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Ca Dario

Ca Dario Pizzeria
No longer in business
Opened: 2012-10 Closed: 2019-10

29 E. Victoria St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 957-2020

Reviews by the General Public

Not so much, 7/8/2015
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
So a good metric to measure a restaurant experience for me is when I am leaving do I wish I had gone elsewhere. Yes on Ca Dario pizza. Staff was pleasant; the space is very nice and I wanted to like the food. I didn't. Very bland and not worth the price. A glass of red and a (frozen-esque) pizza was $34 with the tip. Shall not return. Sorry

Love the original Ca Dario but..., 7/17/2013
Reviewer: Duncan from Santa Barbara, CA
Let me start by saying that the original Ca Dario is one of my favorite restaurants, but the pizzeria is another story. The appetizers were good, just like the original, then I ordered the margherita pizza, the benchmark of Italian style pizza, and I might as well have ordered Domino's! No fresh mozzarella, just tomato sauce and grated cheese with a little basil on top. I'll go back to the original Ca Dario, but I'll never go here again.

Fabulous!, 4/12/2013
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
Love, Love, Love this restaurant. The Truffle Pizza is fabulous. Thank You, Dario!

Great food and good wine selection for the type of food serv, 2/19/2013
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
I liked the atmosphere. The Salads were perfectly dressed/ The Pizza's were delicious. I will ask for a more well done crust next time for personal preference. We had the Mushroom and the procuitto pizza and both were wonderful. I felt the wine selection was good and the glasses were ample. I would reccomend a try for anyone looking for a new place to experience in Santa Barbara. This was our fist visit. We will be back

Love this place! A real urban and classy gem, 2/9/2013
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is so chic! We go to all the restaurants in sb and some either "have it" or "do not". This place is fabulous! It is hip, tasty, urban, classy, and reasonably priced. The energy and ambiance is lively yet sophisticated. Thank you Dario! - Shawn and Vanessa Decker

High Hopes Were Not Satisfied, 1/5/2013
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
Although we have not eaten at Ca Dario lately, I looked forward to trying the moderately priced pizzeria. The interior of this new restaurant is beautiful, although hard surfaces result in a noisy environment that is not softened by any noticeable music. We started with the Tonno Crudo, which included thin raw tuna slices completely drenched in balsamic vinegar. Any subtle flavor the tuna may have had, especially when paired with capers, was completely lost. The arugala salad was fine, if unremarkable. Next up two pizzas, both of which had very crisp thin crusts (nice), which were better than Olio y Limon (frequently soggy) but not as good as Via Vai (perfection). However, the Salsiccia Nostrana pizza was dominated by the bitter rapini, which overwhelmed other flavor elements (tomato, Pecorino, garlic and sausage). The Vongole Veraci, with fresh clams and Pecorino, was tasty. Ca Dario pizza needs to rethink the balance of flavors in their dishes. Until then, we're sticking with Via Vai.

Great new place!, 1/4/2013
Reviewer: Ellen from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here a few weeks ago, the staff was extremely helpful from the moment we sat down. Sampled several salads and the eggplant parmesan as appetizers - all fresh ingredients and well prepared. The pizzas themselves are delicious, with thin crusts and flavorful toppings. One is more than enough for a person to feel full! Very nice selection of wines and beers, but they don't have a full bar. Overall a great new pizza place in SB!

Good, but not outstanding, 12/27/2012
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Looks like a gas fired oven from looking at it. Nice staff, pleasant typical Dario interior type interior. Some VERY good draft beers...several persons loved the Anderson Valley? IPA.-But how about a deal on a half pitcher?? Or how about a buck off between 5 and 6:30? Pizza, ...well to be most accurate from an experienced long time pizza lover--was just OK, with some nice ingredients...but not enough meat on one of them considering the slightly elevated prices. Crust a little too thin, not tough...but a little flat..a little undercooked....tasted pretty good, but not yummy. Thought the beer, in upscale-looking cold glasses, was fair to charge $6 a med. glass...even though we like our happy-hour beer places too. Staff really trying to please and gave fine service, but kept suggesting to everyone that they might want to have an appetizer first because the Pizzas are "thin and not too large". My experience was that one pizza was plenty for an average appetite meal. Would I go back? Maybe in a few months to see if the Pizza gets any better, or enough meat, etc. His other restaurant is pretty good, so perhaps the owner will see these needs, and adjust this new place.

Finally!, 12/21/2012
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
A comfortable clean non pretentious place for excellent food and wine, the warm fava bean salad was a delicious surprise and the pizza with clams was so good I can't wait to go back and try again.

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