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The Bourbon Room
No longer in business
Opened: 2013-01 Closed: 2016-01

4444 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 265-3788

Reviews by the General Public

Appears to be closed for good., 5/3/2016
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
Sign is down. Appears to be vacant.

Love it!!, 8/29/2014
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is always been good & the people who work there are wonderful. Love going there!

Another delicious visit, 3/7/2014
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly service, good food, great drinks in a funky atmosphere. I hesitate to recommend it because it will get too crowded but this is a great addition to the "neighborhood".

Wonderful!, 11/6/2013
Reviewer: Jan from Picabo, ID
The service was amazing. My assigned server was so sweet and other servers checked on me as well when she was busy. Outstanding! And the food was very good. I had a 4 oz blue cheese steak w/ port reduction sauce and mushrooms, came with mashed potatoes and an excellent salad. I ordered brussel sprouts on the side. Yum!! Perfect amount of food for me. (4 oz was 7 or 8 bites - it looks small, but really it's the perfect size. I was full when I had eaten everything.) Love the interior, definitely has personality. I will most certainly return - and bring friends!

Fun venture, Delicious steak, good vibe all around, 10/16/2013
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Intuition led us to Bourbon tonight - just wanted to try something different, out of the usual, comfortable dining places. Unpretentious restaurants with good food are rare here, along with excellent service.. The steak with blue cheese was tender, tasty, perfectly cooked, quality meat. Potatoes were different, fresh and good also. Salad had a perky freshness too. The cocktail well made and the chocolate pie and especially rum cake were good. Authentic dollops of whip cream adjoined the desserts. Waitress was knowledgeable about food and service, accommodating, professional. Am a fairly jaded foodie sometimes, but Bourbon was interesting, comfortable, reasonably priced, not noisy tonight (Tuesday) and all around recommended highly. Go now before it becomes too trendy/popular.

Great and then Not , 9/13/2013
Reviewer: Jonny from Santa Barbara, CA
First the Great. I loved the decor. I felt right at home. The night we were there someone was playing on the piano with a occasional singer which only added to the atmosphere. Our drinks while pricey were fabulous. Not: The service. While the people working there were very nice and attentive,we had to ask for napkins and silverware and then only got a fork. Food: I got a blue cheese burger($14). It was vastly over cooked, dry and tasteless, although the salad that came with it was great. My partner mixed the mashed potatoes with the bacon and Brussels sprouts with mushrooms. Well the mushrooms never made it to the plate. The mashed potatoes were dry and clumpy. I will say this, I had a great time. The food was very disappointing but I think I will give it another chance.

Definitely Give it a Try, 3/29/2013
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been here 3 times since they opened, once as a couple, once with the kids, and once for drinks. Completely satisfied each time. The Bourbon Room definitely fits in the "Hidden Gem" category. Great Drinks!! Good Food!, and a Funky Vibe!! We will continue to return for more of all!

A Mixed Bag, 3/11/2013
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
Had dinner with friends at Bourbon this weekend. The four of us ordered two pizzas, which were each in the $22 range, and were tasty. The problem was in our drink orders. My wife ordered a glass of "house red wine." It was hardly generous. We were charged $11. FOR HOUSE WINE! My friend's wife ordered a generic cabernet. That was $13. The waitress was very sweet but spacy. Service was not great. Not sure I'll be back.

Not my cup of... bourbon., 3/8/2013
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, just nothing good enough to get me to want to go back. Parking is a PITA, it always has been at Creekside. Inside is an odd use of space. A small cramped bar and a dining room that is partially in a cave-like space. LOUD from everyone's conversation. 2 servers, one was the bartender, so service was not attentive. We waited 45 minutes for our food to come out after ordering. Drink (Manhattan) was just fine. Sloppy Joe pulled pork sandwich was fine, but "coleslaw" on the sandwich was a slice of cabbage, and bun was something from Albertsons, nothing special. Allegedly the guy who used to make the pizzas at Dino's makes these pizzas, so if that's your thing perhaps this is the pizza place for you.

Great new place-needs a little work on menu.., 3/4/2013
Reviewer: S. from Santa Barbara, CA
Husband and I went here recently on a recommendation of a friend. The service does not getting any better than at The Bourbon Room. Our server was the co-owner and extremly sweet and attentive. Eerything is ala carte so shoudl you want a veggie or starch you must order separately. And please add a nonfried starch to menu. Mashed potatoes or a pasta would have been nice. Dessert Menu limited but the cake we got was very moist tasty. Could use a simple glaze sauce. But all in all a great new hidden gem. Parking is a premium.

Fabulous Food, Perfect Drinks, Great Service!!!, 3/1/2013
Reviewer: Rhonda from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been here three times now – each time was fabulous and can’t wait to come back again. Great service, wonderful food, and creative drinks. Love the atmosphere/design – a bit funky and it works. In particular, for all of you that miss your Deano’s Pizza – you can find it here. And the filet – perfect every time. I think that is what I like most – from burgers, to pizza, to steak, to creative bar bites --- always wonderful. A much needed addition to Upper State Street.

An improvement over Meat & Potatoes, 2/17/2013
Reviewer: Chase from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to visit Meat & Potatoes before it was redesigned into the Bourbon Room, and the biggest issue was that steak was the only real entree on the menu and so I only went on special occasions. The new Bourbon Room menu has a much wider variety of options, including a bacon cheeseburger that tasted just like one of their steaks. It was a friendly environment with great food. My only issue was parking, as they share a parking lot with the Creekside (which was busy).

Our new fave!, 2/14/2013
Reviewer: CJ from Santa Barbara, CA
What a jewel! We are always looking for something new, innovative, and delicious - this place doesn't disappoint. It's a bit like Mercury Lounge, Wildcat, and Elsie's Tavern in its funky/retro decor. But, what stands out most are the people, three of whom are sisters! Friendly, attentive, with lots of smiles. And, let me just say, the Whiskey Sour made with their own sweet & sour AND cherries - decadent and waaaay too tasty! The fries could be crisper (for my taste) and the steak bites a bit bigger, but both were well seasoned. Check them out on FB too.

Great New Place, 2/5/2013
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Love this place, a must try. The look: Low light, dark furniture, red leather booths and a lot of turn-of-the-century prints give this place a great old-time feel. Its not a big place either, 20-25 will fill it comfortably, and at that it can get a bit noisy, but the vibe and the feel are well worth the ruckus. The steaks are wonderful, great quality meat and fantastic sauces, not just grilled meat here, this is a full flavor experience. The pizza's look great too but otherwise don't bring your vegetarian friends :-) The drinks are good and fairly priced and they've got decent happy hour deals as well. As a new place they are still working out the perfect staffing levels (it was quite full on a Tuesday) but the crew, while overworked, were all professional and quite friendly. This isn't the most convenient location but we love it and we definitely plan on becoming regulars! There are a lot of places to eat in this town but we will go out of our way to eat here, as often as possible:-)

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