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Pizza My Heart
6533 Trigo Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 845-0008

Reviews by the General Public

Best pizza in town
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Pizza My Heart delivered the best pizza we've had in years and they deliver out in Winchester Cyn.! Yay! No more Rusty's Delivery! NY style, perfect crust, fresh and ample toppings (interesting toppings too). This delicious pizza cost less than Rusty's, which is hard to believe. The only criticism was that the Buffalo wings were too salty and missed the side of cold celery. Loved their homemade Ranch dressing. So glad I finally ordered from Pizza My Heart!

Decent Pizza
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not the best pizza around but decent. They have a lot of varieties out that they oven warm up for you as you pick them. Closest I could think of in town was Pizza Guru style toppings with NY style slice pieces. It was Ok for me but unless you are living in IV there is really no parking. I think they should do well with the IV crowd though. Nice decor inside and the workers were really nice. They make fresh salads daily also. A place to try esp if living in IV if you are not then not sure its worth the trip.

Finally, a decent slice in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Phill from Goleta, CA
I relocated to Santa Barbara 4 years ago, and I absolutely LOVE it here. Apart from friends and family, the list of things I miss from "back east" is VERY short. Now it is one item shorter, since FINALLY there is a place in the area that makes decent pizza. The crust is nice and thin and just a little crispy---not the doughy soggy kind that many places around here serve up. The sauce is the right balance of tangy and spicy (not sickly sugary sweet), and the cheese is real mozzarella. The mark of good pizza is when the plain cheese is AWESOME, but they don't stop there--they also have plenty of inventive options to keep your palate "amused". The location is on the first floor of ICON, a new student housing development on the "loop" in IV. This is not high class dining---its aimed at a college student market---but given that, it is clean and upscale. You can get your slices, then head next door to the new Crushcakes location for coffee and dessert. The line was long when I went in, but it moved quickly, and the servers seemed well trained, enthusiastic and up-beat. If you are missing "back east" pizza, venture into IV and give it a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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