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3707 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-0450

Reviews by the General Public

Great Backyard Burger!
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
I go at least once a week and get the backyard burger with a fruit cup. Sometimes I get a shake. Service is top notch as employees are super friendly and walk around to see if you need refills. My kids love it and is a safe atmosphere and food is great!

Worst chicken salad sandwich I ever had, awful shakes.
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta, Ca
I'd been here once before, the standard chicken sandwich was ok, just a bit better then frozen patties I make at home. The waffle fries are decent if a bit bland but all potato. I had noticed the chicken salad sandwich and smoothies on the menu the first time. It was a warm day, I was in the area and a smoothy sounded good. I should have stopped at the Natural Cafe as theirs is awesome. C-FA no longer have the smoothie and the gal at the counter recommended a strawberry shake. I ordered and waited, tying to ignore the 8' chicken-suit guy there that day as he mocked me. I got my tray and sat outside. I could not believe the dreadful taste and texture of the chicken salad, I can't complain about the wheat bread. One sip of the shake and I almost gagged. Sickly sweet, very artificial taste and texture, barely a hint of fake strawberry flavor. Can you send back fast food? Ick, I ate the fries and dumped the rest. I'll not be going back. It's a clean smooth operation there but I came for palatable food, not service.

"Flavorless" defined
Reviewer: John D from Santa Barbara, CA
What good is a decent wait staff if the food is blah at best? I doubt there is another restaurant on the South Coast whose food is so completely bland, uninteresting, nondescript and taste-free as that at CFL. The only difference between CFL and hospital food is that CFL food is way saltier. I guess it's too late to bring back Burger King?

Awesome Experience
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
I am originally from the South and was excited to see a Chik-Fil-A open in SB. First of all, the customer service is exceptional!!! The staff goes out of their way to ensure your experience is a pleasant one. The food is awesome and it's just as I remember it, but better!!!

Delicious Fast Food
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is a cut above other fast food outlets. The chicken sandwich was fresh and juicy and the waffle fries were quite good. The quality has been consistent with every visit.

Don't like
Reviewer: Stuo from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok I tried it three times. Food is lousy. Shakes are great. Service was friendly. Where do they get all the pimply faced kids who work there. I recommend you go on Sunday.

food is not that great overpriced and bad service
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The food taste like McDonald's mc chicken only more expensive and the service while usually good when I go through the drive through was bad when I went in. I asked for a menu to go and the teenage kid says isn't that one in you hand in a little sarcastic cocky tone.(I had the catering one) I tell him it's the catering one and he turns around and then back to me and says I guess not.

Reviewer: Ally from Santa Barbara, CA
I give it 5 stars bc of price and quality. For fast food this place is at the top of the list. Get chicken tenders with the chick fil a sauce. PS- Don't put up reviews not based on food (no place for politics).

Great review but,
Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
Great review but don't blame the city. They have nothing to do with what restaurant opens on private property. Blame the landlord, not the city

deja vu
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Uh so are there two Charlottes from Goleta? Maybe you can put a last initial or something to differentiate.

Spot on review
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Everything Jackie (previous reviewer) wrote was spot on! I completely agree.

Why all the Hype over a "Chicken Sandwich?"
Reviewer: Jackie from Santa Barbara, CA
I have had CFA before...and it is a good sandwich....but it's gotten old real quick. I have noticed that the quality of the chicken they use now has changed..Their chicken is way too rubbery and it's just tastes too salty. Wish the city had allowed a different style of Restaurant to go into that space...something more relaxed, a sitdown place would have been much better....I mean how many fast foods places do we have to have in a 5 block area?? And that Drive-thru is a complete nightmare!! Hence why a sit down restaurant would have been wiser. Never going back...wish a Silvergreens or a cafe would have gone in there instead.

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