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Roriís Artisanal Creamery
1024 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 770-2266

Reviews by the General Public

Best Ice Cream EVER!!
Reviewer: Susan from Evergreen, CO
We were visiting SB for a week. We visited Rori's three times. We still talk about how good the ice cream was. The best Ice Cream Ever!!! Can't wait to go back! One of the highlights of our trip was to stop at Rori's on our way back to the house from the beach. If you haven't tried it you are missing out!!

Fantastic quality!
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
It took me a while to get around to trying Rori's but once I did I was hooked. The mint Patty and Malted Milk Ball are two of my favorite flavors. I really liked the mint chip but they did away with that one :-( I really like the texture though I heard one person say they like more creamy ice cream. If you want a mouthful of fat go to coldstone, if you want sophisticated flavor and texture, Rori's is the place. I'm not a big fan of the store layout - it's such a bottleneck, I feel like I'm standing in line at a concert or some other such crowded place when there are even 3 other customers inside. That logistic issue is the only reason I gave them a lower rating on service as it is part of the overall experience but the staff have all been plenty friendly and helpful even if the wait times are longer then I'd like.

Reviewer: sully from Santa Barbara, CA
rori's not only has the most delicious, amazing, mouth watering ice cream flavors but they also have the BEST staff - super friendly, smart and funny. plus, rori's brings a nice modern, industrial look to montecito... refreshing!

Reviewer: Mrs M from Santa Barbara, CA
New obsession! The perfect ice cream. I've been wanting more since we left and can't wait to go back!! The store is adorable, and the ice cream is fantastic. Why are you still reading this?! GO TO RORI'S! NOW!

Best in town
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
The ice cream / gelato sells itself. It's just that good. After they iron out all the bugs of the new storefront, they will be the perfect ice cream shop.

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