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Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria
905 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-4999

Reviews by the General Public

great concept...great pizza
Reviewer: stu from Santa Barbara, CA
well this works. one size pie (12 inch), several basic sauce/cheese preps, add as many or as few extras or take a pre-selected combo, bake very quickly in a pizza oven and voila a delicious very thin crust pie. they have salads too. i'll be back for sure.

Reviewer: Mike from Chicago
It really doesn't get much more authentic than this. I've been to pizzerias all over the world - including Italy - and very few match up with Persona. I did a little research after visiting this place and learned that the co-founder is an Italian-trained Pizzaiolo and World Pizza Champion. It all makes sense. If you've ever wanted to know what true, Neapolitan pizza tastes like... check this place out. You won't be disappointed.

Better than ALL the rest!
Reviewer: Kae from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza is simply the best I've had in a very long time. I love the fresh tasting sauces and made-from-scratch crusts. It's good enough to eat without any toppings, as the true Italians do; however, I opted for salami, mushroom, and fresh tomatoes. It smelled so good I ate a piece in the car before I even got it home--something I never do. Needless to say--it was devoured once home and everyone loved it. I'll be hard-pressed to have run-of-the-mill delivery pizza ever again. You'll be doing yourself a gastronomic favor by trying a Persona pizza.

Wood-Fired Brick Oven Makes the Difference
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza in this country has of late taken a turn for the better. More and more establishments have started using wood-fired brick ovens. Persona's does this and also uses high quality ingredients to quickly produce a delicious pie. It might be possible to find a better pizza, but you'd better be prepared to look for a bit. Santa Barbara Axxess Card is good here for 50% off your first visit, and 10% thereafter. Will definitely be back!

Simply worth driving downtown for this pizza
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked into Persona shortly after they opened and have been back several times. The Neapolitan style pizza with double-zero flour makes a pizza that is light and tasty. This pizza bar is affordable if you don't go crazy with toppings. My whole family loved the pizza and Gelato flavors. Simply worth driving downtown for this pizza.

Best Pizza in town!
Reviewer: Meemee b. from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has been on my list to try for some time. We were reluctant once to go in a few weeks ago because we heard a baby screaming in the place but this time it was later after a movie, and OMG! It was PURE YUM!!! I got mine w/buratta, a little garlic, prosciutto, margarita, kalamata olives, it was to die for! The arugula salad w/just lemon, evoo, and parm was amazing too! I took leftovers home and reheated the next day and it was almost as delicious as the first time. The dough is perfect and doesn't make you feel like you're going to explode, you can easily eat a whole pizza yourself like authentic Italian style. Last time I had pizza this good was in Italy! Don't get me wrong, I live for NY pizza in NY, but this pizza is scary good!

Best Pizza
Reviewer: smara from Santa Barbara, CA
BEst pizzas for the best price. I love that they only have a few specials and focus on it being a personalizing station. The salads are really good too. No dressing skimps like some places. the margarita is such a good deal.

Really like lots of things here
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Liking European Pizza a lot, -we just frankly don't think much of the "Authentic" Pizza places is town. So we were set to not like this place. But wow, that hot oven cooks quick and toasted/charred (maybe a little too much...thought that could be fixed if they scraped the oven floor a little more was a little too bitter charred) Don't get us wrong was the best in town for our preferences. Amazing that they allow you to add a BIG ball of Burrata Mozerella cheese for only $3 more...we did that on the White Pizza....which we thought was easily the best of the evening. The other Pizza when we added a little keep it simple?...and just do one or two. Nice, they will give you a cold glass for your Sierra Nevada Ale. And, like the other reviews have said...the Gelato is the best we maybe have ever had....I mean it....sorry if you never try have NO IDEA what you are missing...better than Italy...whoever this crazy guy is who makes it in LA? Dough...unbelievable. Seriously...this may be the best ice-cream store in town despite only limited flavors...we would come here twice a week just for it. We liked the simple ambiance...and that after a couple of minutes in line with you telling them exactly how to make your pizza in front of slips into the oven for 1 minute...and there you have it...quick authentic delight....REAL PIZZA taste. City parking lot 2 is right behind them off Canon super quick to enter by their back door...not a parking hassle like some places. This is a winner...a big winner.... Haven't tried the salads yet, but they looked good. The way to go for a couple is to order 1 White Pizza w/Buratta(for is profound)..(we left off the garlic).a couple of $4 salad, and then a Gelato....and share it all...less than $30.

Don't Listen to the Naysayers
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
We made our first visit to Persona during lunch and were extremely satisfied. The pizza is very good (italian tomatoes, home made dough, custom topping bar, etc..) and the service was fantastic. Instead of judging from someone else's review, give it a try and see for yourself. We'll definitely be back.

This one is not going to make it...
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
Very disappointing. Crust was undercooked and doughy. Toppings were spartan. Cold and cavernous building. Will not be back.

So disappointed
Reviewer: Grace from Santa Barbara, CA
I was prepared to love this place and was terribly disappointed. The crust was mushy and the toppings completely tasteless, we are talking about roasted garlic! The cooks behind the counter were not helpful, bordering on rude and the decor is nothing to write home about. The bathrooms were dirty. I will not be back

Good idea, decent pizza
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I was prepared to dislike this place, and was presently surprised. First, on a busy lunchtime downtown, it was almost empty but dramatically overstaffed. The staff have clearly been trained to be very friendly and solicitous, but it feels forced and because staff outnumber customers by about 4-1, there is an air of desperation about it. However, I have to say (and I am a big pizza snob) that the pizza was really good, and extremely good value. Nice crust, chewy inside and crisped/charred outside, really good, fresh, sauce and you could taste the olive oil on the topping. The 12" size is too much for one person, but assuming you split a pizza and a salad, lunch for two is less than $15 which is unbeatable.

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