sushi, unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. The rainbow roll was served with old tuna--very fishy. The deep fried California roll was bland. The Gyoza was okay, but looked like it was previously frozen. The decor is very comfortable, however not enticing enough for me to try again. I'll stick with Sushi Ai, Goleta Sushi house.

Good Food and Nice People
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Great noodle soup bowls here. Crispy sushi really good also. The people are very nice here too. The service is good too. They do have a problem with seating people. There is no designated hostess, waittress, bus boy etc. They all seem to do everything and you need to catch one of their eyes to seat you it seems. They really need a more ordered system with dedicated roles to avoid some of the complaints below. I experienced the same thing at the old place. But all in all a good place to go for some top notch stuff. The decor is really nice too.

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